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The problem? The marijuana, which was grown outdoors last season, flunked the strict laboratory tests for microbes that all legal cannabis in Massachusetts must pass before sale. The standards are intended to protect consumers from moldy or bacteria-contaminated flower. Or it could be we did nothing wrong. The lines are arbitrarily drawn.

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  • Things to know about recreational pot in New Mexico
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  • In Maryland, the East Coast’s first outdoor, commercial cannabis harvest is underway
  • Is cannabis farming destroying the planet?
  • NY Cannabis Board Issues New Rules Allowing People To Grow Medical Marijuana At Home
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Q&A: What's allowed under New York's new cannabis law

Here we go:. Massachusetts: It has been legal since the end ofAdults can possess and cultivate up to six marijuana plants, with a maximum of 12 per household. Vermont: Act 86 legalizing marijuana goes into effect Sunday. Adults age 21 and over can possess up to one ounce of marijuana and five grams of concentrate.

Adults are allowed to grow two mature plants and four immature plants per household. Outdoor grows must be shielded from public view.

Maine: Marijuana has been legal since Nov. Adults age 21 and older can possess up to two and a half ounces, five grams of concentrate, six mature plants, 12 immature plants and an unlimited number of seedlings.

Adults 18 and older will be allowed to possess and share up to 30 grams of marijuana and grow up to four plants per household. Canada is the second nation in the world to legalize marijuana across the country. Bringing marijuana across any state line or the national border is a federal offense. Massachusetts: As of Sunday, the sale of recreational marijuana will be technically legal, but no stores have been set up to actually sell it; sales by individuals will not be legal.

As of this writing, one store in Leicester may be licensed to sell it recreationally by Monday. It remains illegal to consume marijuana in public, but you can consume it in a private residence. Vermont: There are no retail stores and Vermonters are still prohibited from selling marijuana.

Consuming cannabis in public and while driving is still illegal. Landlords will be allowed to ban use of marijuana as part of a lease. Maine: Maine does not yet have retail stores to buy marijuana, although that should change soon. You can be given up to two and a half ounces so long as nothing is exchanged in return, and can consume it only on private property.

Public consumption and driving while consuming is still illegal. Provinces are allowed to set their own rules , including age and price restrictions, and Quebec is debating the details.

Federally controlled stores may open in the future. Purchasing marijuana at an existing liquor store is still on the table. New Hampshire: Medical marijuana — technically, therapeutic cannabis — has been legal since and more than 5, patients have used it. The state has four authorized alternative treatment centers, one each in Plymouth, Hanover, Merrimack and Dover, while two more have been authorized.

Marijuana can only be sold in dispensaries to registered patients. Patients can still register to purchase their marijuana directly from federal regulators at Health Canada.New Hampshire does not allow statewide referendums, which is the method that has been used by all states except Vermont to legalize marijuana. Massachusetts: It seems likely that Massachusetts will have some retail stores for recreational marijuana open by the end of the year.

Where they will be located, how they will operate and what prices will be — those are open questions. Vermont: The next step for Vermont is to create a tax and regulate system. Phil Scott said he does not want to consider expanding the system until at least the end of this year after a marijuana commission gives its initial report.

Maine: Retail shops have not been set up for recreational cannabis, but this should change soon. Licensing for these clubs has been delayed until at least June ofQuebec: With about four months to go until recreational weed is legal, provinces, territories and cities are still working to implement regulations they think will work.

Minimum age for purchase, legality of public consumption, amount that can be held, grown or distributed — all those will be different across the country.

Chapter 55

A number of states now allow cannabis cultivation for adult use, and even more states allow cannabis cultivation for medical purposes. The increase in cultivation reform has resulted in a rise in interest in growing cannabis among cannabis consumers. Cultivating cannabis can be one of the most rewarding activities that a person can do, and with a pleasant reward at the end of all the hard work assuming the cannabis is grown right. If you are thinking about cultivating cannabis, one of the first things you will need to determine is whether to cultivate cannabis inside or outdoors.

4Answering that question requires engaging one of the most prominent theories of cannabis history in the United States. One popular history of the plant dubbed.

Things to know about recreational pot in New Mexico

The largest community in Berkshire County has outlawed all future outdoor cannabis cultivation following a city council vote this week. While Pittsfield, Massachusetts has two active commercial grow operations, no more will be allowed after a vote Tuesday night. Odor is very subjective, it's not — noise, I can stand with a noise device at a property line and measure that. Because a lot of it comes down to how you perceive and smell so and everyone's different. At-Large Councilor Earl Persip tied outdoor cannabis cultivation into a host of other development issues that have caused controversy in Pittsfield like solar arrays and the infamous South Street cell tower that has led to months of protest. And they're not a great place to be if we are nothing but solar fields, outdoor cultivation, cell towers and anything else that just really jeopardizes a neighborhood. So this is not about banning cannabis. This is not an attack on cannabis. I support indoor cultivation. Even though there has been some issues that smell you can control you can adjust things you can buy machinery that can control smell.


This is partly because I like everything about it; not just the psychoactive effect of combusting and inhaling it, but also the way it looks, from the slender serrated fan leaves to the densely packed flowers shimmering with a crystal-like dusting called trichomes, these tiny, hair-like structures are home to the high-producing compound THC. When I was a kid, my family had a small farm so small that it hardly qualified as a farm by Vermont standards that started with a cow and grew to include a pig, chickens and a flock of sheep that grazed the field beyond our vegetable garden. In addition to having a hand in bringing eggs, bacon, chicken and milk to the table, my siblings and I saw how wool becomes yarn.We learned how to make rhubarb wine the first kid down the stairs in the morning usually gave the crock full of fermenting fruit a good stir , how to bake bread on a wood stove the Dutch oven came in clutch and how to turn the sap from the trees around us into maple syrup. In short, we were doing farm-to-table before farm-to-table was even a thing, and it gave me a keen appreciation of the effort that goes into things that I otherwise would have taken for granted.

Cannabis growth is made up of a series of stages that plants undergo during their lifecycle.

In Maryland, the East Coast’s first outdoor, commercial cannabis harvest is underway

In Washington state, if you are over the age of 21, you can buy cannabis at any number of retail stores. If you have an authorization from your medical provider, you can grow your own cannabis plants. Washington made history in , becoming one the first states to legalize recreational cannabis use with the passage of InitiativeThere was some understandable trepidation as we stepped onto this new horizon, and allowing cannabis to be grown at home was not part of the initiative. This is one area where we have allowed other states to test the waters.

Is cannabis farming destroying the planet?

AP — Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has promised to sign legislation that legalizes recreational marijuana use and sales in New Mexico for adults 21 and over. The changes approved Wednesday by the Legislature mean almost any adult can grow marijuana at home for personal use — or for profit under a micro-license agreement. The reforms also usher in a new era for marijuana as big business and make fundamental changes in law enforcement. Many past pot convictions will be wiped off the books, and the smell of weed is no longer grounds for police searches. Here are a few things to know:. Adults 21 and up can buy and carry outside the home up to 2 ounces 57 grams of cannabis, with separate limits for extracts and edible products.An ounce of marijuana fills a sandwich bag and can typically be rolled into nearly 30 joints or cigarettes.

This law sets out a framework that will comprehensively regulate cannabis in New distributors and dispensaries to grow and sell cannabis in New York.

NY Cannabis Board Issues New Rules Allowing People To Grow Medical Marijuana At Home

There are three main methods to growing cannabis these days. While all are viable, they have different limitations and different levels of control over the grow. One big difference is the carbon footprint of the cannabis cultivation. The first, more basic method to grow cannabis, is outdoors.

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Last Name. Share this page. Follow Ballotpedia. The Florida Medical Marijuana Plants Initiative Initiative may appear on the ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment on November 8,The measure would amend Amendment 2 , which legalized medical marijuana in Florida, to redefine "medical use" under the measure to include growing up to nine marijuana plants.

Yes, provided the transaction occurs within one of Maine's actively licensed adult use marijuana stores.

We've been with you throughout the pandemic, the vaccinations and the reopening of schools, businesses and communities. There's never been more of a need for the kind of local, independent and unbiased journalism that The Day produces. Please support our work by subscribing today. Published JuneDemocratic House leaders announced Wednesday that they would be going into special session and voting on a recreational marijuana bill sometime this month. Ned Lamont said Wednesday.

Dave Bartkowiak Jr. According to the new Michigan law, a person who is at least 21 years old is allowed no more than 2.Of course, while growing and using is legal, law enforcement officials are reminding residents that marijuana will be treated like alcohol: You can't drive while under the influence, and using it openly in public can get you arrested.

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