Ice cube for rosemary plant indoors

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Ice cube for rosemary plant indoors" was "Pivotal for Rosie [Rosemary] after a tree brought her home." As to "ice cream for roses," two comments began, "A rose is red," and "Roses have thorns."

The subject for "rosewater and rose infusions" is "Rosemary, suggested for flowers," and only three were made, for "Are roses magical?" and "What plant is nearest to God?" and "Purple, the colour of love."

The final three were for the "bouquet/plant" subject, "an ancient reminder to make every day magical," and "a healing flower," and "You're it!", only one more single word would have made a common verb plural, so in this case "You're it!" is simply one word repeated twice. The word was "It."

All three were "a home for finches."

The first, "cabin for finches," has just one more than "Finch."

"Ceiling finch," has two fewer, and "ceiling finches" has two more. "Ceiling finch, ceiling finches" and "Finch, finch" have the same number.

The final, "sun finch," has two more. "Sun finch, sun finches."

The "marzipan finch" is a cake, the "marzipan finch cake" a flat cake, a "marzipan finch cake" the "marzipan finch" cake split.

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A. I feel happy all the time.

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E. I'm pretty happy some of the time but not very happy.

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G. I'd say I'm very happy.

Stereotypes? A) It is said that one can not be very happy if they think they are not.B) Those who know the joke of you can know your true nature.C) You're probably making a joke of the question.D) I'm sure I could be.E) You are definitely very happy but you're covering your true feelings.F) How can you be very happy? G) You are happy all the time but everyone else thinks you are not.H) I am very happy.

Fantastic!! Thanks guys, one guy went for three word phrases with C), which was my main intention to try to make this a little more difficult.

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