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As gardening becomes more popular amid the coronavirus pandemic and the summer approaches, some people may need some help identifying the plants growing in their yards. If you're new to the hobby and need assistance knowing whether or not the greenery in your yard is a weed or a flower you can let bloom, check out the following seven free apps from Bay Journal and Awesome Jelly. PlantSnap is touted as the No. The app uses machine learning-powered image-recognition software to sort through a database of more than , plants. PictureThis is powered by artificial intelligence recognition software.

  • How Plants Improve Your Mental and Physical Health
  • First day of winter; ‘The Plant Project’ shares care tips for in-door plants
  • 9 Best Free Plant Identification Apps For Android & iOS
  • Robot or human?
  • 8 Benefits Of House Plants Helping Your Mental Health
  • Covid in Wales: Mental health could be harmed by uncertainty
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How Plants Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Gardening can be therapeutic for mental health, but you may not have access to a garden—or even the space to tend a houseplant. You can still have a few moments of horticultural meditation every day. It will just have to be digital. Over the last few years, video game developers have released a number of mobile games that revolve around the simple act of tending to plants.

These games are, for the most part, slow-moving, meditative experiences that focus on beautiful graphics, calming soundtracks, and low-key challenges. Viridi is like Neopets for plants.The game is dedicated to nurturing a pot of succulents that grow almost in real time. You can plant a variety of succulent species in your virtual pot.

Each week, a new seedling will be available for you to plant. The game moves slowly by design. You can let it run in the background, and your plants will do their thing, just like a real plant would.

These ones are even harder to kill than real succulents, though. Find it: iOS , Android. Toca Boca makes games for kids, but honestly, Toca Nature is pretty fun no matter what your age. You can create your own natural landscapes, adding trees, water features, and mountains. You can collect berries, feed the animals, or just enjoy planting trees.

In Breath of Light , your job is to bring a garden to life by manipulating a stream of light. Move rocks and mirrors around your zen garden to harness and direct the life-giving light emanating from a single flower. When the light hits another flower, it causes that plant to grow. The very simple puzzles are designed to help you chill out, and the award-winning soundtrack by the audio designer Winterpark features binaural tones that are naturally relaxing.

Find it: iOS. Prune is a puzzle game with a horticultural twist. The object is to plant a tree, then as it grows up, guide it with careful pruning, helping the branches reach the light while staying away from the cold shadows or hot sun, both of which will kill the tree. If you like your gardening to be a little more high-stakes, Eufloria is out of this world. Your mission is to grow trees on far-off asteroids, sending your seedlings out to turn gray space rocks into thriving landscapes.

Your seeds hop from asteroid to asteroid at your behest, creating a chain of fertile life. BY Shaunacy Ferro. Ice Water Games, YouTube.

Here are five relaxing, plant-centric phone games you can download now. Find it: iOS , Android 2. Find it: iOS , Android 3. Find it: iOS 4. Find it: iOS , Android 5. Subscribe to our Newsletter!

First day of winter; ‘The Plant Project’ shares care tips for in-door plants

The animals will chew down dead and dormant brush. Lani Malmberg owns the Goat Green, a business with 1, goats in its ranks, and a mission to clean up weeds, brush, and other grass-like plants that can become overgrown and contribute to high fire danger. This year, goats are stomping around the park. Many grasses and weeds grew larger than years past due to a wet spring, then dried out and died during an arid summer and fall. Many of those plants can become ladder fuels—fuels that can carry a fire that starts on the ground, spreading it into trees, which would ignite larger fuels. So you have fertilizer, irrigation, tilling and trampling. The process of using goats, Malmberg said, is vastly superior in cost and time than machines that do similar work.

DRYP has lessons on the basics of plant care AND important bullets test, and release the app, AND what it'll take to promote and keep it.

9 Best Free Plant Identification Apps For Android & iOS

By Lauren Leffer Reporter, Audubon magazine. Latin: Haemorhous mexicanus. Latin: Haemorhous purpureus. Latin: Spinus tristis. House Finches are currently among the most widespread and common birds across the United States—but as we'll see, that wasn't always the case. These days, they can be found brightening backyards and chowing down at seed feeders from the arid Southwest to the humid cities of the Northeast. Once limited to the Western United States and Mexico, House Finches are now found from coast to coast, and as far north as southern Canada. By the early s wild nests were beginning to show up on Long Island, and from there the spread continued. In some places, House Finches are considered an invasive species. In their native range, House Finches live in desert, grassland, shrubland, and open woodland environments, as well as near human dwellings and cities.

Robot or human?

Subscriber Account active since.Tianqi Sun, CEO of robotics firm Vincross, has created a delightful mod of his robot Hexa which cares for a houseplant when the owner is too forgetful to water it. Tianqi published his mod last year, but it gained public attention after an article by The Verge. The mod in question fits Hexa with a succulent, which it then cares for. Tianqi says in his post that he was inspired by a dead sunflower.

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8 Benefits Of House Plants Helping Your Mental Health

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Covid in Wales: Mental health could be harmed by uncertainty

Behold Happy Plant: A task-based app that's a game-changer for forgetful plant parents. Indoor plants boast plenty of benefits for both your home's interior and your overall health hello , reduced blood pressure and improved concentration. But for all of the good that a dose of greenery brings, remembering when to water your indoor plants is a challenge all plant parents likely struggle with.Staying on top of a regular watering schedule requires earnest effort in the form of incessant iPhone reminders—that is, until we got wind of Happy Plant, a handy app that takes the guesswork out of green thumbs. Designed to ensure your most beloved houseplants never get thirsty, the app reminds you to water your greens according to their unique watering schedules. Basically, it's a household hero even the most skilled gardeners could benefit from. Whether your plant babies require a weekly watering or a drink every 10 days, Happy Plant has you covered. The free app works by assigning a profile to your indoor or outdoor plants, allowing you to carefully monitor the growth progress and watering schedule of each green.

Use the plant finder tool to easily search our online database of stunning Care should be taken when pruning allamandas as they exude a milky sap that.

Placing live Christmas trees or other holiday plants in the home immediately after Thanksgiving brings risks of dried, dropping pine needles and dying vegetation as decorations, said David Trinklein, University of Missouri Extension horticulturist. Cutting the ends off Christmas trees and plants before putting them in water is a good idea, he said. Applying a fire retardant to your tree is another option. The new LED holiday lights are safer than older types of lights that produce heat, Trinklein said.


WEST LAFAYETTE — While herbs like thyme and oregano possess an anti-cancer compound that has been found to suppress tumor development, the only real way to unlock the benefit within the plants is by amplifying the amount of that compound created or by synthesizing the compound. Researchers at Purdue University were able to take the first step towards using the compound in drug development by mapping its biosynthetic pathway, or in simpler terms — by finding and following its recipe.It is an amazing time for plant science right now. We have tools that are faster, cheaper and provide much more insight. It is like looking inside the cell; it is almost unbelievable. Thyme, oregano, sage, basil, mint, rosemary, lavender and many other herbs are part of the Lamiaceae family of plants, all containing flavor compounds, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and other health beneficial properties.

Rodney Conyers Sr.

Indoor plants can make any space feel brighter, fresher, and homier. Not only do plants quite literally clean your air, they also add some much-needed greenery to what some may describe as drab city apartments. Check Price. If you live in a tiny apartment with one window, but you still want the magic of plants in your home, consider picking up a grow light. These 9-watt LED bulbs provide either a balanced spectrum light for non-flowering plants or red light for fruits and flowers. The great thing about these bulbs is that they are pleasant enough to replace regular light bulbs, so your plants can thrive in your everyday apartment lighting.

No need to visit the Ecosia website. Plant trees simply by searching through your address bar or your new tab page. See how many searches you've made and watch your impact grow!


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