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Gurdaspur has made significant achievements in horticulture sector during the recent. District comprising total geographical area of hectares 7. Out of whichDepartment guide farmers to shift them towards the protected cultivation, farmers also show interest in protected cultivation by adopting it onDepartment also established Five processing centre in distt for value addition of farmer produce and to conduct skill development training.

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Introduction of Department :. Horticulture is a significant and upcoming sector in Karnataka. Horticulture has proved to be the best diversification option for agricultural land use, because of assured and the remunerative returns to the farmers. The Department of Horticulture is responsible for the overall development of Horticulture in the district.

The Department is adopting a definite policy for the development of Horticulture. Physical features: District geographical area is square kilometer and contains 04 talukas, 18 hoblies, Grama panchayaths and villages.Soil: Ramangara district has the geographical area of square kilometers, majority of the soil is red soil, sandy loam and in some parts it is black soil.

Major Horticulture crops: Horticulture crops include fruits, plantation crops, vegetables, flowers, spices and medicinal plants. Farmers are keen in growing horticultural crops. Horticulture crops area during is hectares compared to hectares of total cultivable area. Agro — climatic features: Ramangara is having mainly warm climate temperature ranging fromSummer starts from March and ends up in May.

District average rainfall is mm. In January to December actual rainfall was mm. The Objectives of the department are:. D Horticulture farms management: Assistance will be given to farms under Zilla panchyath for conducting various agronomic practices like tilling, weeding, application of fertilizer and plant protection chemicals and overall maintenance of the farms. D Publicity and Literature: This scheme involves setting up to Departmental stall showcasing latest technologies and innovations pertaining to Horticulture in Agriculture Exhibitions.

District level flower show will be conducted. It also involves Printing of blowups, charts, pamphlets etc. D Bee keeping: In this scheme remuneration to bee-keeping assistants will be given and training regarding bee keeping will be provided for the farmers.

S Integrated coconut farming scheme: In this scheme, financial assistance will be given for adopting improved cultivation practices in coconut gardens as demonstration plots and also for integrated pest and disease management in coconut and training will be given regarding improved cultivation practices in coconut gardens.

S :Comprehensive Horticulture development scheme: Emphasis is given for over all horticulture crops development in cluster basis.Incentives for Floriculture: Financial assistance will be given for flower growers under poly house for poly sheet replacement, replanting with improved varieties and subsidy for usage of electricity in cold storage units. Training will be given in kitchen and terrace garden. Integrated development of horticulture for SCP and TSP farmers assistance will be given for various horticulture area expansion crop like banana, tomato are selected in Ramanagara dist and mechanization, drip irrigation, plastic crates, bio-digester, krishihonda progress will be supported.

S : Devlopment of deparmental lab : Under this scheme vegetable seeds are procured from local shops and sent to departmental laboratory for analysis. S Development of Madhuvana and Apiculture : Under this scheme assistance is given for establishment of Madhuvana, conduct training for farmers regarding bee keeping, subsidy will be given for purchase of honey box and bee colony. Fruitcrops: Subsidy given for establishment of new gardens as follows : For Mango integrated package with drip irrigation Rs.

Cut flowers: Rs. Subsidy will be given for small and marginal farmers and Rs. Loose flowers : Rs. Subsidy will be given for other farmers. Bulbous flowers : Rs.

Promotion of Integrated nutrient management and promotion of integrated pest management: Assistance of Rs. Organic farming :Organic farming in Horticulture is becoming increasingly important. Its environmental and economic benefits have captured attention in many countries. Polination support through bee-keeping:As Honey bees improve pollination and yield in horticultural crops, promotion for beekeeping is given. Programme for providing appropriate training to farmers for adoption of high yielding varieties of crops and farming system will be taken up at district level, state level and outside the state.

Home Departments Horticulture Department. Print Share Facebook Twitter.Horticulture Department Introduction of Department : Horticulture is a significant and upcoming sector in Karnataka. The Objectives of the department are: Motivate the farmers to grow more horticultural crops thereby to increase the overall area under Horticulture.

Provide latest and timely technical guidance to the farmers Implementation of programmers of the department.

Most of the States have a network of nurseries for producing planting material, which were established through Central or State assistance. Establishment of new gardens: The Mission envisages coverage of large areas under improved varieties of horticultural crops. The assistance for cultivation will be for a maximum area of 4 ha. Flower crops: Details of assistance given for flower crops is as below.

For community tank maximum assistance of Rs. Protected cultivation:For growing hi-tech and good quality horticulture crops, control of pests and disease, increased production, various flower, fruits, vegetables and other high valued crops can be grown in protected area. Maximum 2 ha. Integrated post harvest managemen: a Pack house: Assistance of Rs.

Land Utilization Sl. Details Area in Ha. Area under Horticulture crop during Ha. Area of important horticulture crops Sl. Crop Area in Ha. Production in tonnes 1 Coconut in Lakh nuts 0. Gunavantha Deputy Director of Horticulture ddhramanagara gmail. Pradeep Kumar Assistant Director of Horticulture ddhramanagara gmail. Hanumanthaiah Assistant Horticulture Officer ddhramanagara gmail.

Shankar Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture sadhramnagar gmail. Prakasha Horticulture Assistant sadhramnagar gmail. Siddagangaiah Horticulture Assistant sadhramnagar gmail. Vivek Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture sadhcpt gmail. Suhas Assistant Horticulture Oficer sadhcpt gmail. Hariprakash Assistant Horticulture Oficer sadhcpt gmail.

Sudha Horticulture Assistant sadhcpt gmail. Nagaraja Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture sadhmagadi gmail.Chandrika Assistant Horticulture Officer sadhmagadi gmail.

Kumara Horticulture Assistant sadhmagadi gmail. Harish Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture sadhkanakapura gmail. Prakasha Assistant Horticulture Officer sadhkanakapura gmail. Shivanna Naik Assistant Horticulture Officer sadhkanakapura gmail. Ramesh Assistant Horticulture Officer sadhkanakapura gmail. Prasanna Assistant Horticulture Officer sadhkanakapura gmail.

Mythri Assistant Horticulture Officer sadhkanakapura gmail. Niveditha Horticulture Assistant sadhkanakapura gmail. Kumara Horticulture Assistant sadhkanakapura gmail.

Delhi Jal Board

Residence Dr. Private Secretary anoop[dot]rawat[at]nic[dot]in ,Abhilaksh Likhi Addl. PPS Dr T. Economic and Statistical Adviser office[dot]esa-agri[at]nic[dot]in , Ms. Meena Nagpal Sr. PPS meena[dot]nagpal66[at]nic[dot]in ,

Under Horticulture crops with an average annual production of Lakhs metric tons. Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops, Coimbatore: With a.

About - Department of Horticulture

Download English Raising Horticulture crops involves heavy investment and long drawn plan. We have adopt Calender of Operation. Citizen Charter. Area and Production Data. Download guidlines for operation Green. Click following link

Delhi Parks and Gardens Society

The complex of monuments and temples, all in a uniform architectural style. It is also known as the Turkish Gateway. The site is near Allahabad, India. It holds the distinction of being the highest gateway of not only India, rather the whole of the world. Functionaries Miscelleneous Contact Us.

Having good and easy access to inputs, know-how and market, Farmers have wide scope for horticultural produce production. Given that area and production of fruits and vegetables have been increasing steadily, Coimbatore has the potential to increase its contribution towards the economy by way of exports.

कौन कौन है

Pay and Accounts Office. Home Directory Tele Directory.Print Share Facebook Twitter. Tele Directory. Filter Directory department wise. Pay and Accounts Office Filter.

Deputy Director Horticulture, Patiala

Samayamoorthy IAS. Agriculture continues to be the most predominant sector of the State economy, as 70 percent of the population is engaged in Agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood. The State has as an area of 1. The Government policy and objectives have been to ensure stability in agricultural production and to increase the agricultural production in a sustainable manner to meet the food requirement of growing population and also to meet the raw material needs of agro based industries, thereby providing employment opportunities to the rural population. Tamil Nadu has all along been one of the states with a creditable performance in agricultural production with the farmers relatively more responsive and receptive to changing technologies and market forces. The Agriculture Department has taken up the challenge to achieve higher growth rate in agriculture by implementing several development schemes and also propagation of relevant technologies to step up the production.

Home» Horticulture Deptt. Water Emergency · Treatment and Quality Control Department Dir(Horti)North, , [email protected]

Horticulture & Soil Conservation

Phone : , , Fax No. Secry Hort. Andhra Pradesh.


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Have you read these stories? The British government said that it was reducing the COVID self-isolation period to seven days from 10 days for people in England w ET NOW. Arunachal bags krishi award for improved grain production The state, which has shown exemplary agri-performance in 14 different categories, will be awarded with Rs one crore cash and a citation.Use new technologies for good crop production: Nitin Gadkari tells farmers Inaugurating the 'Agro Vision ' at Reshimbah ground, Gadkari described it as an ambitious venture to share farming technologies.

Nagapattinam district is coming under Cauvery delta region and the total area under cultivation is ha. In that, Horticultural crops have been cultivated in about ha and the prominent crops under cultivation are Cashew, Mango, Banana, Guava, Tapioca, Chillies, Brinjal and other vegetables.


Office : A, Krishi Bhawan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad road, New Delhi -Ph: O Email:ddir-agri-dd[at]nic[dot]in, dd-agri-dnh[at]nic[dot]in. Ph: Email: ddir-agri-dd[at]nic[dot]in. Government of Goa, Secretariat, Porvorium — , Goa.

Telephone Directory

Telangana the newly formed landlocked state is endowed with bountiful resources, fertile soils and diversified cropping patterns. Horticulture is a way of life, a tradition that has shaped the culture and economic life of the people of Telangana. Niranjan Reddy reviewed Department activities on 07 November,Raghunandan Rao I.

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