Benefits of antibacterial soap on fruit trees

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Benefits of antibacterial soap on fruit trees

Posted on Jun 7, 2015

Making the switch from conventional commercial soap to antibacterial soap will not only reduce your water and laundry water use, but your laundry can stay clean longer than if you were using the conventional. First-time gardeners can start out using antiseptic-based soap on their plants to help prevent the spread of fungal diseases to their potted orchids.

How to Get Started

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use antibacterial soap in your home, as well as a few tips for getting started. Check out these links to find information on specific type of soaps and detergents.

Type of soap for everyday laundry

Most conventional commercial laundry soaps contain sodium hydroxide and these soaps are hard on natural wood products and can leave a dark-colored surface on fabric. Since the goal is to clean, it’s best to do the laundry for your personal clothes first before laundering the other clothes in your home.

Types of soaps you can use

Basic Hydrological Soap

Basic Hydrological soaps are naturally-based with no or very low use of sodium hydroxide. These are great for heavy use, daily cleaning such as washing the family car, and washing dishes or dishware.

Commercial Soap Products

Commercial soaps are based on sodium hydroxide and usually contain additional cleaning agents such as glycols, silicone, and enzymes. Commercial soaps can be used with a little less water and leave less of a residue on your clothes, furniture and wood floors than standard home soaps.Because of the laundry detergent’s protective barrier coating, it can leave your laundry feeling soft and shiny, but most commercial soaps are also slightly harsher on clothing because the coating allows them to lather up to a greater degree.

Antiseptic Soap

Antiseptic soaps are great for germ-fighting and are typically based on lactic acid, which is a naturally occurring acid in milk that destroys many germs and bacteria. They are excellent for cleaning countertops, glass, floors, wood and stainless steel. It’s important to follow directions on the label about the pH of the soap, as a high-pH (greater than 8.0) is great for disinfecting and a low-pH (less than 6.0) is better for all-around cleaning.

Wash with cold

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