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Landscape architecture involves designing and implementing opportunities for people to engage with the environment in personally comfortable, safe, and healthy ways. The practice of landscape architecture is concerned with the best ways to design landscapes that protect, enhance, and sustain the ecological and cultural systems that support all life. The Landscape Architecture Program at Washington State University teaches students to create outdoor spaces that support human activities and that positively affect the environment. From waterfronts to streetscapes, private patios to public pavilions, cities to countryside, the landscape architecture program at WSU teaches students to design environments that merge human needs and desires while protecting or enhancing natural environments, systems, and processes.

  • Best Landscape Architecture colleges in Washington 2022
  • Mandatory Continuing Education
  • Program in Interior Design and Landscape Architecture
  • Holistic Landscape Design Certificate
  • Most Admired Landscape Architecture Schools
  • Residential Landscape Design and Construction: BS
  • 2022 Best Landscape Architecture Schools in Washington
  • Washington University in St. Louis
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Best Landscape Architecture colleges in Washington 2022

This page provides an incomplete list of schools that offer programs related to arboriculture and tree care.Help us complete our list! Do you know of a degree program that should be added to our page? Let us know. Careers Academic Programs. University of Alaska - Fairbanks. University of Alaska - Anchorage. Bachelor, Master. Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Bachelor, Master, Doctorate. Chattahoochee Valley State Community College.

Forestry Transfer Program. Jefferson State Community College. Lurleen B. Wallace State Junior College. Transfer Program. Wallace State Comm. Southern Arkansas University.

Associate, Bachelor. University of Arkansas - Monticello. Arizona State University Polytechnic. American River College. Associate, Certificate. Bakersfield College. California Baptist University. California Polytechnic State University - Pomona. California State University - East Bay. California State University - Fresno. California State University - Monterey Bay. California State University - Sacramento. California State University - San Bernardino. City College of San Francisco.

College of San Mateo. College of the Desert. Cuyamaca College. Humboldt State University. Pierce College - Los Angeles.

Shasta College. University of California - Riverside. University of California - Santa Cruz. Colorado State University. Naugatuck Valley Community College. Delaware Technical Community College. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Albany Technical College. Armstrong State University. Atlanta Metropolitan College. Augusta Technical College. Bainbridge State College. Associate Transfer.

Associate, Diploma. Colombus Technical College. Fort Valley State University. Gwinnett Technical College. Kennesaw State University. North Georgia Technical College. Savannah State University. Southeastern Technical College-Swainsboro. University of West Georgia. Certificate, Associate. Windward Community College. Hawkeye Community College. Boise State University.

Brigham Young University — Idaho. Master, PhD. Associate, Certificate, Transfer. Illinois State University.Illinois Valley Community College. John Wood Community College. Joliet Junior College. Kishwaukee College. Lincoln Land Community College. Southeastern Illinois College. Bachelor, Masters. Bachelor, Minor. Morehead State University.

Murray State University. University of Kentucky. Southeastern Louisiana University. University of Louisiana - Lafayette. Cape Cod Community College. North Shore Community College. Springfield Technical Community College. Associate, Transfer Associate. Associate, Bachelor, Doctorate. Allegany College of Maryland.

Community College of Baltimore County. Howard Community College. Montgomery College. University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Southern Maine Community College.

University of Maine-Farmington. University of Southern Maine. Lake Superior State University. Bachelor, Master Doctorate. Michigan Technological University. Oakland Community College. Anoka Hennepin Technical College.

Dakota County Technical College.

Mandatory Continuing Education

ET on December 23 until a. ET on January 3. During this time, a response to your inquiry may be delayed, as we will be checking the SEAS-Admissions umich. Thank you for your patience and have a peaceful, safe, and sustainable holiday season! Located within the interdisciplinary School for Environment and Sustainability, the MLA program provides the ideal setting and opportunities for you to become one of the next change-driven leaders in landscape architecture.

University of Washington-Seattle Campus Logo · University of Washington-Seattle Campus Seattle, WA. 3/5 ; Washington State University Logo, Washington State.

Program in Interior Design and Landscape Architecture

This giving season, donate to LAF to support students, drive innovation, and elevate landscape architects. The value of a donation to LAF extends far into the world. When you support LAF you are helping to inspire, grow, strengthen, and embolden landscape architects to innovate and activate.The Landscape Architecture Foundation LAF invests in research, scholarships and leadership initiatives to increase the influence and impact of landscape architects to create a more sustainable, just, and resilient future. The next fellowship cohort kicks off in June with projects related to community wealth building, higher education, Latinx designers, breaking the cycle of recidivism, and more. Landscape architecture has a vital role to play in solving the defining issues of our time: climate change, species extinction, rapid urbanization, and inequity. We invite you to engage in this critical, provocative, and inspirational examination of the power of landscape architecture, and to join our passionate community working to answer the call to action. Twelve faculty Research Fellows and ten high-performing landscape projects have been selected for I commend LAF for convening landscape architects to act upon the challenges facing our planet and for taking us to the next level of purpose and clarity. LAF is grateful to the many individuals and organizations that provide financial support towards fulfilling our mission to support the preservation, improvement, and enhancement of the environment.

Holistic Landscape Design Certificate

If you have any questions, please contact the department. The department of Planning and Landscape Architecture offers a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture , first available for declaration fallStudents who enjoy art, science, technology, problem-solving, and design should consider a career in landscape architecture. Graduates in landscape architecture influence the design and management of cities, parks, and open spaces. They often advise park managers, citizen groups, landowners, and state agencies.

There was only one school in Washington to review for the Best Landscape Architecture Schools in Washington ranking. When choosing the right school for you, it's important to arm yourself with all the facts you can.

Most Admired Landscape Architecture Schools

The graduate and undergraduate Architecture programs at Washington University in St. Louis cultivate the designer's identity as a leader: as an expressive individual and socially responsible citizen. Our commitment to ethical practice spans disciplines, cultural theories, and representational media. We emphasize the physicality of design: site, purpose, material, technique, sustainability and meaning. Our identity resonates throughout multiple locations: St. Louis's rich metropolitan landscape and international semesters in Florence, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Berlin.

Residential Landscape Design and Construction: BS

We believe that cultures are defined by the quality of their public spaces. We improve the quality of our lives and the health of our planet through the creation of a safe, beautiful public realm. Our collaborative design process deepens the connection of people to the land and each other. We invite you to join us in our passion to improve the natural and built environment. Our design approach emphasizes the thoughtful use of materials and sustainable systems. We prioritize soil science, ease of maintenance, constructability, and cost-effectiveness to create long lasting landscapes. With both planners and landscape architects on staff, our services include master planning, schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and construction administration. We pride ourselves on being great designers and masterful technicians.

University Graduate School of Design, landscape architect, HOK, Inc.,Washington D.C.. Joan Honeyman, ASLA, B.S. Pennsylvania. State University, M.L.A., North.

2022 Best Landscape Architecture Schools in Washington

Licensed landscape architects work in a world of evolving technology, increased consumer expectations and other emerging issues. Practice in this changing environment requires ongoing development of knowledge and skills.It is critical that licensees remain current with changes and developments in the profession to render quality services and to ensure public protection.

Washington University in St. Louis

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The landscape design incorporates four major elements: defining a pedestrian connection, developing safe crossings, protecting an environmentally sensitive area, and establishing clear entry gates. This prototype is a high-performing sustainable floating wetland committed to water quality, habitat diversity, and resiliency within urban aquatic environments. The Science, Engineering, and Technology Building sets the standard for community college science buildings in Maryland. For the landscape master plan, safety and connectivity were the themes. Outdoor spaces of a variety of scales were constructed as extensions of interior living spaces, offering opportunities for passive recreation, interaction, and collaboration.

Natalie Yates is an assistant professor of landscape architecture at the Washington University in St. Louis Sam Fox School of Design.

Training & Certification for Landscape Professionals

Landscape architecture can mitigate carbon emissions, but it is also implicated among the causes. The Paris Agreement on climate change, created by the consensus of nations, went into effect in November and has enormous implications for the practice of landscape architecture. If adhered to by its signatories, the agreement signals the end of the fossil fuel era by midcentury, well within the life spans of many landscape architects currently practicing. The Paris Agreement foretells a civilization powered nearly exclusively by renewably generated electricity, not fossil-fueled fire, like today. The agreement also portends a society with much less energy overall, as fossil fuels currently make up more than 80 percent of total energy consumed and cannot be easily replaced.These stark realities will challenge landscape architects to adapt to the impending zero-carbon future.


Ever wonder who is working behind-the-scenes of these educational programs? Well, that is your Program Committee, a team of dedicated volunteers already hard at work planning programs for ! Ten years of that has been as a licensed landscape architect. This past summer I became a business owner starting Kismet Design.


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