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The Philippine media landscape is full of contradictions. On one hand, it joins the global trend of technological disruptions ushering changes in the media economy, profession, and consumption. Perhaps the most visible agents in the innovation landscape are the private companies that currently use and are actively looking for transformative technologies. The country allots only 0. The number of researchers per million people is also lower in the Philippines compared with those in some of the neighboring countries like Singapore Aquino et al. However, the government, particularly the Department of Science and Technology DOST and the Department of Information and Communications Technology DICT , are still the most decisive forces in setting the policy regulatory environment and overcoming the digital divide.

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Landscape Analysis

Your products are top quality, your customer service is attentive, your marketing is sharp and informative, but you still see your market share slip away. You need to take the methodical approach and create a competitive landscape analysis.A competitive landscape analysis is a proactive way to understand how you compete with your industry peers.

It takes planning and effort to do it right, but the benefits can be significant. A competitive landscape analysis is a structured way of identifying and researching your competitors. The analysis allows you to develop counter-strategies based on accurate and reliable data instead of guessing why you are underperforming.

A competitive landscape analysis should cover five key topics:. Learning what the competition is doing to grow their bottom line is a great way to grow your own. A competitive landscape analysis sets the direction for where your business could go in the future.

In the short term, it lays out a plan for the needed next steps. Knowing your UVP allows you to focus on the extraordinary qualities that make your business stand out. These are the things that you do better or differently than the competition. The value of competitive landscape analysis is well-known by successful businesses. Step one is to create a tool to organize your data. Create a spreadsheet or matrix you can update, sort, and share.

Having a way to visualize your data can be extremely helpful, too. Who are your competitors? And how should you categorize them? Begin with a list of ten competitors and sort them into three categories: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary category is for your direct competitors—companies that provide essentially the same product or service as you. Secondary competitors are similar, but not quite the same.

Companies that sell a version of your product with different features, or market to different demographics, would be your secondary competitors. Look closely at:. Their website and everything they publish on it blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, testimonials, newsletters, etc. One way to do this is by using software tools to find and scrape the content.

See what themes, messaging styles, and branding choices stand out the most.One of the best sources of competitor intelligence is social media. Now more than ever, buyers are turning to social media for unfiltered information and real talk about their potential purchasing decisions. B2C and B2B businesses alike are rushing to meet that demand with a compelling social media presence, a consistent voice, and tons of content.

Because social media is such a vast space, social media listening tools can come in very handy here. What incentives are they offering to draw buyers further into their sales funnel? Look closely at the CTAs in their content. Check out their opt-ins to see where and how they ask prospects to engage for further information. Join their email list to see first-hand how their email marketing is structured and sequenced.

Find out what special offers or giveaways they might be promoting. With this information, you can piece together their tactics for lead conversion. However, knowing what your competitors are charging for comparable products or services is important when setting your prices. Conversely, significantly undercutting competitor prices can suggest lower quality or minimal customer support. You can also learn a lot about customer expectations by studying typical promotional offers for the type of goods you sell.

This information can help you determine whether it makes sense to offer customer enticements such as free trials, discounts, or subscriptions. They do this by finding ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. When analyzing your competitors, look for the themes and ideas in their messaging that function as differentiators. For example, imagine three pizza parlors on the same block. One offers the largest slices; one offers the fastest delivery; and the third promises the healthiest ingredients.

To find your own unique selling proposition, you have to know how the competition is positioned. Strengths and weaknesses reflect the internal characteristics of your business.Opportunities and threats represent outside factors. PEST is a complementary framework that dives deeper into external factors. It looks at Political, Economic, Social , and Technological and sometimes Legal and Environmental pressures to understand how a business reacts to them.

Technology is changing marketing and other aspects of business incredibly fast. Therefore, it is good practice to revisit the competitive landscape and update your analysis regularly. With the right frameworks and tools in place , you can ensure that you always have an accurate picture of the companies competing for your customers. Learn how Oktopost will help your savvy team, plan, prioritize, and grow a solid social media marketing strategy with the most intuitive tools. Your privacy is important.

We will not use your email for anything other than sending you occasional product news and updates. To learn more visit our privacy policy. Back to Oktopost. B2B Marketing. Eyal Katz on December 8,What is competitive landscape analysis?

The value of competitive landscape analysis A competitive landscape analysis sets the direction for where your business could go in the future. Get organized Competitive landscape analysis example. Simplify your social publishing activities Learn how Oktopost will help your savvy team, plan, prioritize, and grow a solid social media marketing strategy with the most intuitive tools.

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Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis

Unlike many downstream or tactical marketing projects, upstream innovation challenges are notorious for their ambiguity. Before you can craft and execute new ideas, you need to set strategic direction for innovation. Although every innovation challenge is unique, they all require an understanding of the current situation and context within which the innovation is required.A proper competitive landscape analysis also sets direction for where the business could go in the future, and lays out immediate next steps. Sometimes you can pull a landscape from a previous project for ideas of what to include, but it may not have everything you need. Or, you may not have a previous reference at all. Category and competitive sections are good examples.

Our Competitive Landscape Analysis (Version 1) and (Version 2) presentations allow you to evaluate your position in the market.

Competitor analysis: How market research helps you create your own competitive advantage

Market Analysis includes market research and competitive analysis. Market research is the way in which Product Managers gather information about customer needs and market drivers. Competitive analysis is a subset of market research. When you investigate your competition, you use market research techniques and concepts to understand what your competition is doing today and gain insight into their plans for tomorrow. What is market research and competitive analysis and why are they core skills used by virtually every Product Manager? If you want to gather information from actual customers to make a decision, then you need to understand and use market research. Market research informs your decisions as a Product Manager. Here are four categories of decisions Product Managers use market research for. Product Managers often start their journey as Product Managers because they know a lot about a product category.

Market Landscape Assessment Services from Research Optimus

What is a competitive landscape analysis? The analysis prepared this way will allow you to get to know your competitors well and to develop a more accurate strategy for your company. The first step and example in creating a competitive landscape analysis is to think about and decide how you will record the data you collect.The information obtained should be recorded in a clear and easy-to-understand way, then it will be easier to draw conclusions. A frequently used tool is the table.

Definition: A competitive landscape is a complete description of competitors and their relative position at a particular market. It is a strategic marketing concept that applies to the conditions of competition and rivalry that a company and its products have to face at the market they are part of.

How to Create a Competitive Landscape Analysis (Step by Step)

A simple chart shows how much a customer will pay for a perceived benefit. You can draw such a map quickly and objectively, without having to resort to costly, time-consuming consumer surveys or subjective estimates of the excellence of your product and the shortcomings of all the others. Second, track the price your customers actually pay wholesale or retail? What you get is a picture of the competitive landscape of your market, where all the products above the line command a price premium owing to some secondary benefit customers value, and all those below the line are positioned to earn market share through lower prices and reduced secondary benefits. Eight weeks.

8 Easy Steps to Creating a Competitive Landscape Analysis

As technology advances at great pace, so does the world of biochemistry research and pharmaceutical development. More and more investors are pouring money into this highly profitable industry, which has already garnered the attention of several leading scientists, researchers, and decision makers from pharmaceutical landscape across the globe. To succeed, businesses also need to invest in high-quality research of pharmaceutical markets, assess the current unmet needs, and barriers within this competitive marketplace. Awareness of what lies beneath this complex industry will help making best business decisions. Investments need to be made in the following areas —.

Competitive landscape analysis needs a flexible approach to add value. Get a tailor-made competitor analysis that covers your market and the local economy.

How to conduct a comprehensive competitive landscape analysis

In the business world, companies within an industry are both peers and competitors. Analyzing your competitors' strengths and weaknesses is part of understanding a competitive landscape. The information you gain from such an analysis can help you understand how others have succeeded and can lead to improvement in your position in the market. In this article, we discuss the concept of competitive landscapes, examine the benefits of conducting a competitive landscape analysis and show you how to create a competitive landscape analysis.

Technical Landscapes

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The report describes the latest developments in what are now well-established concerns—rising market concentration, increased bundling, further divergence in the interests of academic institutions and the vendors that claim to serve them—and tracks emerging concerns that have grown over the past year. A number of positive developments also emerged: a large textbook publisher merger failed; new large-scale initiatives were launched, including Invest in Open Infrastructure IOI , thus strengthening a global effort to build community-owned infrastructure; and some significant legislative and regulatory progress was made. These recommendations include introducing organizational changes within academic institutions to better manage strategic and ethical challenges, and deploying tools and data to better understand the needs of the individuals and communities.The developments over the past year, positive and negative, underscore the urgency for the academic community to take control of its own content and infrastructure in order to best serve both its own interests and to protect and further its values of equity, inclusiveness, and protection of academic freedom.

Chelsea Maricle Strategy Director. No organization is an island.

Using our expertise to evaluate and analyse your market, product, treatment or therapeutic setting. Technical Landscapes provide a deep understanding of a product class, technology or market, but can also be used to better understand a therapeutic area or treatment setting. We utilise a range of tools and analysis to conduct a thorough landscape survey, assessing market dynamics, trends, drivers and barriers. We underpin our exposure, experience and knowledge of product commercialisation in healthcare, with robust and relevant secondary research supplemented with primary insights from key stakeholders and informative case studies. During the landscape analysis, CHR may conduct the following analysis to inform the implications and output of your project:.

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