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Houseplants have taken over floors and windowsills worldwide. And now, they're moving to our ceilings. Hanging houseplants is a fun way to draw the eye upwards and add more greenery to your space without taking up square footage. Want to hang a plant from your ceiling but unsure how to get started? Here's your step-by-step guide.

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  • 10 Indoor Hanging Plants
  • 17 of the Best Indoor Hanging Plants That Will Thrive in Your Home
  • Popular Indoor Hanging Plants for Low Light
  • 20 best indoor hanging plants for the home
  • Let them hang: 10 of the best indoor hanging plants that will transform your space immediately
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Some of us are lucky enough to have the room to plant a full-sized garden , while others may be happy to have an empty windowsill in direct sunlight. But even those living in a space strapped apartment in the heart of a bustling metropolis can bring in a touch of greenery indoors by using the aerial space all around them. Hanging plants are some of the easiest varieties to work with , and can instantly add some dimension and calm to a room.

Before you start grabbing hanging vines by the bunch at your local garden center , know which varieties will thrive and which won't in a hanging planter. A Garden Can Be Anywhere. When it comes to actually placing plants in a hanging planter , Kranz says it's best to keep your plant in the original pot you purchased it in, if it came in one.Place a plastic plant linter inside your chosen hanging planter to capture the water drainage so it won't splatter over your floor: "I like ceramic hanging planters and macrame hanging basket holders —[the plastic liner] helps with the overall care of the plant," she says.

With Kranz's help, we've identified the best indoor hanging plants that can thrive in mid- to low-light spaces, including varieties that don't require constant watering. If you have a terrace or a small outdoor space , Kranz also shares some of the lushest options that even first-time plant parents will find easy to support. Keep these plants on your radar if you're hunting for green additions to your home. If you're constantly traveling for work, this hanging plant might be best for you: Kranz says this succulent requires little water in comparison to others on this list.

But the cascading beads that hang off your planter will require a fair amount of direct sunlight, but if you place your plant in the right conditions, it may even produce flowers. These fastidious plants, which are known to boost air quality indoors, can gracefully cascade down a tall container.

They're very adaptable, can grow in low light, and don't require frequent watering. These fleshy vines don't require direct sunlight. Rather, they thrive in indirect sunlight and prefer to dry out in between waterings.

You can arrange the vines around windows or items as they grow throughout the season. This variety of pothos are particularly durable —they require low light and can withstand dry soil if waterings are few and far between.

Well watered, however, these vines will grow until leaves spill over the hanging planter and into the space around you. This cousin to the string of hearts plant doesn't need very much water and can flourish in medium to low light. The hoya obovota variety is particularly beautiful because of its large, circular leaves, which can hold plenty of water.

This makes the plant even more self-sufficient than other varieties, Kranz says. It's one of the most common houseplants for a reason—hearty and dense, these ferns are easy to maintain and can flourish both indoors and outdoors.

But Kranz says outdoor spaces may be best for this plant since it requires heavy watering and moist soil, which is why you'll likely find them in warn, humid areas of the South. Commonly known as the false shamrock plant , this hanging plant is photophilic, which means its leaves close at night when sunlight fades. Kranz says these beautiful plants are great for shady porches and backyards, but since they grow in the wild, they can also be placed in direct sunlight.

Like many others on this list, the false shamrock plant doesn't need to be overwatered, and can be watered sparingly. There's more than 1, species of peperomia that gardeners can plant—but Kranz's suggestion for an outdoor hanging planter is the Peperomia angulata, also known as beetle peperomia, which enjoys dry soil.

But watch out common pests like to burrow in this plant, including spider mites and mealybugs, Kranz says, which you can repel with organic neem oil if need be. By Zee Krstic July 12,Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Pin More. These plants will thrive on porches, along driveways, and, of course, in aerial spaces inside your home, too. Start Slideshow. Credit: John Dolan. Philodendron Flower Hanging Plant. Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel.

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10 Indoor Hanging Plants

Hanging indoor gardens. Nothing beats a hanging basket that lends an exotic touch to any home with cascades of colorful fragrant flowers.A hanging basket brightens dark corners, makes the breeze sweet, stark corners soft — even lightens a heavy heart. Hanging basket plants are not only easy to care for but they are also very aesthetically pleasing. You can play with different colors, shapes, textures, forms and sizes to create a coherent basket for the room setting of your choice.


17 of the Best Indoor Hanging Plants That Will Thrive in Your Home

As in, get me to the nearest garden center immediately. When you have plants in your space , the touches of color and texture are visually appealing and add dimension to any room. Plus, taking care of these lil green babes can provide a sense of purpose. With the world on fire seemingly every day, having plants around can help channel calmness and positivity. Having a plant-filled space that you love and benefit from comes down to your plant choices. The right combination for you depends on the size of the space itself — are we talking a corner in your bedroom or an entire living room? Certain plants, like succulents, will be on the low-maintenance side of things.

Popular Indoor Hanging Plants for Low Light

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Vibrant flowering plants bring joy into our homes and gardens. If you want to bring colorful flowers indoors, a hanging pot is a great container to use to display plants. Hanging pots can showcase bountiful blooms. Now, you are probably wondering which indoor hanging plants have flowers?

The trend of decorating the indoor garden with hanging baskets is gaining popularity.

20 best indoor hanging plants for the home

Love the look of hanging houseplants? Add more dimension and texture to your rooms with these indoor hanging plants perfect for low-light areas, bright kitchens, and every space in between. Houseplants can help improve the quality of your living space.But they can also take up floor and shelf space, which may be an issue if your collection is already extensive. One way to get more plants into an area without taking up surface space is to hang them. Popular indoor hanging plants include some well-known trailing varieties such as pothos and spider plants.

Let them hang: 10 of the best indoor hanging plants that will transform your space immediately

Hanging plants indoors add a touch of refreshment to the interior spaces. Plants have been demonstrated in tests to help decrease stress and indoor air pollution. Indoor hanging plants make the room seem and feel more comfortable and welcoming, regardless of its size. These may help to bring life into the house. A home has always been incomplete without plants, but for a long time, people have always preferred outdoor plants. The awareness about indoor hanging plants has increased mostly with social media. Today, more than ever, individuals are discovering how to make the most of their indoor space by hanging house plants. People are beginning to step outside of their comfort zones to embrace their less-than-green thumbs, getting their hands filthy with potting soil and experimenting with plant life.

Mkono Modern Ceramic Hanging Planter for Indoor Plants When asked about their most popular plant hangers Waldman said “macramé is.

I was not paid to write this post, however it may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of my links, I may make a small profit at no expense to you. For further information, please view my policies. And now more than ever, people are learning how to maximize their space and are taking their plants up and into the air by hanging them.

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Since , the never-ending lockdowns have helped increase demand for greens among Filipinos who crave nature.The plant obsession has gotten so prevalent that some have dubbed it a plantdemic , and those who are hooked to home gardening have been dubbed plantitos and plantitas. And because most hanging plants are easy to care for and cultivate, this demand has resulted in a surge in their popularity. With extensive types of hanging plants in the market, which then is the best in the Philippines? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Hanging Plants in the Philippines , providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs. You can find the likes of String of Pearls, String of Turtles, or String of Tears here, but if you have a certain plant in mind, you can also leave a message to inquire about its availability.

Some of us are lucky enough to have the room to plant a full-sized garden , while others may be happy to have an empty windowsill in direct sunlight. But even those living in a space strapped apartment in the heart of a bustling metropolis can bring in a touch of greenery indoors by using the aerial space all around them.

Hanging baskets are a gardening trend that have stood the test of time and passed with flying colours—literally! Often filled with the biggest and brightest flowering annuals, hanging baskets add a delightful element to our gardens like nothing else can. Naturally, we want to keep that element around for as long as possible. Luckily, with some simple hanging basket care, you can keep yours looking fresh all summer long. Bushy or trailing plants tend to suit the part, with their gorgeous blooms elegantly draping over the edge. In my experience, these are the best flowering plants for hanging baskets:. Petunias: One of the most popular container garden flowers, petunias are abundant bloomers of wide, trumpet-shaped flowers.

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