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Architectural Plants is a specialist horticultural nursery in Pulborough, West Sussex, set within 32 acres of open fields surrounded by farmland overlooking the South Downs. We are also enthusiastic advocates of bamboo , other screening plants , and our ever expanding range of rare and evergreen trees both large and small. Many of our plants are homegrown and we also source from elsewhere in the UK. If you have an inkling that the sculptural and rare are for you and have just stumbled across us, then you might also find yourself quite quickly prey to the same ridiculous addiction that we share with our long standing friends and customers. Please note that we will be closing for Christmas on 24th December , opening again on 4th January

  • Fruit trees: the five easiest to grow
  • Best places for blossom in Kent and East Sussex
  • Welcome to Big Plant Nursery
  • Commercial Trees from Hillier
  • Garden Plants: Fruit Trees
  • Welcome to Royal Mires Nursery
  • Fruit trees from Walcot Organic Nursery
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Fruit trees: the five easiest to grow

The garden here is a conventional town garden but by planting columns and espaliers against the west and south facing walls, a great diversity of fruiting trees have been squeezed into a relatively average sized space. Bardsey - still quite rare. From an ancient apple found growing on Bardsey island, Wales. Supposedly has a slight lemon scent. Dual purpose culinary and dessert apple. A good apple but not quite as intense in taste as other apples here.

Broadholme Beauty - Another new dual purpose.Said to be naturally sweet, hence less sugar is required for cooking, making it suitable for diabetes sufferers. The taste is stronger than Bardsey. This apple is allegedly superior to the traditional Bramley cooking apple.

Quite sharp until later in the season. Egremont Russet - In the garden this apple tastes quite different to its namesake at the supermarket. The home-grown taste is superb. Known for its slightly 'nutty' taste. Very delicious.

Hereford Russet - One of the best modern apples available. A russet with a Cox taste but significantly tougher and easier to cultivate than Cox. An exceptional apple. Holstein - Described as 'rich, crisp and aromatic', I picked mine a little too early in the season in the first year, waited a little longer in second to get an opportunity to appreciate what this apple is about.

Mine, regular Holstein, is truly delicious as is. Pitmaston Pineapple - Small yellow fruit but with more than just a hint of pineapple.

This apple is very sweet and very tasty, quite unlike a standard cox or some of the more traditional varieties. Not as tough as others in the garden but well worth trying if you can offer a more sheltered location.

Another favorite apple. Pixie - A cox-like taste in a smaller sized apple, as the name suggests. Winter Gem - allegedly, winner of many taste trials; it has been a disappointment. Described as having a slight aniseed taste, I would describe it instead as somewhat bitter.

Not an apple I would personally recommend. Doyenne du Comice - The sweetest and most delicious pear in my garden. This year it has fared much better. Invincible - A dual purpose cooker and eater and as its name suggests a very reliable and heavy cropper. Sadly, though, not a very delicious eating apple but good for culinary use. Blue Tit - Came highly recommended. Have not yet had sufficient fruit to judge its quality.Brown Turkey - The most common fig sold in UK garden centres, with a good combination of hardiness and sweetness.

An excellent variety for most situations, possibly even northern gardens. Precote de Dalmatie - Apparently with among the sweetest tasting of all figs, my tree is still too juvenile to produce fruit. Violetta - Extremely tough for a fig. The fruit, however, are not as sweet as Brown Turkey although similar in appearance. Concorde - Excellent with relatively large and juicy fruit.

Recommended Invincible - A dual purpose cooker and eater and as its name suggests a very reliable and heavy cropper. Opal - a German plum. Quite sweet and juicy plums in abundance on my small tree last year.

Best places for blossom in Kent and East Sussex

Call Follow us on Facebook Instagram. They spent several years searched the remnants of traditional orchards across the county of Dorset to save any valuable old varieties hitherto unknown or Course Trill 29 Feb Need help with pruning your fruit trees? Want to learn about grafting apple trees?

Learn about and purchase Sussex apple tree varieties. training in a wide range of orchard skills, including grafting and the care of young fruit trees.

Welcome to Big Plant Nursery

Many of our urban trees were planted by the Victorians! Some are succumbing to disease and old age. It is vital that we replenish our leafy canopy. Trees have an enormous value to the environment and our well-being. They provide shade, help regulate the microclimate, support wildlife, reduce air pollution and improve our own mental health and happiness. A tree can support hundreds of species of insect and other wildlife; for example, a mature oak tree will support different species of insect. Support us. The more we raise, the more trees we can plant.

Commercial Trees from Hillier

New season is here, trees available from early September ! All trees since have been potted up with peat free media , saving the declining peat bog habitats.Many trees are grown and propagated on site, in the heart of East Sussex, whilst some of the more unusual trees are sourced from a single top UK growing nursery. Many of my trees for sale are grown on dwarfing rootstocks which keeps them small , therefore they are suitable for any small garden or allotment. With some simple care every garden should have a fruit tree, not just for the fruit, but for the blossom, wildlife and aesthetics.

We are pleased to announce that the season is open for booking! As always, please email us directly at bentinckfarmkent gmail.

Garden Plants: Fruit Trees

Keepers Nursery is a family business established in the early 's. Most of our trees are grown at our nursery in Kent. We are recognised as one of the best known and respected fruit tree specialists in the UK. We have the widest range of fruit trees in the UK, including hundreds of apples, pears, plums and cherries, and many old traditional varieties. Choose from our extensive range of 2-tier espaliers, cordons, step-overs, and fan-trained fruit trees. We have a wide range of nut trees for sale, including hazels, cobnuts, almonds, and walnuts - all suitable for the UK climate.

Welcome to Royal Mires Nursery

We have an extensive range of trees available in sizes starting from a 10litre pot. Some of our more popular trees are also available in larger sizes: 37l up to l e. Betula jaquemontii. Liquidamber Worplesdon. Where possible our stock of trees is sourced locally so please contact us to check on availability. We grow a considerable amount of fruit trees on the nursery. Nearly all varieties are grown on a dwarf stock making them m overall and suitable for most gardens. We stock, apples, cherries, figs, olives, plums quinces, vines and even medlars.

Hop Barn Nursery, Retail & Wholesale - Hop Barn Farm, Peasmarsh Road, Beckley, RYE, East Sussex TN31 6TJ Email: [email protected]

Fruit trees from Walcot Organic Nursery

The private gardens surrounding Firle Place cover nearly acres, of which are parkland and are maintained by a team of full-time gardeners. Please note, house admission does not include private areas of the gardens and grounds. Please contact the Estate Office for more information to the days of the year these are open to the public. The formal gardens start with the parterre at the front entrance and lead to the the North Borders.

Local Stockist

Tillingham is set amongst 70 acres of rolling hills and woodlands with far reaching views along the Tillingham River valley and across to the fortified, hill top town of Rye, East Sussex, to the sea and the Romney salt marshes beyond. This mixed farm, which dates from the 13th century, is home to vineyards, fruit trees, ancient woodland and livestock. The recently renovated farmstead provides a place for visitors to stay and enjoy the produce of the farm and the local area. Our philosophy at Tillingham would be best summarised as progressive: incorporating what we know of the best scientific and technological knowledge available to us, whilst championing ancient traditions and best practice learnt from millennia of farming and winemaking. At Tillingham we are committed to farming in a diverse, poly-cultural way, we believe this is not only a highly sustainable approach, but in conjunction with biodynamics, aims to restore soils to an optimum level of organic matter and microbial and wider ecological diversity. Select additional interestes Wines Food Events.

As well as mail order, we can now offer a click and collect service for all products either call to arrange or order online and select click and collect as the shipping option at checkout.

Native UK trees colonised the land when the glaciers melted after the last Ice Age and before the UK was disconnected from mainland Europe.As the Earth warmed and ice began to melt and retreat, over 10, years ago, species began to recolonise the once frozen land from the warmer south. Swamp-dweller, water-lover. A reputation for causing a bang. Alder buckthorn is used to make gunpowder, pigments and dyes. One of our most beloved trees.

Beauty of Bath — Dessert. Eat straight from the tree. Bright red flush over yellow fruit, often stained pink under the skin. Sweet and juicy when ripe.


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