Which of the following definitions best characterizes horticulture

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Which of the following definitions best characterizes horticulture?

a) The practice of cultivating plants

b) The cultivation of plants for sale or exchange

c) Plant cultivation is a science practiced to make a profit

d) Plant cultivation is a process to improve plant growth

e) Plant cultivation is the combination of breeding and horticulture


What is the proper application of the term “organic” to a crop?

a) organic crops will produce higher quality foods

b) organic crops require less fertilizers and pesticides

c) organic crops will not be genetically modified

d) organic crops cannot be marketed by the farmer as the farmer does not want to promote the use of chemicals

e) organic crops are grown without any human intervention


What is the first step in producing a crop of vegetables?

a) Planting seeds in a greenhouse

b) Purchasing seeds from a plant nursery

c) purchasing seeds from a large seed company

d) planting the seeds in a plot or greenhouse

e) purchasing young plants from a greenhouse grower


What is the difference between seed and plant?

a) seeds germinate into plants

b) seeds have a greater capacity for growth than plants

c) plants may come in a variety of different shapes and sizes

d) plants have roots and seeds may grow inside of them

e) plant are much better for indoor growing than seeds


What is the primary benefit of using a mixture of plants as a pest control?

a) plants eat the pests

b) the plants protect the soil from the insects

c) plants are more effective than pesticides because they are not as harmful to human health

d) less likely to contaminate the food supply than pesticide

e) because the mixture of plants is not one type, it has the advantage of being able to take advantage of several pests in one area


What is the difference between planting new and purchased plants?

a) the plants have been selected to meet the needs of the gardener

b) the plants are purchased from a grower

c) the plants are purchased at a plant nursery

d) the plants are not new and the gardener must care for them

e) the plants will be more uniform than purchased ones


What is the primary advantage of purchasing seeds?

a) the seeds are genetically uniform

b) the seeds are of a specific type that will make them easier to germinate

c) they will be better able to establish and root quickly

d) they can be transplanted easily when young

e) the seeds will be less likely to be attacked by pests


How do you decide whether to grow a specific variety of a plant yourself?

a) by looking at photographs of the plants in a book

b) by checking the variety you want on the internet

c) by examining the plant through a window

d) by choosing one with some of the seeds you will have collected

e) by planting seedlings in the garden and letting them grow


What is the primary advantage of plants that have been grown from seed?

a) they will be more uniform

b) they will grow faster and healthier

c) they will be able to establish themselves more easily

d) they will be able to compete with soilborne disease

e) they will not have pest problems


What is the best way to save seeds from a plant?

a) cut them in the early morning

b) cut them as they grow

c) freeze them as soon as the flowers are ready

d) place the seeds in a freezer bag after they are fully ripe

e) cut them when they are still tender


What is the best way to keep seedlings safe?

a) use clear tape

b) put them on top of a piece of wire

c) place them in an earth saucer

d) plant them in a large pot

e) wrap the pots with wet newspapers


Why should you let plants become old before you take off their leaves?

a) this will produce more fresh leaves in the early spring

b) this will prevent insects from laying eggs in the plant

c) this will make them grow faster

d) this will make them survive better

e) this will improve their market value


What plants usually produce a white sap and leaves that change color as they grow?

a) beans and peas

b) sunflowers

c) watermelon

d) lettuce

e) asparagus


What are the steps of making a seed cake?

a) soak the seeds in a solution of glycerol

b) soak them in water for 24 hours

c) sprout the seeds

d) sterilize them

e) dry them


The process of breaking up a seed requires:

a) water

b) heat

c) pressure

d) a strong force

e) both a and c


After planting a seed in the soil, ___________________.

a) cover it with a light layer of straw

b) cut off the seed's root

c) protect it from birds

d) bury it in the ground

e) cover it with a large pot


What is the purpose of growing a seedling in a pot?

a) for easier transplanting

b) for easier care

c) for faster growth

d) for less transplant shock

e) to speed up the process


Which of the following are good ways to store seeds?

a) dry

b) freeze

c) keep in a cool, dark place

d) store in a dry container

e) keep on a shelf

# Science Practice Test: Answers and Explanations


**1. B**

Watermelon seeds (sangre) grow just like other seeds, but because they are a fruit, the plant continues to grow after the seeds have finished growing, forming its flower and fruit. The seed has its own root system, but it does not grow underground.

**2. C**

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