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Purchase at City Hall, Gregory Lane. Music, food, photo, art exhibits, video highlights, contest awards, commemorative giveaways. Singers, performers from television, theater, cabaret. Diablo Valley College horticulture program plant sale, 9 a. Natives, roses , vegetables, herbs, berries, ornamental trees, shrubs, salvias, lavenders, succulents. Rain or shine.

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  • Rainwater Collection Workshop Oct 15th at DVC in Pleasant Hill
  • Horticulture Department-DVC
  • Irrimon-Twin Drops: A tangible reality
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Rainwater Collection Workshop Oct 15th at DVC in Pleasant Hill

After almost 30 years of service she felt it was time to leave the corporate world behind and pursue her true passions: animals and gardening. Tracy is an avid animal activist and has volunteered for various rescue groups and shelters. Her business experience and love for gardening makes her a great fit for The Ruth Bancroft Garden.

She loves that each day is a new adventure that allows her to meet so many great people and their dogs her. And you will usually find one of her own dogs her by her side her.

Email Tracy F. Brian has been at The Ruth Bancroft Garden sinceHe is highly regarded in the horticultural world and is a prolific writer and lecturer on botanical topics, especially relating to succulent plants. Brian has a B. Brian's work for The Garden has included hybridizing aloes, agaves, gasterias and some South American cacti.Brian has traveled extensively in Mexico, Madagascar and southern Africa, studying and photographing plants in their native habitats.

Email Brian K. He acts as point person in the collaborative process of preserving, renovating, and rejuvenating Mrs. Along with the curator he propagates rare succulents from seed to be used in the Garden and manages care of the private collection. Email Walker Y. He moved to Bakersfield, California from Mexico in , where he began to work in vineyards there. He wondered how Mrs. Bancroft could handle them without wearing any gloves.

After six months though he began to really enjoy the job, though he does wear gloves when working with cacti. He currently divides his time between Mrs.

Alice joined the Garden staff in February from the volunteer ranks of the Garden, where she had been assisting Curator Brian and Horticulturist Ryan in plant records management. Email Alice K. Raised in the Bay Area, Kim has been volunteering with local non-profits since she was a teenager. Joining the Ruth Bancroft Garden staff in early , was a perfect fit. Kim wears many hats at the Garden, when taking a quick break you may see her feeding the Koi at the Pond, a perfect reset button during a busy day.

When not at the Garden, Kim is busy with her family, volunteering for her son's local school and the Walnut Creek Libraries. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, hiking, and traveling. Email Kimberly M. From designing gardens, to giving workshops, from writing about plants in the newsletter to ordering plants for the Nursery, educating people on the beauty, diversity and sustainability of regionally appropriate planting is always her goal.

Email Cricket R. Marie joined the Ruth Bancroft Garden as a member when she first arrived to Walnut Creek 3 years ago. She became a garden docent and also guided school classes. She is a graduate of University of Uppsala and has also studied psychology at College of the Canyons.Marie has a passion to learn new things and to share her knowledge with others. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, jewelry making and printmaking. Email Marie G. A passion and love for plants, especially cacti and succulents, first brought Teddy to visit the Garden in earlyHe became a Member and then joined the Nursery Sales Staff team shortly thereafter.

Prior to Covid, Teddy worked professionally as a member of the stage actors union, performing locally as well as internationally. In his free time, you'll likely find Teddy working in his own garden with the reliable help of his rescue pup, Dweebs. Other hobbies include mushroom foraging, disc-golfing, upcycling, and backyard birdwatching. Email Teddy S. Angela grew up amidst the stunning diversity of flora and fauna of the Appalachian Mountains.

Gardening and landscape design occupy her thoughts most of the time. Davis Viticulture and Enology Group studying nitrate levels in soils. For five years, she managed the grounds of an exquisitely planted historic estate in Davis, CA. She later piloted Colusa County's first Farm-to-School Program, working with students and stakeholders to design and build gardens at area schools. She holds a BS in Horticulture from U. Davis, where she benefited from the program's emphasis on sustainability.

Angela believes residential and public gardens are a vital component of a healthy world and she is thrilled to be part of the RBG team.

Email Angela M. Szymon joined the staff in May , after volunteering at the Garden for a couple of months. Sue found her way to the Garden after decades in the publishing industry. Wanting a career change to something related to her BS in Environmental Resource Management, she threw herself into the world of botany through volunteering at the California Academy of Sciences and on The Living Roof, where various California native plants are tended to by a dedicated group of volunteers.

That volunteer opportunity sparked her interest in gardening, horticulture specifically California native flora , and habitat restoration, and she is now finishing up a horticulture certificate at a local community college. Email Sue V. A true nomad at heart, Anne has put down roots in a lot of different places.

Born in California, but primarily raised in Portland, Anne grew up with passions for theatre, martial arts, Shakespeare, music, genealogy, travel, and animals. Her professional experience ranges from Administrative Assistant and Office Manager in a variety of companies, to her most recent work as a Support Specialist for a non profit company that supports adults with Autism. She is thrilled to be back living in California, and is grateful for the opportunity to work for such a special, magical place.

She looks forward to what the future will bring at the Garden. Email Anne L. Julia is originally from Guatemala but relocated to the East Bay with her family when she was 5 years old. When the pandemic hit, she quickly found a lot of time on her hands and found solace in plants and gardening. In between volunteering and mastering her home gardening craft, she started a small business, Baller Planter, where she repurposes basketballs and turns them into hanging planters.

During her off time, Julia can be found either in her garden or on a quick getaway near a body of water with her partner and Rottweiler Paxton. Email Julia I. Tawny was born and raised in the Bay Area and has spent the last several years working private events in the hospitality industry. If not at the Garden, you will usually find her reading, spending time in nature with her partner, playing in the dirt with her plants or hanging out with her tuxedo cat, Charles Darwin.

Email Tawny B. Sarah is a Bay Area native who is passionate about design and plants.Her journey to the garden was a winding one; Graduating with a BA in Psychology and English at UC Davis, becoming a Nanny, a Behavioral Therapist, and then a Preschool Teacher before finally deciding to go back to school and make a large career pivot. Email Sarah N. Monica joined RBG as a Nursery Intern and has become involved in many aspects, helping out with private events, the Nursery, and marketing.

Prior to working at RBG, Monica studied abroad in Florence, Italy, worked at a nursery in her hometown of Modesto, and interned for a tech startup. Email Monica A. Jacki has been bridging the world of special education and advocacy for many years, all the while volunteering and managing volunteers for various community causes. Since then, she has been chasing a similar dream as did Ruth Bancroft - surrounding herself with all the beautiful colors, textures and forms found in plants.

When Jacki is not out in the community, she can be found in her own garden, watching the birds, whispering to her kitty, or joking around with her family.

Jacki's role as the Volunteer Coordinator at RBG is the perfect marriage of her love of volunteerism and horticulture.

Email Jacki K. Alice is an East Bay native who grew up boating the rivers of the west coast. Being in the wild as a child fostered an intense interest in the natural world and ecology.

She spends her spare time in botanical gardens, searching for fungi, and walking her lazy dog, Sway. Email Alice W. Daniel is a deep-rooted East Bay native with an admiration for succulents and cacti. He also has two years of experience as a student worker for DVC's Horticulture unit, working in the nursery and teacher assisting with classes.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys designing succulent dish gardens, tending to his edible plants, and hiking with his dog. Email Daniel R. The Ruth Bancroft Garden is a non-profit c 3 tax-exempt organization.

Tax ID isThe mission of the Ruth Bancroft Garden, Inc.Website by Colombo Designs.

Horticulture Department - DVC

But right only a few California colleges and universities are offering classes related to this budding business. They also practice on microgreens. It was offered for credit this semester as an experiment and will be made a permanent part of their program next year. Very few accredited California universities or colleges KRON4 checked with offer any kind of education classes related to cannabis. Even up in the emerald triangle, Humboldt State established an institute of marijuana research several years ago, though their website states they only promote the scientific study of cannabis issues but offer no classes or training.

Agricultural colleges in Dvc Road, Orai offer various diploma, degree, master, and doctorate degree for their students. Horticulture, farming, genetic plant.

Irrimon-Twin Drops: A tangible reality

Constituent Colleges. This was on the recommendation of a Presidential Working Party, chaired by Prof. Collins B. Mackay, which had collected views from Kenyans about the desirability of the same. To be the University of choice in nurturing innovation and talent in science, technology To preserve, create, and disseminate knowledge, conserve and develop scientific, technological Promotion and defense of intellectual and academic freedom, scholarship and relentless search for


Please check out this cool art show in Martinez on the 16th. This will be a group show, with other local artists like Eric Bender, a talented painter. Support Phillip, the other artists and Dvc Ceramics Club! The terracotta will be used through April 29th last day for green ware to form pots and planters to be sold at the May 13 and 14 DVC Horticulture plant sale. It should be a messy good time!

After almost 30 years of service she felt it was time to leave the corporate world behind and pursue her true passions: animals and gardening.Tracy is an avid animal activist and has volunteered for various rescue groups and shelters.

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Do you know what they are, are they harmful, and what should I should do about them? Help Desk Response: Thank you for emailing the photos of the spots on your blueberry leaves. While we are unable to specifically identify the disease with certainty, This and most other fungus diseases thrive in cool wet weather such as we have had this past year. The Anthracnose fungus has been identified on blueberries by researchers at the University of Oregon. The University of California recommends a number of measures that can be undertaken to control fungus.

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The teaching curriculum at Katikati College is designed to provide a wide range of personalized and collaborative learning experiences. We provide students with opportunities to develop capabilities in all Key Competencies and 21st Century Skills, while covering all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum. Multiple pathways, exciting topics and personalized learning will take you anywhere in Horticulture. Mathematics and Statistics are available in a wide range of courses to suit different academic pathways. Pathways involved all those subjects that can move towards further academic study or towards a trade.

Cannabis on Campus: DVC Horticulture Offers New Career Track Where “Master Growers” ​​Can Earn Six Figures. Photo + by + Michael + Fischer + from +.

Twenty-nine students are currently enrolled as horticulture majors, and six have completed the degree requirements.Three students recently graduated May : one is employed by a local wholesale perennial nursery, one is employed at Rodale Working Tree Center and plans to earn a BS in biology or nutrition at a local private college, and another is employed at a local native plants nursery and plans to earn a BS in horticulture at Delaware Valley College. Of the six graduates the program has produced to date, five are locally employed in the field of horticulture, and three are either enrolled in or soon plan to be enrolled in a BS degree program in horticulture or a closely related field. Our students continue to express interest in diverse careers such as landscape design, organic farming, and production of perennials.

RELATED VIDEO: Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Please come and indulge yourselves so you can help support their program! Checks and cash only. For more information about the program, visit their Facebook page. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

This major is designed for students who are interested in studying the ways that plants improve our everyday lives.

College Search helps you research colleges and universities, find schools that match your preferences, and add schools to a personal watch list. College for Kids available on-campus which provides enrichment activities for fourth through ninth graders. Associates Interdisciplinary Studies :Many colleges offer special programs like the opportunity to study abroad or participate in internships to get on-the-job training. Nearly all colleges provide extra academic help or tutoring to students who need it.Admission stats are based on first-time, degree seeking freshmen from Fall and FallFrom the college: Students who have earned a score of 3, 4, or 5 on certain College Board Advanced Placement Examinations may receive credit towards an associate degree, and some examinations may be used in lieu of specific course requirements.

Jenny Orme , Staff March 24,Back in , the year that California legalized marijuana, Forbes magazine reported that master growers of cannabis could potentially command six figure salaries. The Cannabis business has exploded since then, and schools like Diablo Valley College are now finding ways to get on board by offering new career tracks to students. In response, her department will soon be introducing a new certificate program to help meet the growing demand for skilled workers in the industry.

Watch the video: Horticulture - Diablo Valley College


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