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Most milkweed species planted in North America need a cold moist stratification to encourage spring germination. Cold moist stratification is a technique used to simulate the real-world conditions a seed would receive outdoors after the frozen winter gives way to a warm, wet spring. Native milkweed seeds, coffee filters or paper towels, plates, plastic sandwich bags, food containers. Find Native Milkweed Seeds. Take your seeds out of the refrigerator and remove them from the coffee filter. Plant them in a seed starting tray or a pot, or sow directly outdoors.

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Old Dried Flowers

Did Vermeer make mistakes? What is the Milkmaid preparing in her kitchen? Is the Girl with a Pearl Earring really a masterpiece and is her pearl a fake? Why did the artist's reputation vaporize so quickly after he died and why is he so famous today? What tricks and special colors did he use? Bolstered by his lifelong study of Vermeer and decades of experience as a professional painter, Jonathan Janson reveals Vermeer's life and art in human, down-to-earth terms.

For anyone interested in Vermeer the man and Vermeer's art, rather than his myth, 25 Things You Didn't Know about Vermeer offers rare glimpses into the artist's day-to-day experiences and struggles both inside and outside the confines of his studio. This glossary contains a number of recurrent terms found on the present site which may not be clear to all readers, especially when employed within the context of an art historical discussion.

Some terms, signaled by an icon of the Vermeer's monogram, are examined as they relate specifically to Vermeer's art. Each of the four sections of the glossary can be accessed from the menu top located on the top of the page. The terms in this glossary are cross-linked or externally linked only the first time they appear in the same entry. The complete book about 17th-century painting techniques and materials with particular focus on the painting of Johannes Vermeer.

Looking Over Vermeer's Shoulder is a comprehensive study of the materials and painting techniques that made Vermeer one of the greatest masters of European art. Bolstered by the author's qualifications as a professional painter and a Vermeer connoisseur, every facet of 17th-century and Vermeer's painting practices—including canvas preparation, underdrawing, underpainting, glazing, palette, brushes, pigments and composition—is laid out in clear, comprehensible language.

Also investigated are a number of key issues related specifically to Vermeer's studio methods, such as the camera obscura, studio organization as well as how he depicted wall-maps, floor tiles, pictures-within-pictures, carpets and other of his most defining motifs.

Each of the book's 24 topics is accompanied by abundant color illustrations and diagrams.By observing at close quarters the studio practices of Vermeer and his preeminent contemporaries, the reader will acquire a concrete understanding of 17th-century painting methods and materials and gain a fresh view of Vermeer's 35 works of art, which reveal a seamless unity of craft and poetry. While not written as a "how-to" manual, realist painters will find a true treasure trove of technical information that can be apapted to almost any style of figurative painting.

Dammar is a type of tree sap from Malaysia, Borneo, Java or Sumatra. This varnish retains its colorless appearance longer than any other common varnish. It is generally composed of a single resin , such as Dammar or a synthetic type. Dammar contains a high percentage of turps or mineral spirits. This means that it does not form a thick layer like normal varnishes and is therefore used for bringing out the full wet appearance of the oil paint on a dry ground before resuming to paint.

Dammar varnish does yellow and crack , as all varnishes do, but less so than others. The addition of Dammar to a paint medium adds brilliance and luminosity to color. Dead-color in Dutch, dood-verf , which is the equivalent of today's term " underpainting ," is a more or less monochrome version of the final painting that gives volume , suggests substance, substantiates the principal compositional elements and distributes darks and lights.

The lack of color used in the term probably explains the word "dead. Dead-coloring was so important in the painting process that it was mandatory in the early days of Flemish painting.

In , one of the 's Hertogenbosch guild rules states, "7. All painters will be bound to work with good paints, and they will not make any paintings than on good dry oak planks or wainscot, being each color first dead-colored and this on a double ground …".

It was not uncommon in the busier seventeenth-century studios that assistants worked up numbers of paintings to the dead-coloring stage that only needed to be finished by the master.

Maintaining an abundant stock of images on spec may have been an expedient to entice prospective buyers. Click here for more information on dead color. As far as it is possible to understand, Vermeer used the dead-coloring methods common among Northern painters.

In the early Diana and her Companions , a carefully brushed underdrawing was followed by a monochrome dead-coloring in order to determine the essential forms of the composition. Some of the dead-coloring can be made out here and there through abraded paint layers.

It has been remarked that more than one passage in The Geographer appears unfinished and that this allows us to have a glimpse at Vermeer's underpainting although it is not out of the question that early restoration may be partially responsible for the loss of the uppermost paint layers.

The massive wooden window frame and the deeply shadowed area of the carpet correspond rather closely to our idea of Vermeer's underpainting method. Neither of these two areas is defined according to the artist's habitual standard of finish. The darkest parts are all painted with the same semi-transparent dark gray pigment, most likely a mixture of raw umber and black.

Here and there on the carpet's fore side we may observe the initial accents of local color. Some of the decorative features have been painted with medium blue paint over the monochrome ground, most likely a mixture of natural ultramarine blue and a touch of lead white.

It is probable that the blue areas would have been subsequently glazed with the same ultramarine, this time in a dense, transparent medium in order to deepen and enrich their color.Other parts of the decorative patterns have been brought up with a medium-toned earth color , which compared to the darkest underpaint seems to be a medium-dark yellow ochre.

The upper folds of the carpet which catch the incoming light have been depicted with light-toned paint, here with the addition of ochre and there with ultramarine.

The decorative arts are arts or crafts concerned with the design and manufacture of beautiful objects that are also functional. It includes interior design, but not usually architecture. The decorative arts are often categorized in opposition to the " fine arts ," namely, painting , drawing , photography and sculpture, which generally are thought to have no function other than to be seen. The distinction between the decorative and the fine arts arose from the post-Renaissance art of the West but is much less meaningful when considering the art of other cultures and periods, where the most highly regarded works—or even all works—include those in decorative media.

The promotion of the fine arts over the decorative in European thought can largely be traced to the Renaissance , when Italian theorists such as Giorgio Vasari — promoted artistic values, exemplified by the artists of the High Renaissance who placed little value on the cost of materials or the amount of skilled work required to produce a work, but instead valued artistic imagination and the individual touch of the hand of a supremely gifted master such as Michelangelo — , Raphael — or Leonardo da Vinci — , reviving to some extent the approach of antiquity.

Most European art prior to this period had been produced under a very different set of values, where both expensive materials and virtuoso displays in difficult techniques were highly valued. Decorum from the Latin: "right, proper" was a principle of classical rhetoric, poetry and theatrical theory that was about the fitness or otherwise of a style to a theatrical subject.The concept of decorum is also applied to prescribed limits of appropriate social behavior within set situations and suitability of subject matter and style in painting.

Decorum also determined that a pictorial or sculptural subject was suitable for an architectural setting, such as Vulcan's forge over a fireplace, or that kinds of buildings are fitting in urban or rural contexts or appropriate for persons of certain status.

Liturgical functions influenced by decorum dictate the placement of paintings, mosaics and sculpture in religious buildings. Originally a literary term, it was first used in relation to the visual arts in the Renaissance in the writings of Leonardo da Vinci — According to da Vinci's theory of Decorum, the gestures which a figure makes must not only demonstrate feelings but must be appropriate to age, rank and position.

So must also be dress , the setting in which the subject moves and all the other details of the composition. Such thinking greatly influenced academic art, in particular history painting, from the Renaissance through to the nineteenth century. According to his detractors, the cardinal sin of Caravaggio — , who refused to study either ancient sculpture or Raphael 's — paintings, was the lack of decorum in subject matter and his supposed unfiltered imitation of nature.

Such an unselective imitation became a leitmotif of seventeenth-century art criticism, and Giovanni Pietro Bellori — was its most vocal exponent. In his influential essay "L'ldea" , published as the preface to his Lives of Modern Painters, Sculptors and Architects , Caravaggio was compared to Demetrius for being "too natural," painting men as they appear, with all their defects and individual peculiarities.

A color is deep or has depth when it has low lightness and strong saturation. Opposite to deep colors in both value and saturation are pale colors, such as lead-tin yellow, and white.Some paints are inherently deep, such as natural ultramarine and alizarin crimson. Dendrochronology or tree-ring dating is the scientific method of dating tree rings also called growth rings to the exact year they were formed in order to analyze atmospheric conditions during different periods in history.

Dendrochronology is useful for determining the timing of events and rates of change in the environment most prominently climate and also in works of art and architecture, such as old panel paintings on wood, buildings, etc. It is also used in radiocarbon dating to calibrate radiocarbon ages. Dendrochronology has become an important tool for dating panel paintings.

However, unlike analysis of samples from buildings, which are typically sent to a laboratory, wooden supports for paintings usually have to be measured in a museum conservation department, which places limitations on the techniques that can be used. In addition to dating, dendrochronology can also provide information as to the source of the panel.

Many Early Netherlandish paintings have turned out to be painted on panels of "Baltic oak" shipped from the Vistula region via ports of the Hanseatic League. Oak panels were used in a number of northern countries such as England, France and Germany.

Wooden supports other than oak were rarely used by Netherlandish painters. The support of Vermeer's Girl with a Flute is a single, vertically grained oak panel with beveled edges on the back. Dendrochronology gives a tree felling date in the early s. In photography, the distance between the nearest point and the farthest point in the subject that is perceived as acceptably sharp along a common image plane.

For most subjects, it extends one-third of the distance in front of and two-thirds of the distance behind the point focused on.Although the human eye makes use of a convex lens there is no perception of depth of field because the lens continually changes its shape in order to bring whatever it is looking at into perfect focus. In traditional forms of visual representation, even those which encompass expansive landscapes where the depth of field is very noticeable with a modern camera, there is no true depth of field.

However, by the Renaissance , painters began to systematically soften the contours and modeling of objects seen at great distances as a means of enhancing the illusion of depth. Art historians have made much of what seems to be a deliberate variation in focus in the paintings of Vermeer, presumably because the artist used an optical device called the camera obscura , which makes use of a single convex lens.

It is presumed by some that by observing certain aspects of the camera's image, whose field of depth is exceptionally restricted, the artist was inspired and emulated such effects in paintings such as The Art of Painting and The Lacemaker , where the foreground objects are so blurred that they are barely recognizable.

The words " composition " and "design" when applied to the visual arts are often used as if they were interchangeable, but each connotes something rather different.

Composition is an arranging or pushing-about of the various parts of a picture—of the items, whether they be figures, architectural features or man-made props, of main interest and of secondary and tertiary interest—in such manner that the narrative picture explains itself and tells a given story.

Design , instead is the arranging of an agreeable or significant pattern , a formal framework that complements the composition and its story. Among many other elements of design, is the disposing of the dark masses so that they will balance agreeably with the light masses.

In modern commercial art, as is well known, the designer makes great care of to properly relate the dark masses of his poster or advertising placard properly related to the light masses. Strictly speaking, while the function of composition is narrative, that of design is aesthetic.

The design—the pattern , so to say—of certain of Vermeer's works is superlatively beautiful. Such excellence is the more remarkable as it is a quality that does not appear in the work of most of the other Dutch painters. Their pictures are often admirably composed; they convey their motive and their story. They are sometimes composed subtly and elusively. Yet the ablest of these painters were uninterested, as a rule, in the underlying pattern of their compositions. An exception among them, in this regard, was Carel Fabritius — , Vermeer's fellow townsman; and this circumstance gives one reason for supposing that Fabritius may have been intimate with Vermeer.

The methods of the two men as designers, however, were not closely alike, and Vermeer excelled in both composition and design. As his subjects were usually of the simplest nature, his compositional problems were not particularly intricate.

Whatever story there was to tell, this was of the shortest and simplest; the intrigue required no elaborate working out.

The design, on the other hand, of a Vermeer, is often subtle, highly original, and, in his best works, very beautiful.

Tip of the Week: Using Pressed Flowers

Whether you receive some plants this season as gifts or you purchase them to dress up your abode, now is the time to consider how to extend their life to maximize the pleasure that you get from them. Poinsettia The poinsettia is one of the few plants that will provide reliable colour through the winter. When you bring your poinsettia home, follow our five tips for poinsettia care:. Make your poinsettia pick-up the last on your shopping trip.

It's easy to dry your favorite blooms so they'll look almost as good as the day they were cut. Just follow these simple steps.

How long do silica gel flowers last

I have some flowers that I have kept from my daughter's casket after she was killed 4 years ago. My husband and I have kept them on our mantle under a large picture of her for these four years hating to disturb them. As you can well imagine, they are VERY dry and somewhat dusty. I had finally decided to put them in a shadow box to preserve them. Does anyone have any other ideas of what I could do with them and also, any way to clean them without damaging the dry petals? Any suggestions would be welcomed. Meet Christin at: www. Just thought of another beautiful use for dried flowers. The day that my daughter was buried, one of her friends and her mom went to the gravesite and gathered a few flowers she had more than anyone had ever seen. The girl was married a couple of months afterwards.

Botanique of Cape Cod

Image: Viky. Hummingbird Trees can produce blooms in varying hues of red, white and pink, and this red-flowering variety will pack a unique and colorful look in your home or yard. It is also known as the Vegetable Hummingbird Tree as it's leaves, flowers, and fruits can all be consumed. You cam enjoy them raw, or toss them into soups, stews, and stir fry dishes for extra nutritional value. It also has medicinal uses, beloved in Southeast Asia for teas and salves.

Actual questions with answers presented to Master Gardeners at clinics in our community covering a wide range of gardening topics.

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If you watch carefully, you may notice lovely little hairstreak butterflies in your summer garden. A member of Lycaenidae, the second largest family of butterflies with over 6, species worldwide, the gray hairstreak Strymon melinus can be found from southern Canada to northern South America.Their underside is ashy gray, with jagged bands of black lined with white, and two orange spots with black areas. There is seasonal variation in color. When they move their hind wings up and down in a sawing motion Sourakov , they attract attention to the rear wing — instead of their real head and body — which serves to deflect predator attacks.

Flowers. Garden. Home. Billings, MT

The beautiful butterfly tree was a delight for many children at Festival of Trees! If you were at Festival of Trees, you saw the beautiful Monarch Butterfly Tree that was a real treat for adults and kids alike. There was a fun story behind that wonderful tree told here by Janet Capozzola:. We were excited to be allowed to have a float in the Lion's Club Fourth of July parade. We decided butterflies would be a great representation of how we all felt coming out of isolation. We named our float, "We Have Emerged".

gardens of the wealthy, as do The Victorian Kitchen Garden and The Victorian Flower Garden20 by. Jennifer Davies. These were produced in conjunction with.

These include: Seed starter kits, potting soil and seeds, mail boxes, covers, portable clotheslines wild bird feeders Petite Soap Flower Bouquets. Lists:This is yet another dropshipping niche that is cheap for you and popular for shoppers.

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The craft of flower pressing began hundreds of years ago in China and Japan, where flowers were pressed between sheets of rice paper weighed down with heavy stones. Pressed flowers were highly valued for their decorative qualities. In the West, plants were collected and pressed for scientific as well as ornamental purposes.Botanists created herbaria, collections or libraries of pressed plants, for research and teaching. With proper care, these collections preserve plants for centuries.

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