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Evergreen Landscaping & Irrigation

For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. We take great joy in beautifying the world, and Green for Life is our commitment to help you better enjoy your time outdoors.

A major component of the Green for Life program is the newly redesigned website, www. Come visit to see thousands of beautiful photos showing landscapes, water features, outdoor lighting and amazing inspirational ideas. We have posted a library of how-to articles to assist you in plant selection, design tips and questions to ask as you search for products and services available from Landscape Ontario member companies. Go to Garden Design for hints on how to use colour or texture, index articles in the Plant Resource section for ideas about plant foods, get lists of plants that work in special settings, or find out how to build that water feature.

Our Award Winners portfolio is a stunning collection of the very best designs from Landscape Ontario members over the past years, and we guarantee you will be inspired to create similar magic with your outdoor areas at home. Connecting with a Landscape Ontario member is as easy as a search in our Choose a Professional pages.

You can sort by several criteria, and use the new map feature to find members who work in your neighbourhood. From design to construction to the local garden centre or service company, Landscape Ontario members can help you with any project.

Remember that inspiration is just a click away at www. Our members include landscape, maintenance and snow management contractors, landscape designers, lawn care operators, garden centre owners, arborists, nursery growers, interior landscapers, and irrigation and landscape lighting contractors. LOHTA members have a commitment to maintain confidence and trust in the profession of horticulture and to encourage and support education and research within the horticultural field.

Material in this publication may be reproduced; please contact the publisher and provide credit. Publisher assumes no responsibility for, and does not endorse the contents of, any advertisements herein. All representations or warranties made are those of the advertiser and not the publication. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the association or its members, but are those of the writer concerned.

Trends in outdoor living continue to be strong, with al fresco kitchens, dining rooms and poolside lounging areas. Around the pond, mixed and native plantings help integrate the pond with the surrounding countryside. The pond offers valuable habitat for wildlife while providing endless recreational opportunities, too. Soften Stone with Plants This flight of natural stone steps, softened by shade-loving plants, makes a narrow, steep entrance seem more generous and inviting.

Mapleridge Landscapes Ltd.Water spirals down this rain chain, channeling the flow from eaves to an underground cistern, which is covered with a rustic millstone.

This series blooms early, with much stronger performance than traditional tuberous begonias. Best in filtered sun. It will reach 35 cm 14 in. Need regular fertilization. Its sturdy, semi-trailing habit creates outstanding hanging baskets and containers. Flirtation does well in full sun. Its habit makes it ideal for use in baskets, combination planters and as a specimen plant in the garden. Calibrachoa Aloha series has a very round habit, with masses of large decorative flowers that bloom all summer long in a sunny location.

Livingstone daisy thrives in high temperatures and produces dark red dime-sized flowers. Both prefer full sun. Silver Fog blooms all summer long, even in the heat. Delicate white blooms over round leaves make this lace effect work in any decor, with any plant, and any colour arrangements.

Best in full sun. Deep crimson edges fade to white centres, while each flower retains one fully crimson petal for a pansy-like effect. It will reach a height of 35 cm 14 in. Blooms continuously through hot summers. VestidosTM has an attractive upright habit with dense, lacy foliage. Grows 35 cm 14 in. They grow like a bubble, round and round. Potunias are at their best in hanging baskets, in pots of all sizes, and are gorgeous in combination planters.

This petite petunia series has been bred for strong garden performance with more weather tolerance and a nicely mounded habit with loads of branching and flowers. Perfect for beds, borders and containers. Grows 25 cm 10 in. A native to central Australia, ptilotus offers exceptional beauty, with the side benefit of heat and drought tolerance. Large, conical spikes of feathery flowers top thick silver green foliage.

The 7. This hybrid status means never-before-seen strength in the garden.Nicely branched plants are covered with long-lasting flowers with less sensitivity to powdery mildew. Full sun, grows 45 cm 18 in. MesaTM has a dense, bushy plant habit.

Early blooming and attracts hummingbirds. Roofed pergolas protect al fresco dining areas while lattice screens, stain-washed fencing and strategic hedging can create a private oasis, even in the heart of the city. The Beach Gardener Inc. Future Lawn Inc. Why drive to the cottage when an outdoor living room, complete with propane fireplace and low voltage lighting, can make your own backyard as appealing as this one?

The pergola-topped room has overhead radiant heating to take the chill off cool evenings. On one side is a wall constructed of Brussels Block concrete stone capped with natural limestone. A wrought iron fence discretely separates the living area from the lawn and the natural pine reforestation area that lies beyond. Comfortable, casual outdoor furniture make the outdoor room invitingly comfortable for entertaining or relaxing.

Living Room Design Tips Multi-task Leisure Spots Relax at a poolside tiki bar, complete with built-in barbecue, Tuscan limestone countertop and refrigerators as well as seating for four thirsty visitors. S Rebelo Landscapes Inc. Leishman Landscaping Ltd. Make it Cozy and Private This cozy reading nook is tucked into the corner of the garden and slightly sunken to create an informal, private reading room. Mass plantings of astilbes and hydrangeas are formally edged by a low boxwood hedge and a row of blue ageratums.

Immaculately groomed, this classic garden features crisply clipped, low boxwood hedging to frame flowerbeds brimming with riotous colour. Formal elements include symmetrically placed urns, a handsome latticework arbour and elegant statuary strategically placed among the beds.

In maintaining the grounds, the landscape contractors added whimsical ornamentation, such as a bronze hare contemplating a shallow, watery pond and pumpkins placed among the chrysanthemums as unexpected touches to make the garden welcoming. Above: Boxwood topiaries form perfect pyramids lining a cut stone pathway that leads to an inviting wrought iron bench.

Right: Flowerbeds rim swathes of lush, green lawn. Enduring Classics Design Tips A well-chosen piece of statuary makes a perfect focal point in traditional gardens. Pare Down the Palette A monochromatic planting of tulips forms a dramatic border between a stone wall and a sharply edged lawn.

Find A Perfect Balance Natural stone steps and the foliage of hostas and hydrangeas balance the formality of these impressive, wrought iron gates. Adds a beautiful finely textured element to the garden and combines well with other pastelcoloured perennials.

Grows up to 30 cm 24 in. This outstanding variety forms a low cushion of grassy blue-grey foliage, with an early-summer display of fragrant single cherry-red blooms. Shear plants back lightly after blooming to maintain a tight, compact habit. Plants require good drainage and are an excellent choice for hot dry sites or gravelly soils.

Combines beautifully with other low alpine plants. Attractive to butterflies. Tiny, charming, pink flowers bloom on short spikes in late spring and early summer. Needs sharp drainage to succeed and will thrive even under moderate foot traffic.

Grows 2. The flowers retain their vibrant green hue from the time they flower in mid-July through the fall months. Petals remain round, and the cone a deep green for a considerable period. In later stages of maturity, the petals gradually elongate, taking on a magenta veining, while the cone also turns a dark purplish tone.

Grows cm in. Strong, well-branched stems grow up to 65 cm 26 in. A perfect complement for E. Full sun.A high petal count on both these varieties gives the blossoms a very full, almost semi-double appearance that is set off by a tidy, rounded mound of dark green foliage.

Prefers well-drained soil and full sun. Deadheading and regular feeding promotes continuous blooming.


Landscape lighting can be the accessory for your Upper Arlington and Dublin, OH, area nighttime yard that you never knew you needed. When you take the illumination into the trees, too, your outdoor space will be dressed to the nines. Driveways: installing landscape lighting within and around the perimeter of your driveway can make it easier to locate at night for you and your guests. With a clearly illuminated entry to your property, there is less chance of accidents and mistaking the edges for driveway surface.

Evergreen Landscaping. Bendigo, VIC. Do you want awesome outdoors that suit your lifestyle? Full design and install service. Professional Tradesmen.

Let life bloom.

This garden was the winner of the Founders Cup, X-Factor Award the garden that best represents new trends in gardening and landscape design as well as the Pacific Horticulture Magazine Award. The trends of edible gardening were successfully represented with a vegetable garden, a wine and canning cellar in a hollowed out stump as well as an old lobster trap planted with mushrooms. Other creative ideas included planting an old log with annual flowers. This garden is a marriage of cultures, beginning with the ethos of the American barbeque infused with a new level of opulence. Luxurious appliances set in modern etched stone, a porcelain-slabbed patio and a fire bowl complete the dynamic look of this outdoor kitchen. On the reverse of the fire bowl, nestled within the gardens, is a semi-formal dining space featuring a traditional, Asian-influenced low dining table. The garden is adorned with a vibrant demonstration of sustainability in plant selection.Year-round interest is evoked with striking combinations of native and regionally-appropriate plants. Take-home ideas: Small spaces can share multiple styles View Galleries above to view awards and pictures from the show.

Limestone coast buy swap sell plants

Our team of professionals proudly transform both commercial and domestic outdoor areas by providing the best design solutions for your needs. We offer a range of services from full garden restoration to paving and driveway installations. We are also trained specialists at eradicating overgrown Japanese Knotweed. If you would like to know more about our services, contact us today. Garden Maintenance.

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We suggest trees and shrubs such as Olives, Bays and Citrus which are evergreen, together with roses, climbers and bulbs for year-round interest. As a little girl, my father planted about 50 evergreen trees, of all varieties, around our mountain property and cabin in Colorado. Slight glow around the tree topper star. Our vast selection includes shades trees, ornamental trees, flowering trees, evergreen trees, and fruit trees. Take the time to learn how to positively identify your local species.

Small windmill for yard

Job Opportunities. Amazon - commercial landscaping in SE Michigan. Ford - lawn care and commercial snow removal in Brighton MI. GM - top commercial snow removal in Brighton MI. Progressive - top masonry contractors in Bloomfield Township MI.

Yucca: this evergreen plant brings a bold, dramatic touch to a dry plant materials, design implementation and construction, and landscape maintenance.

Georgia pines

Invite Evergreen Landscapes Design and Build to provide you with a quote and enjoy all the benefits of posting a job on MyBuilder. We are a established family run business for over 25 years with qualified tradesmen. We are fully insured. We take pride in our work to an exceptional standard.

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Landscape Design. Many landscapes require screening between the edges of a property for privacy or the addition of height for softening of buildings. Mostly you would be looking for evergreen trees with attractive foliage and non-aggressive roots. When designing a tree screen I like to use a combination of tree heights and foliage texture.

Specialists in this area, they were wonderful to work with and their passion and expertise in vertical gardens shines through in Nichol's operates three modern garden centres located in Dunedin, Invercargill and Cromwell, each boasting a cafe, florist, pet centre, landscaping centre and offering a landscape design and construction service.

At one time, water conservation was strictly an issue facing the dry western states; however, it is now a more widespread challenge—whether related to drought or inadequate delivery infrastructure. With efforts to live green and greater sensitivity to water consumption, dry landscaping strategies are in demand everywhere. The term xeriscape describes a landscape that demands little water. It is composed of naturally drought-resistant species from North America and dry climates around the world. In the dry western states, this style of landscape also supports exotics from South Africa, the Middle East and Australia. These plants are naturally adapted to the same long dry season as most western natives making them compatible in the garden. Because of water concerns, many western homeowners are turning to lawn-free landscapes.

Over 30 years ago, Jesse Brough started working for his neighbors by traveling around on his bicycle with his tools in the back of his home-made trailer. By the time he graduated from college, landscaping had become a passion of his. After years of working in the field doing landscape maintenance, he transitioned into landscape construction and design.He is passionate about building an organization where its employees believe they are working at the best landscape company in the Portland area.

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