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Your love for greenery might be bigger than your home but no worries; there are a lot of space-saving ways you can display your plants. This plant stand has shelves at different levels, so you can put your pots on display and make the room dynamic. Or use it as a side table for a coffee cup and book. Find it here. Excellent wall planters for growing and displaying small indoor plants such as air plants or succulents, like aloe vera or a pincushion cactus.

  • This is how you should arrange your indoor plants, according to plant experts
  • Decorating With Houseplants Adds Greenery and Freshness to Your Space
  • 99 Great Ideas to display Houseplants | Indoor Plants Decoration
  • 11 Simple Ways to Style Indoor Plants
  • How to Decorate with Large Indoor Plants in a Small Space
  • 13 Tricks For Keeping Plants In A Small Living Space
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This is how you should arrange your indoor plants, according to plant experts

Photo by: Lowe's. Choose an ornamental stand or go for one that's both useful and practical, with features like grow lights and space-saving tiers. This red steel stand has a rust-resistant finish, so it can be used indoors or out. Turn a sunroom or porch into a mini-forest by arranging green foliage plants on stands in corners, behind sofas and beside chairs.

Use short stands to display small ferns on tabletops. If you're grouping a variety of plants together, avoid a cluttered, chaotic look by using stands of the same style, but different heights or sizes. You may be able to mix colors or finishes, too, as long as the arrangement looks unified.

All of these nesting stands feature identical twig-shaped legs and crosspieces, antique bronze finish, and tempered glass tops. Photo by: Gardeners Supply Company. In general, tall plants look better on the lower tier of multi-tiered stands.

Arrange shorter plants on the next tier, and the shortest plants, or trailing ones, on the top. The same rule of thumb goes for plant stands that have steps, rather than tiers. To keep plants in rooms that don't get enough sun, choose a stand with built-in grow lights. Plant stands with LED lights are great for potted herbs or seedlings. A magnetic, adjustable shelf lets you move it up for taller plants.

Brighten your front door with a multi-level plant stand designed for outdoor use. If you don't have enough greenery to fill it up, add some vintage gardening tools or interesting pots. Use stands with multiple shelves to display a lot of plants in a small space.

Some are adjustable, so you can move the shelves when the plants get taller. An A-frame stand also offers plenty of display room, although it takes up a little floor space.

Keep saucers or trays under indoor stands to protect your floor from drips, or slip potted plants into larger cache pots. If you're a DIY-er, be creative and re-use or repurpose items you already have around the house. How To Outdoors Gardening. Grow everything from begonias to bromeliads on these pretty and practical stands. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email.

Lowe's An attractive stand can double as a side table when it's not displaying a plant. By: Lynn Coulter. Related To: Houseplants Plants Lighting. How to Display Your Plants Artfully. Nesting Plant Stand Bathroom Nesting stands can be pushed together for storage when they're not in use. Gardeners Supply Company Nesting stands can be pushed together for storage when they're not in use.

A-Frame Plant Stand Multi-level plant stands save space. Gardeners Supply Company. Make Your Own Plant Stands.If you dislike painting, start with powder-coated, steel wire cages instead; you can find them in green, red, yellow, orange and other colors. Turn the cage upside down, so it sits on the biggest ring, and cut off the wire legs. Put a plant in the top ring, and you're done. Don't have one?

Shop a thrift store or yard sale. Make your own A-frame stand from a wooden ladder with three or four rungs. Cut boards to slide from one side of the ladder to the other, so they rest on opposite rungs. They should extend just a few inches beyond the rungs.

Then arrange your plants as you like. These carts usually come with three wire tiers, so again, don't forget to use trays or saucers to catch drips when you water. For an outdoor planter, turn a wooden crate upside down and rest it on top of some bricks or upside-down terracotta pots. They'll act as legs, so moisture from the ground doesn't make the wood rot.

Plants can sit on top of the crate. If you have more than one crate, turn all of them on their sides. Again, rest them on bricks or pots to hold them slightly off the ground, and stack the crates two or three levels high. Place your plants inside the crates. Paint two or three old wooden chairs as desired. Line them up on a covered porch or deck to shield them from the weather, and lay a board across all three seats to hold your plants. Turn a resin pillar from a home decor store into a pedestal for a specimen plant.

Watering Plants While Away Here are tips that can help sustain indoor plants while you're away. Succulent Plants Succulent plants have juicy leaves or stems for holding water through long periods of drought. They come in an array of shapes, colors, sizes and temperature tolerance and are suitable for growing in dry garden areas or in containers both indoors and out. How to Plant Succulents Succulents are easy to grow, but should be planted properly to get the most out of their versatility.Poinsettias Everything you need to know about everyone's favorite Christmas flower.

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Decorating With Houseplants Adds Greenery and Freshness to Your Space

Sure, the open pool deck or the outdoor living area look great right now. But soon the warmth of summer is bound to give way to colder weather and a desire to stay indoors. This is of course an annual affair and in some parts of the world, even summer can get pretty dark, dreary and even rainy! With that mind, a sunroom definitely feels like a practical addition that allows you to take in all the warmth without having to deal with the vagaries of weather.

A tall plant near a low chair highlights the size of your room. Arranging plants at all levels maximises this effect and by going far and wide.

99 Great Ideas to display Houseplants | Indoor Plants Decoration

When you know how to arrange indoor plants, you can emphasize your experience at home.As Paul Simon once said, there are angels in the architecture. What better way to accentuate the existing beauty of your home than with plants that literally breath life into your environment. Here are some of my top tips to turn your humble abode into a curated art installation. Nowadays, Instagram has become the barometer of cool. Careers are built solely on this platform, and the fame and fortunes that follow are only a few photos away. A handful of thoughtfully arranged plants could simply add some life to your lifestyle photography.

11 Simple Ways to Style Indoor Plants

The role of houseplants for a healthy indoor climate is indisputable. Potted plants provide a lively atmosphere and can transform your home into a green oasis. This is a well-known fact. Do you agree? If so, check out these houseplant display ideas below!

Potted plants are our way of reconnecting with nature and of bringing some of its beauty into our homes. Tall indoor plants and even small trees can provide us with an unexpected and unique focal point.

How to Decorate with Large Indoor Plants in a Small Space

As I write these very words, I am taking a look around to count the houseplants I have on my writing desk and all around the room. Right now, I am fortunate to have a sunroom in my apartment, a safe place for houseplants to perk up and do their thing. It struck me as an inhospitable environment for houseplants, a dark and cool dungeon that offered them little invitation and support. We link to vendors to help you find relevant products. If you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. It took some hunting and some research, but I found an impressive roster of plants that could thrive in my dimly lit apartment.

13 Tricks For Keeping Plants In A Small Living Space

Free entry to RHS members at selected times ». General enquiries Mon — Fri 9am — 5pm. Make a donation. Even if you don't have an outdoor space, you can still enjoy gardening.Growing indoors opens up new opportunities for exotic or tender plants, and houseplants can bring many health benefits. Get involved with the RHS ».

Find a range of house plants and home garden supplies at IKEA including flower pots, place larger plants on the bottom shelf, and smaller ones on top.

Houseplants of any size are definitely a decorating must-have in my book. There are tons of options for small space-friendly houseplants , but it seems like size is always an issue. I know it can feel daunting to bring a giant tree into your space, but these styling hacks will help you hoard plants with confidence! When I lived in a loft, the bathroom was the BEST place for tons and tons of indoor plants, especially big ones!

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A macrame hanging pot holder is a great way to display house plants without sacrificing counter space. A wooden shelf holds a collection of house plants. Try varying the heights of the plants, or adding one vine-style hanging plant to the mix. Group a collection of low-maintenance indoor plants, such as aloe and succulents, on a narrow shelf for impact.

Indoor plants can dramatically improve aura and ambiance of your home. They add a touch of liveliness and freshness to indoor living.

Get inspired to show off your indoor plants. Not only does it elevate the space aesthetically, but choosing the right plants also help to keep the air fresh and clean too! Check out these space-saving plant display ideas that will transform your home into a tropical paradise. Free up your floors and create an illusion of space by opting for a plant stand instead of buying big, bulky pots. Through this method, you can turn your typical tabletop plant into an eye-catching piece with a stylish stand. Go for a minimalist design to avoid taking the spotlight away from the plants.

Enjoy the shades of the season with easy plants.In fall, brilliant yellows, reds, and oranges dot the landscape, enticing us to bring that same look indoors. While branches of autumn leaves make wonderful short-lived arrangements, you can have sensational long-lasting color with a host of houseplants. Put together a great-looking assortment--it's simple.

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