Can we use garden soil for tropical plants

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Can we use garden soil for tropical plants?

As our garden is a bit of a mess right now (as is your garden probably is too), we’ve been thinking about how much we want to do to our garden this year. We have been looking into soil building as a way to make the garden better but as we go down the list of garden soil products it is pretty clear that our soil is a bit like a pot – the soil has to build up over the years or we won’t have any plants growing at all. We already have some soil building products in the garden (the compost heap of course) and these are all working fine. As we all know though, the compost heap isn’t as reliable as we would like so we thought that maybe we can do better. It seems that many people are using garden soil or turf to grow tropical plants like ficus trees and many different types of bromeliads. Is this really the best option? Could we use garden soil as a soil builder? I know that not all garden soil is the same but what is different about the garden soil that you are using for these plants and what does the use of garden soil really mean for the garden.

So first up, could we really use garden soil to grow tropical plants? Soil building products are designed to be used for a wide range of garden plants, not just for tropical plants so they have no real problem with plants that need a lot of nitrogen for their roots (they are basically nitrogen deficient so their roots won’t be able to grow), although you do need to keep a check on the pH level of the soil. Some of the soil building products we have in our garden also have added minerals which you could use to add some extra nutrients to the soil, especially if the soil is deficient in one.What does it mean to use garden soil though? Could we really use garden soil? What do we know about this?

There are three main types of soil to grow tropical plants: garden soil, turf and vermiculite. Garden soil is considered the most commonly used type of soil as it is the easiest to use. It’s just loose soil with a nice texture and in some places it is mixed with a sand and soil that has been ground up. The problem is garden soil is only used as a base for plants and it doesn’t really help with the problems that plants face. For instance, its texture means that it has little oxygen which is essential for the roots of plants as this allows them to respire. The texture also means that it holds onto water so it can hold onto moisture which may be too much for the plant. This leads to issues such as roots rot (especially important when growing trees), the roots can get all tangled up and the roots are unable to spread out.

We are trying to grow tropical plants, is garden soil okay for growing tropical plants?

Turf is just very dense soil and is usually a very light sand type soil and we do not recommend using it for growing tropical plants.

Vermiculite is much more refined than garden soil and also has a much finer texture. It is usually considered to be the best type of soil to grow tropical plants as it helps with the oxygen, moisture, water and pH levels of the soil.

What are some benefits of using garden soil?

Garden soil is a base for all types of plants, its easy to use and mixes easily with other materials.

When using garden soil we are able to change the pH (pH is a measurement of how acidic or basic a substance is) of the soil. This is very useful because the pH in tropical plants can be different to plants that grow in the UK as this will affect the uptake of the fertilizer.

Soil can be very different to the soil that a plant grows in the UK. This is due to the soil being mixed with many different types of particles.A general rule of thumb is that the smaller the particle, the more water that will move through it.

Garden soil is often mixed with fertilizer. We can add fertilizer to the soil using various types of fertilizer, which may be good for some types of plants but not others.

Garden soil is easy to find, this helps us to mix and add the fertilizers to the soil.

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