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Log In. Appendix A Garden Journaling. Appendix F History of Landscape Design. Appendix G Permaculture.

  • Lawn Application Program
  • Using Groundcover as a Lawn Alternative
  • Native Plants for Georgia Part I: Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines
  • Easy Landscaping Ideas
  • Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year: For Growers and Retailers
  • North Carolina Garden Landscape Ideas
  • Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Charlotte Yards
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Lawn Application Program

Living in North Carolina, we enjoy a warm climate! If you find that your landscape feels a little lacking, you may need professional landscape services to bring out its full potential. We started as a small business designed to help local youth realize their potential through work and life skills training, and have grown into an award-winning landscaping company dedicated to bringing out the best in your yard.

Agape leads the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill in online reviews and overall rating with over and counting! Lawn Care. Landscape Design. Flower Beds. Yard Cleaning Services. Landscape Lighting. Landscape Drainage. Call Agape Lawn Company at today for award-winning landscape services. We love lawns! Have an irrigation issue that needs to be resolved quickly? Our team responds promptly and solves problems quickly and completely.

We have the highest staff retention rate in RTP, so you will know and trust the same team members who care for your lawn week after week. No hidden fees, no extra charges! Our pricing is upfront and honest for every service we provide.Our expert team provides smart services that account for variables including weather, pests, and your particular grade and shade property characteristics.

How Can We Help? Landscape Services Home Landscape Services. Landscaping Services Near Me? Our Landscaping Services Include:. Contact Us Contact Page Form. What Service Do You Need? Why is the Grass Greener at Agape?

Problem Solving:. Transparent Pricing:. Go to Top.

Using Groundcover as a Lawn Alternative

Click a link below to download a PDF version of the plant list that is appropriate for your region. Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter. The Green Desk. Landscape Plant List. What are good landscape plants for North Carolina? The following information is provided for each plant: Botanical Name: This is the genus and species name of the plant.

What are good landscape plants for North Carolina? of North Carolina, divided into the following categories: Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain.

Native Plants for Georgia Part I: Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines

View all Southeast landscaping pictures. Use this design sheet to help you create the perfect Victorian-inspired landscape. It is a great starting point for any landscaping project. North Carolina features some of America's most beautiful public gardens and home landscapes. Charlotte gave birth to one of the first Garden Clubs where the legacy of southern horticulture is still cultivated today. This beautiful city of the old South enjoys one of the best climates for outdoor living due to the moderating influence of the Atlantic coast that reduces the heat and humidity of the long summer season inland. This is the largest city of the Carolina Piedmont, a plateau of good soil and excellent growing conditions that runs along the eastern seaboard. It fans out between the mountains and the coastal plain where local designers and contractors share a strong grasp of the many fine native plants such as dogwood and azalea that hail from this region.

Easy Landscaping Ideas

Have you noticed any brown patches in your grass lately? Perhaps your lawn is looking a little less lush than it used to? There is a chance you need to look into professional sod installation. Landscape Solutions and Design is a professional, reliable landscaping company with years of experience in laying sod. In order to get your yard back to the pristine lushness you are accustomed to, you need our help.

If your landscape isn't home to at least a few native plants, you're missing out.

Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year: For Growers and Retailers

Barefoot Lawn Care, provides complete landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Since , we have helped our clients in and around Raleigh and the North Carolina Triangle get stunning results with our landscaping services. We pair our comprehensive landscape design and installation with personal attention to make sure you get exactly the look, functionality and yard layout you want. At Barefoot Lawn Care, we respect you and your time. We always arrive on time — and work quickly to finish on time, too. We listen to what you want and need in your Raleigh landscaping design and make sure we meet those requirements.

North Carolina Garden Landscape Ideas

Do you want some backyard landscaping ideas to transform your yard into a place you want to spend time? There are many different backyard ideas including ones for patios, green space, play areas for kids or even a nice flower garden. So here are some of the high level things that research and our own experience tell us are important to consider when planning a backyard space that you will enjoy. Interestingly enough, that is almost double the percentage of households the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates own a dog. So dog spaces are clearly important considerations when designing and building a landscape. You mostly need to make sure they have a safe place to run around and enjoy the outdoors.Here are a few of the most common ideas for dogs that we see included in backyards. Just like dogs like to get outside and work out some energy, so do kids.

Experienced Professionals For Landscape Design Services. Contact Us Today For More Info!

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Charlotte Yards

Many of us have known one another for a very long time and enjoy spending time together with our families outside of work. That kind of camaraderie and the spirit of teamwork it creates is what we think sets us apart. Most of all, we count on each other to deliver the highest level of work for our customers.

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Call Now. We strongly believe in good stewardship of agronomics, soil conditions, and preventative measures to thwart disease-causing infestations. We have experts to assess the root cause of the problem, and will have solutions to secure results. Insects, mosquitos, plant diseases, and animal pests can interfere with your outdoor landscape enjoyment. We have solutions for various outdoor problems.

There is nothing more useful in helping you create a great landscaping idea than pictures. Great landscaping ideas all start with a blank imagination.

By Contributed. The Coastal Landscapes Initiative, or CLI, has produced several resources over the past year to inspire and assist those interested in nature-enhancing landscaping. Most recently, a CLI team produced a set of 10 landscaping design templates featuring native N. Each design provides ideal site conditions; a detailed planting guide; seasonal bloom or berry color; an illustration of the plantings at maturity; and maintenance tips. Coastal Landscaping also was the topic of conversation during a recent N.

Specializing in design, installation and management for both residential and commercial properties, Southern Exposure is fully licensed and utilizes only the highest quality and environmentally friendly green products.There is much to do in maintaining a landscape. It's important to know how to properly care for your landscape in each season in order to keep it healthy and looking it's best.


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