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The Design Competition promotes the evolution of landscape architecture through education. Students are free to select the context, site and scale of their projects. It may either apply to specific landscape sites and challenges that they are familiar with, or highlight global issues based on the theme as mentioned above. The design must show a reflective and innovative approach, how values and identity are imbued to the designed space, and the chosen strategy for the project execution. Prepare the design submission based on the instructions provided, save the design files and the forms Declaration From, Entry Details Form and Submission Checklist and prepare to upload via your prefered online cloud storage google drive, wetransfer, dropbox, one drive and etc. Upon uploaded your files to your prefered online storage.

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  • Taksim Urban Design Competition by Taksim Collective - A Space for the Public
  • Urban Land Institute Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition
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Tag: Competitions

One of the roles of the competition is to promote and encourage the evolution of the profession of landscape architecture through education. Students have the opportunity to have their work reviewed alongside that of their peers from around the world.The discipline required to prepare a competition entry is a very useful exercise for students, and helps them prepare for some of the rigours of professional life.

Students have been asked to respond to a specific topic, which has usually related to the overall Congress theme. This allows the students to address local issues, and to fit into the general expectations of the studio class or thesis requirements of their university. It has also given much insight into what students are thinking about.

What are they concerned about? How do they see the role of landscape architecture? How do they see themselves?

In every competition, it has been clear that students pay attention to both the natural and the cultural landscape. The most successful projects have been those in which the students have clearly understood their context, and have employed both a rigourous analytical method, as well as strong design principles and execution. Ecological crises, the shocking destruction of heritage landscapes, social inequities, and the overall relationship between people and their environment are issues that have dominated the submissions.

There is typically a range of projects from practical and site-specific, to conceptual and experimental, and the submissions represent the broad spectrum of the profession of landscape architecture, with urban and rural subjects, and a wide range of scales. The graphic communication of the projects, not surprisingly, has rapidly evolved over the years, and indicates that university programs continue to lead in this area.

Interestingly, many of the project still demonstrate that students are continuing to develop their hand graphics as well. Beverly A. IFLA would like to acknowledge the work of Vuk Filpic, student at the University of Calgary, in putting this archive together with the coordination of Dr. Back Who we are What we do. Student Competition working group. Student Design Competition Retrospective Project.

Taksim Urban Design Competition by Taksim Collective - A Space for the Public

Define your design challenge. Enjoy the fun competition process. Designers from around the globe compete on your project - through Arcbazar's trusted platform. Rate and rank all design entries.

Dermot Foley Landscape Architects awards. Winner Irish Landscape Institute Awards Residential Development Category - Knockrabo.

Urban Land Institute Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition

Taksim Square is the most significant square in the city of Istanbul and Turkey as a whole. Considering its location, it has been the center of countless historical events making it a landmark of touristic importance. Therefore, its urban transformation throughout its life is no surprise nor are the plans to re-design it. The latest has been an open call competition commissioned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. A total of projects have been submitted and in September the top 3 runners were announced. To conclude the winner, a public vote has been conducted for a month and in November the project designed by Taksim Collective has been chosen as the winner with 86, votes. The urban project has engulfed various guiding principles while designing the square such as public interactions and needs, design flexibility, and rehabilitation of ineffective or dead zones. This principle is based on the belief that an effective public space requires time and nurturing for it to reach its ultimate state. Even though there is still a grid design, the divisions and axis are rather an overall organic sensation that will come toile even more once the user experience is brought to life.

Landscape architecture design competitions

Following two days of deliberations by a a jury of independent architects, educators, critics, and planners, AIA New York publicly announced the winning projects during a live event followed by a moderated discussion with the jurors.For each of the five categories Architecture, Interiors, Projects, Urban Design, and Sustainability , winning projects were granted either an Honor, Merit, or Citation award. Projects were individually assessed based on their design quality, response to context and community, program resolution, innovation, thoughtfulness, and technique. Submitted projects had to be completed by AIANY members, architects and designers practicing in New York, or be located in New York and designed by architects and designers based elsewhere. The winners range from temporary installations and exhibitions to large-scale urban interventions.

One of the roles of the competition is to promote and encourage the evolution of the profession of landscape architecture through education.

IFLA Student Competition

The always popular Laka Competition continues to grow, with the edition attracting entries from some participants in 40 countries Not to mention that it's been in Bustler's Top 10 competitions of the year. Out of eligible entries, the esteemed jury selected a Winner of the Year, along with laureates for the Gold Prize, Silver Prize, and Bronze Prize. Ten Honorable Mentions were also selected. Should architecture combat or greet rising waters? Is flooding a disaster or source of beauty?


Sign up to AlphaGamma weekly newsletters to stay ahead of the game] Eligibility: The competition is open to all students of landscape architecture and allied disciplines Application fee: MYR ,-. The goal is to generate ideas and formulate potential landscape architecture-based design solutions to overcome current and future issues worldwide. The competition demonstrates how landscape architecture solutions can effectively redefine and overcome unsustainable practices through innovative ideas. Interested in applying for the International Student Design Competition ? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.For more opportunities , check our opportunities section and subscribe to our weekly newsletters.

Design Competition for Transformation of Sensory Garden at Kwun Tong Promenade HKDI x BCU Landscape Architecture Programme Graduation Exhibition.

Landscape Design News

Reg ister : Tue, Dec 28,Sub mit : Wed, Feb 9,Reg ister : Thu, Dec 30,

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One western architect, whose firm was at the forefront in the design and implementation of numerous planning projects in China, surmised that planning was an area that received little attention in the university curricula. So when planning for a major metropolitan area has occurred, the Chinese have almost always turned to outside international firms for ideas and implementation. In this case, placing agriculture in the forefront was relatively new. But change has been in the air. In the case of the UIA-HYP Cup student competition, here the focus was more on those areas more remote from urban centers, villages where depopulation is the norm, in the absence of business and cultural institutions. There might be no such thing as architecture-related information to fall back on.

Vitra has unveiled the Piet Oudolf Garden on its campus in full bloom for the very first time, realizing the vision of one of today's most compelling landscape designers. Kokaistudios recently breathed new life into an overlooked and underused street in central Beijing.

This challenge aims to design an autistic care centre for children aged 6 years, where this place will play a part as a play and care centre for the kids. Considering the wide spectrum of their capabilities and needs, there is a range of activities that need spaces that are specially customised to their needs. How can architecture aid in their wellbeing and what strategies can aid this design? And as fast as this thought arrived, equally fast it left from your fatigued conciseness.In current circumstances, there is an opportunity to design a workstation that will help to bring the seriousness of an office desk to the comfort of our homes.

Introduction Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award is an open design competition submission to concept stage, prototype or finished landscape and garden designs by professional and young landscape designers, architects, architecture studios, urban planners and the creative industry worldwide. The A' Design Award for Landscape Planning and Garden Designs is not just an award, it is the indicator of quality and perfection in design, the award is recognized worldwide and takes the attention of design oriented companies, professionals and interest groups. Winning the A' Award is a certificate of excellence for designers, an important milestone in your career. Having the A' Award attracts the eyes of design oriented companies worldwide, winners will be able to find better and higher profile leads, get a step ahead in their life.

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