Training needs for nursery worker horticulture

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Training needs for nursery worker horticulture

Horticulture needs a lot of energy and a lot of money. One way to make your work more efficient is to train your staff.

by Mavis Mwangi, The Nairobi Tribune

The value of horticulture is immeasurable. This is because it generates income, employment and also contributes to the economy. But like any business, horticulture needs to take care of its employees for the company to stay productive and generate more profits.

The Nairobi nursery has always had a reputation for not having proper training of its employees. In fact, it is common knowledge that nursery employees are either under trained or over trained.

One year ago, I started studying towards becoming a registered nurse in the hospital. Although, I still have a lot to learn, I am beginning to make headway. But for the past 20 years, I have been working with different types of plants. So I have always been in close contact with plants and have been an interested and passionate one. So I was able to learn horticulture at the college level.

Training needs

But the problem with Kenya’s nursery industry is that we have not been very systematic in terms of training. The problem is that nursery workers are employed in the industry on a contractual basis, with no or very little training. Many of the nursery employees who are under contract get no training. But some are trained through a few classes, while some have received two years of training at the horticulture level and other training which may be about one year.

Some of the companies, like Kibanda Nursery, have started conducting training for their staff. But this is very selective.The company does not give every staff member training. According to one of the top bosses, Mr Joseph Kibanda, there is no time to train staff. He believes that training is more important if you want to keep an employee in the nursery business. And with no or very little training, even the best workers may leave.

Employment needs

There are approximately 800 trained employees in Kibanda Nursery alone, which is good. But we need more of them to be able to handle the demand of the market. There are a few who do some of the work in the nursery, but most of the other staff do not work and are not involved in anything. Mr Kibanda said there are no permanent positions for the nursery staff, although he has a departmental position for himself.

It is difficult for a nursery to find staff with the right skills and experience. So Mr Kibanda is of the view that those who are trained to plant seeds have no business handling seeds and selling them. So there is a need to include workers with a better training and education background. Some of them might be unqualified and have no understanding of the nursery work, but they can still contribute by helping out.

Mr Kibanda feels the nursery could employ a lot more people in the coming months and also expand its capacity. But there is little or no budget available to do this. They are in a tough situation because of the competition. The other nurseries in the town also want to expand.

The nursery relies on its own resources, so when they have an opportunity to buy more seedlings, they do so. If they sell off their seedlings, they need to buy new seedlings. They have to keep a large inventory, and every day there is more of it than the day before. This is the reason why the nursery cannot expand.

If there is no funding for the nursery, they are not going to have their own people in the nursery. There are hardly any nursery managers in the town, and those who are there cannot hire and pay staff.They have to contract these services from another nursery in town. These people are not very experienced and they may not do a good job.

The nursery is not a public-private partnership where the local authorities are paying for it. A private company is financing the work and also pays the salaries of the staff.

It is still not too late. But we cannot hope for miracles. If the nursery is to stay in business, they have to find funding. There are many things they are doing without any budget. There are no funds to expand and maintain the existing nurseries.


The nursery is facing the same situation as any other nursery. They are not getting enough resources. They are facing problems because of the small size of their garden. This means they cannot purchase as much seedlings as they would want.

The nursery is not doing well because they don't have the right equipment. They only have a seed germination machine. So, we need funding and equipment so that we can do some work and save seedlings. We also need to save the seedlings.

We need better nurseries and horticultural training facilities so that we can train the people who will carry out work in the nurseries. I think we also need to train the gardeners and volunteers who help the nurseries. They need to be educated. The nursery is not able to buy seeds. It is a difficult task to find someone who sells the seeds.

The nursery is doing the best it can. But the town is not giving it the attention it deserves. The nursery should receive more funding, so that we can support the nursery to continue the important work.

The nursery needs good people to take care of its clients. But the nursery does not have a good system for the clients. They need to have different sections. We need the people who care for the baby trees, the people who care for the flowering trees, the people who care for the fruit trees and the people who care for the vegetable plants. We need to have an organized system.The nursery is very crowded, and we need to give priority to the planting of the seedlings.

We need to have a nursery system. I think the nursery system should be run by the government. The nursery should be a division of the Ministry of Agriculture. We need to train the people who take care of the seedlings. We need to give them certificates of completion for training. And we need to pay them properly. This will help the nursery to survive.

The trees have been planted, and their roots have been prepared. But if people take the responsibility to care for the trees they planted, they will benefit. The nursery is run by volunteers. We need to encourage them to be involved. We need to give them training.

I think the nursery should have good equipment. It is expensive to buy and maintain the equipment, and we need the money to maintain it. We need to encourage people to take care of their trees. If they plant seedlings, they will benefit. If we buy them for just one dollar, then we should give it to them. They will take care of it, and they will take care of themselves.

I think that the environment should support us and support us. You cannot blame the tree for dying because it cannot grow and live under these conditions. You cannot blame the government for failing to care for the trees. The environment is our home. It is our country, and we should support it. We are blessed with this earth, and we need to take care of it.

We need to understand that the trees are not our enemies. The environment is our friend. We should not hurt the environment or the trees. We should not harm the trees, because we need them. They are our God. I think that the environment supports us. I think that when we are there, we need to be in harmony with it, to harmonize with nature, to be in harmony

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