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James Bateman built his mansion in the Italian style following the fashion of the period. It is therefore not surprising that on the land dropping steeply away from it he made a series of formal terraces as a means of connecting the house with the level ground and lake below. As a gardener, James understood that he could not grow the plants of a typical Italian garden on his wet and windy English hillside. Instead he planted in the style of an Italian garden but using plants from around the world to create his desired effect. To replace the enclosing evergreens such as bay and laurustinus, there are banks of variegated holly, rhododendrons and sweet-scented azaleas from the Caucasus. Instead of the narrow cypresses universally associated with Italian gardens and seen in so many religious paintings of the Renaissance, there are the upright forms of bone-hardy junipers, native even in the high-rainfall areas of the English Lake District.

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Bellissimo! Rustic and Romantic Italian Style Garden Ideas

We offer a design service, making detailed recommendations for planting and garden design. We have an extensive range of quality striking and mature plants, trees and shrubs. Our highly experienced team of landscapers provide the highest quality installation.

A friendly unique plant nursery specialising in stunning Italian and Mediterranean plants.Here at Creative Plants we grow and import bespoke collections of mature, large, specimen trees and plants offering an inspiring foliage along with an infusion of colour to brighten up any garden or courtyard. Creative Plant's team go directly to where the plants or trees originate from.

We then hand select each plant to ensure we only offer the highest quality stock to our valued customers. Creative Plants have a constant flow of new stock to ensure you are never out options and to keep up with your gardening designs. Not to worry! Creative Plants offer delivery and planting services!

Cafe Prego is a family run cafe within Creative Plants on the Birmingham road heading towards Shenstone. We have a love for excellent coffee, homemade fresh food and high quality service.

Our Cafe is linked in with the friendly unique nursery. Read more about our Cafe by clicking the link below! Your Local Garden Centre. Specialists in Italian Specimen Plants. Creative plants. Based in Shenstone. Created by potrace 1. Garden Maintenance We offer a design service, making detailed recommendations for planting and garden design. Garden Design We offer a design service, making detailed recommendations for planting and garden design.

Quality Plants We have an extensive range of quality striking and mature plants, trees and shrubs. Installation Our highly experienced team of landscapers provide the highest quality installation. Get Creative with Creative Plants. We Source our Stock from all over europe.

Contact Us. To Big for the Car? Stay in touch with us. Creative Plants Limited.

Creative plants

Until William Waldorf Astor bought Hever Castle in , only a modest garden existed around the castle walls. Today, thanks to his remarkable efforts and those of the gardening team that have rediscovered parts of the garden that had long been forgotten, the award-winning gardens at Hever Castle offer many magnificent areas that are a pleasure to visit at any time of the year.Covering four acres, the long sweeping lawns and tall clipped yew hedges form the central area of this magnificent garden, bordered by two twelve foot high walls made from local stone. On the north side is the Pompeiian Wall which contains small bays showcasing antiquities in stone and marble enveloped with shrubs and climbing plants. Along the south side runs the Pergola Walk with its shaded grottoes planted with ferns and moisture loving plants. Hidden in its centre behind a tall hedge lies the Sunken Garden, an oasis of peace and quiet. The impressive Loggia at the lake end of the garden is flanked by pillared colonnades and descends by balustrade steps to the piazza below with its classical sculpture inspired by the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

The tall columns can be used to break up a flat eye line in any scheme however and shouldn't be restricted to 'Italian' themed gardens. Cupressus sempervirens.

Gardens of the French and Italian Riviera

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. One of the most beautiful of all variegated evergreens, this is coveted by gardeners and flower arrangers alike. The species comes from Portugal and has been cultivated for centuries, proving itself a useful hardy shrub for hedging and specimen planting. The variety 'Argenteovariegata' 'Variegata' is more tender and needs protection in inland gardens. It tolerates shade and will find safety on a sheltered north wall, or plants may be covered with fleece if temperatures fall below -5C 23F. Plants can be clipped into topiary shapes or left to grow naturally. Cut out any green shoots you find to keep the foliage variegated. To propagate, take cuttings in summer.

Creating an inspiring Italian Garden

Traditionally, Italian gardens are "green' with few flowers. The plants are mainly evergreens, manicured into geometric hedges or topiaries.However, the evergreen foliage of these shrubs or trees offers a wide array of shades, ranging from gray to silver, bronze to gold, or simply from light to dark green. They are displayed in a variety of shapes that bring interest and energy such as clipped topiary, balls or cones. Italian cypress Cupressus sempervirens , boxwoods Buxus spp.

These plants offer the typical easy-care quality of most Mediterranean-climate plants but they also spring some surprises in flower color and form, foliage texture and growth habit.

Italian Garden at Great Ambrook

Treat yourself to a pair of these gorgeous Italian Cypress trees, and add a touch of Mediterranean class to your garden. Seen all over Italy, these spectacular architectural conifers will add height and year-round interest wherever you plant them. Not to be confused with vigorous Leylandii, these slender, manageable beauties are slower growing and wont get out of hand - you can even grow them on your patio! For best results, remove the cones that appear, as these can pull the branches apart, losing shape. Supplied as a pair of established trees approx. Note - image of plants in courtyard are about 10 years old - plants supplied are thinner when immature, as per other images shown.

How to grow Italian cypress

Three of many reasons why you might be inspired by the stunning gardens of Italy, and why you could want to emulate their beauty in your own home. Italian garden design somehow blends the elaborate structure of traditional French gardens , with the earthy, sun-baked ambience of other iconic mediterranean garden ideas, like Moroccan and Spanish design. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to recreate authentic Italian garden ideas in your own home, especially if you have space to spare. Even if you only have a small garden, hopefully some of the suggestions and features in this post will inspire you to add a little Italian romance into your outdoor space.Italian garden style is based on symmetry and geometry. Everything from crisp gravelled areas, to long pathways and flowerbeds typically creates visual balance to make that garden as aesthetically pleasing as possible. On top of that, traditional Italian gardens tend to have an abundance of decorative design features purely to delight those wandering through them. Expect promenade style walkways, leaping fountains and trick fountains , grottoes, statues and hidden terraces.

“And don't miss to explore the 'garden rooms' especially the Mid Summer Border, Italian Garden and Paradise Walk, a perennial border recently.

Neil Miller recommends 10 plants for May

The first three months of the year welcomed a lot of change to the Italian Garden. Discover how the garden has changed from winter through to early spring as well as the regeneration projects the team have been carrying out. At the beginning of the year, the focus was on cutting back the upper beds and long borders and pruning the roses in the David Austin Rose border. The weather in the gardens has been up and down — at points, we have had full sun, followed by flurries of snow.

Top 10 Gardens

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Or Email Us. Evergreen hedges are always popular being in leaf year-round. Plant an evergreen hedge now for added colour to brighten the winter garden and provide a home and shelter for local wildlife. Shop from our biggest ever range of hedging plants and find the perfect hedge for your garden! Use our handy Hedge Finder tool to find your perfect match! Bare root hedging plants are our most popular hedging plants and the most economical.

Track your order through my orders. Popular 23 others are looking at this right now.

This versitile range can be ordered anytime of the year subject to availability, meaning that summer projects can go right ahead — no need to wait until the rootballed season.You will find here a huge range of feature plants, trees and Palms. Quercus Ilex, mature Olive trees, Acers and Bamboos are an indication of what is available but delve in deeper and you will find a tremendous selection of mature plants to suit any fine garden. The range comprises only Italian plants from the best growers in that country. For many years we have enjoyed great trading relationships with our Italian counterparts and we can testify to the excelent quality of their stock.

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