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At Broward Landscape we have the vision to turn your project into a reality. Our expert landscape design team would love to create and install your new dream yard or outdoor living space. Each design is unique and is never replicated or duplicated. At Broward Landscape we turn your landscaping and outdoor living dreams into reality. When it comes to landscape design, Broward Landscape focuses on originality, creativity, and functionality. We never duplicate our work so everything is custom tailored to your home.

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Your Dining Room Should Be Jealous

The Wilton Drive Landscape Project. September Update. The project consists of:. The design process began in with the roadway narrowing and sidewalk widening.

The construction of that portion began in August and completed in SeptemberMeanwhile, the landscaping and irrigation system was being designed. When the roadway construction was complete in September , the City was allowed to submit the landscape and irrigation design to the FDOT for review and approval of a permit.

The City paid for the landscape and irrigation design, and was prepared to pay for the construction but were encouraged to apply for county transportation surtax funds to pay for the construction. We did so, and the project was one of the highest rated in the first funding cycle. That was inAs the state process did, the county process has taken many months to complete approvals. The City Commission approved the interlocal agreement with the county in AugustAn Invitation to Bid ITB went out, inviting companies to provide a proposal for construction of the project.

Once that window to bid closes about 30 days a selection committee will meet to review and score the bids, and choose a vendor. The county will then review and, hopefully, approve the vendor. Once the city signs a contract with the vendor, construction on the irrigation system will commence. How much will it cost? Next Phase. Once we understand the actual cost of the irrigation and landscape, we will know how much if any we have left over for the next phase, street furniture and lighting.

The Wilton Drive Improvement District is currently reviewing designs for trash bins, bike racks, benches and more. City staff is seeking funding for electrifying the Drive, including uplighting for landscaping and outlets for holiday lighting. Our goal is to transform The Drive into an even more vibrant destination that will attract local, national and international visitors.

Did you know a shade tree can significantly cool down a sidewalk while providing thousands of pounds of oxygen a year? We hope you consider making a donation to the Wilton Drive Beautification Project. Any amount is greatly appreciated and your name will be added to our Donor List on our website.

Thank you for your generous donation! You are helping create the Main Street of our future. The Wilton Drive Improvement District thanks the following for their generous donations. Click HERE stay up to date on the latest news.The project consists of: — Repair of existing irrigation system and installation of new system components — Removal of construction fill in landscape holes, replace with topsoil — Installation of trees and ground cover — Maintenance of the landscaping for one year.

History The design process began in with the roadway narrowing and sidewalk widening. Next Phase Once we understand the actual cost of the irrigation and landscape, we will know how much if any we have left over for the next phase, street furniture and lighting.

Fort Lauderdale’s new tallest tower will let the sky in

Personalized landscaping services including plant installations, monthly maintenance and landscape design. Let us create your own personal oasis Call us today for a free quote. Are you sick of all the promises that are never met? That's why you need to try Broward County Landscaping. We are a locally owned and operated business helping residences and businesses of Broward County for over 25 years. We bring excellent and reliable services at competitive pricing.

Green Thumb Inc. is a landscape design company specializing in the integration of native plants for attracting wildlife, especially birds and butterflies.

Landscape Lighting in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

Examples of projects might involve Main Street, such as the design of signs and their language, banners, special lighting effects; landscape projects - especially those using indigenous trees and plants or xeriscaping to reduce the need for watering - and streetscapes sidewalk or curbside such as bus shelters. What may be funded: Costs for contracting with a design professional, or team architect landscape architect or artist , for design services to assist in creating a design program for a street, public space, neighborhood, municipality, or an incorporated area of the county.Costs for contracting for professional pre-design cultural planning services that include, but not limited to, charettes, professionally-led workshops and seminars, which result in the creation of a written multi-municipality community cultural planning document, or community assessment report. Funds awarded under the Creative Place Making Program may be paid to the recipient on a reimbursement basis only after the recipient provides, to the County, plans, drawings, and other documents acquired with the funds. Sights and information. Agency Pic. Address: Email: Tel: Fax: Hours:.

South Florida High End Landscaping

Transform your home or property into a one-of-a-kind nighttime attraction. Let Lampscape Designs light up your home or business exterior with custom design that shows off your property in its most attractive light. Transform your home or property a one-of-a-kind nighttime attraction. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality. Since , our design and installation professionals have helped South Florida property owners light up nights, enliven events and welcome visitors.

For our team, design is a way of life — a professional philosophy, a creative rallying, and a shared purpose in support of excellence.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program

Cadence is a Landscape Architecture practice focused on connecting physical and social landscapes. Our projects span the realms of design, science, art and community. Our motivation stems from a shared desire to bring forward thinking design to our clients. We craft spaces and orchestrate experiences, our canvas is the outdoors. Cadence understands the human impact the built world has on nature, we seek to make that a positive one. We are skilled in crafting the built environment.

West Palm Beach Landscape Maintenance Company - Broward County

We offer landscape designs that are second to none. If you are comparing landscape designs then be sure to contact us about all your landscaping needs.We also offer irrigation and drainage installs, our landscaping design team offers the best designs in South Florida. We use the finest landscape software so you are able to see our landscape ideas before the job is installed. We can create that perfect landscape plan for your front yard landscape, backyard and commercial landscape. If you are doing that new pool landscaping we can give you that tropical feel of Aruba if that is what you are looking for. Looking for that residential and commercial landscaper that is qualified and trustworthy? Imagine your backyard with that formal landscape look.

View Palm Beach-Broward Landscaping ( location in Florida, United States, revenue, industry and Architecture, Engineering & Design.

Landscaper in Broward County Florida

Southern Palms Landscaping sets the standard for landscaping companies in Broward and Palm Beach counties and have been exceeding the expectations of local communities and homeowners for over 20 years. Southern Palms Landscaping is a team of highly experienced, dedicated landscape contractors and professionals that take a lot of pride in the work that is provided throughout South Florida. We will mow the lawn to the correct height for the time of year, set your sprinkler system to water during dry periods and active growth, and apply fertilizer during the growing season, using a composition that is correct for your lawn. Ready To Get Started?

A new, easy way to get landscaping in Fort Lauderdale. Show More. Fort Lauderdale is practically a paradise, with an average year-round temperature of 75 degrees and 3, hours of sunshine per year. Perfect weather is the reason the city has become a popular destination for tourists. With over hotels, the Greater Fort Lauderdale area hosts about 13 million overnight guests yearly. It's home to Port Everglades, the 3rd largest cruise port in the world, which sees over 3 million passengers every year.

Journey Patio Sofa with Sunbrella Cushions.

Many offer customized solutions and bilingual specialists, while some are family-owned, making residents feel comfortable and valued. Here, we lay out our expert opinion on choosing landscape design and projects while working with a company that aptly fits your expectations. Landscaping design refers to modifying the appearance of outdoor space. There are two categories: hardscape and softscape. Softscape refers to how plants can add to an outdoor space. Not only does landscaping your Pembroke Pines FL property add aesthetic appeal, but it also raises its value.

Lawn maintenance in Broward, has become a headache. Residents of Broward are tired of all these restrictions and lawn maintenance expenditures. So there has been viewed a great change in the conversion of natural grass gardens into artificial grass gardens. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf needs no more maintenance and not to be watered, and is completely environmentally friendly.

Watch the video: Broward County Florida voted #1 In customer service by the Floridas homeowners board.


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