Best scented garden flowers

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Best scented garden flowers

Here at Ballycastle Garden Centre, we have chosen the best scented garden flowers for your borders, shrub borders and containers.

Scented Garden Flowers

We have a huge range of flowers that can be grown in your garden. We carry the top selling scented garden flowers such as: Roses, Geraniums, Petunias, Azaleas, Alpines, Primroses, Foxgloves, Phlox, Dahlias, Calibrachas, Violets, Orchids, Primulas, Heliotropes, Lavender, Chives, and many more. We also have a number of scented garden flowers for sale which you may not know, or you may have seen on another site and want to give them a try.

We have a number of different varieties of scented garden flowers and these are listed below so you can see which are best for you.

Scented Garden Flowers for Garden Centres

We carry some beautiful flowers that are just not suitable for retail. For example, most orchids are not suitable for a retail flower shop. We have grown these plants in our own garden and they have become so popular they are now very expensive to buy them. The plants themselves are of course very, very expensive as most of them are hand pollinated.

We list them here, because we know they can make great gifts for other garden centre customers.

Scented Garden Flowers for Self-Sowers

If you love scented garden flowers, but don’t want to buy large bags and then just plant them all, you can self-sow these as long as you have some kind of protection for them from the weather.

Most types of scented garden flowers can be self-sowed. You can buy a packet, plant them up and watch your garden explode with scent!

Gorgeous Dahlias

You don’t have to be a garden centre customer to enjoy our wonderful Dahlias. They are very hardy, easy to grow and just go crazy with beauty. We have a collection of several different varieties of dahlias so you can choose one that suits your style.

Potted Dahlias

If you love the huge, show-stopping flower that is the Dahlia, you can buy our pots and then have the blooms in all their glory. You can either sow these in your garden and they will bloom all summer, or you can buy a packet and have them in your garden centre for the summer and put them in storage during winter.

Dahlias are not like a rose, because they are actually a cactus that has been crossed with a vegetable. For this reason they do not enjoy being sited against a brick wall or a concrete wall.

Scented Garden Flowers for Children

Not many of you will be using your children as a guide when it comes to choosing scented garden flowers for yourself but there are a few flowers that are ideal for children. The following are some of the most popular scented garden flowers for children:

Rose, Sweetpeas, Lavender and Mint – these flowers are so good for children because they like the combination of scents.

Lavender, Mint and Nasturtium – this is one of the most popular combinations of flowers in the garden, especially with children.

Rosemary and Lavender – one of the most popular combinations of flowers in the garden. They are great for encouraging thinking in children.

Gardening Tips

We have included some of the gardening tips we use in our garden centre. These are just a few tips from some of our regular customers, so you can find out more about growing your own flowers for more tips.

1. Buy the right seeds. Make sure that you buy the right seeds. There is no point buying seeds if they will not germinate and grow into a plant in the first year.

2. Choose the right pots. We have a great selection of pots at our garden centre.Choose the right size pot for your seedlings, keeping in mind that your seedlings will need room to grow as well. If they are in small pots, they will need to be replaced more often and they will also be more susceptible to disease.

3. Choose the right soil. You will need to use garden soil to nurture your plants. This means that the soil needs to be rich in nutrients. Make sure that the soil is damp all the time, not wet.

4. Pick your flower plants in the spring. If you do not pick your flowers in the spring, they will grow into a stalk, then be torn off and have a sad existence on the ground.

5. Pick your plant when it is fully mature. There is little point picking small flowers when the plant is still young and small. Try to find plants that are at least ready for picking.

6. Grow your plants indoors. If you do not have space outside for your plants, you can grow them indoors.

7. Keep the plants sheltered. Your plants will benefit from a light, but will be susceptible to cold weather. If you are unable to get your plants inside, try to find somewhere that will protect them from the weather.

9. Use fertilisers. Fertilisers can be very useful if you are growing your plants indoors or in a cold, bright garden. Using fertilisers regularly will help keep your plants healthy and strong.

10. Watering. Water your plants regularly. If they are kept dry, they will suffer from poor health and a lack of vigour.

11. Take care of your plants when they are young. If you are looking after your plants properly, they should grow into strong and healthy plants over the course of time.

12. Maintain your watering system. It is important to have a system in place to keep your plants moist, but not sodden.

13. Pick off the blooms when they appear. If you do not pick your plants off when the flowers are ready, they will bloom and then die. This is particularly important if you are growing your plants indoors, as you will have to watch them very carefully.

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