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Josh and his team were great, they came out gave an estimate and started the work in just a few days. They delivered beautiful palms and ended up installing lighting. Great team to work with. You've gone above and beyond to make your landscape look top-of-the-line.

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Contact Pro Outdoor Services

At ProTerra Landscapes, we specialize in creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for residential and commercial properties throughout the Oklahoma City. Every landscaping project we undertake is one of a kind. We custom tailor our designs according to your space, needs, budget, and dreams. As a locally owned company, we know and love the Oklahoma City area just like you do.

We understand how to work with the unique challenges of our climate and soil, not against them. We begin each landscape design and installation project by sitting down with you and listening to your needs. We remain closely involved with every step of the installation process to make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

ProTerra Landscapes is a family-owned Oklahoma business. We treat your outdoor space with the same care that we would devote to our own homes.No matter what scope of your project, our loving attention to detail will be reflected in every aspect of the design and installation. Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest goals. Once your landscape is in place, we offer a variety of services to help you keep it looking its best. We provide lawn and flower bed maintenance services in the summer, leaf removal in the fall, and seasonal lighting and snow removal in the winter.

Let us know how we can help with your landscape design and installation needs. Get an Estimate.

Top Tallahassee Pressure Washing And Lawn Care Professionals

Have you been hoping to bring your dream lawn to life? Our team of landscape architects, landscape designers, certified horticulturalists, experienced project managers, and skilled craftsmen will give your landscape design project the attention it deserves. Are you interested in starting your landscape design and installation projects for your Virginia, Maryland, or DC home? Maybe you need a landscape designer for your new construction home? Illuminate your landscape with the addition of outdoor lighting. Whether you want to add security lighting to protect your home or landscape lighting to highlight a design feature, our outdoor lighting specialists can help.

Our team of professional designers and installers respect your ideas and property. Satisfied customers throughout the Florida Panhandle continue to look to BCR.

Meet Jennifer and Josh Daniels of Pro Outdoor Services in Scottsdale

We offer residential and commercial landscaping services for home and business owners. Our custom landscaping services include landscaping design, services and installation for the following:. We would be happy to take care of your landscaping needs Valleywide. We can help your outdoor space become an extension of your home or business so you can enjoy your outdoor environment or outdoor commercial space. See our gallery.Our landscaping team has more than 30 years of combined experience. We would be happy to take care of your landscaping needs in Valleywide. We always provide quality work using quality materials and also offer financing options. Find out more about some of our professional landscaping services:. Our team can plant the trees, shrubs and plants that will fit best with your landscape plans.

Residential Landscaping

Wondering whether or not you should hire a professional landscape design company to complete your backyard oasis? Read more…In this article, we will talk about 11 reasons why hiring the professionals is the best choice! Most likely not…and we hope not! What if your dream backyard entails a saltwater pool, beautiful plants and shrubs, windy walkways, sidewalk lighting, and a huge deck? Would you tackle these projects yourself or hire the experts?

We are more than just a landscape lighting company!

Let Us Handle Your Landscaping Design & Construction Needs!

Scottsdale landscape design company, Pro Outdoor Services , was established with the mindset to provide custom, high-quality landscape solutions instead of being the typically cookie-cutter landscape contractor. With Arizona being a state where outdoor lifestyles are a given, our experts love to work with homeowners to design unique spaces that truly allow the outdoor lifestyle to be enjoyed to the fullest. Whether you are wanting a full landscape renovation or need just certain elements such as a misting system or landscape lighting added to your outdoor space to further enjoy it, Pro Outdoor Services has you covered.As a complete landscape design and build contractor in Central and North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree, and Fountain Hills, North Peoria and North Glendale, we manage your landscaping project from concept to completion which allows you to work with one vendor creating a close working relationship with the focus of high-quality workmanship and complete satisfaction. Our goal is to work with you to create your personalized outdoor oasis so that you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather that Arizona has to offer year round. Our Scottsdale landscape design company is a custom landscape installation company, meaning that we focus on customizing your landscape project to your wish list and desires, not locking you in to cookie-cutter designs and pricing that limit the scope of the project you are looking to complete and enjoy.

Pro Outdoor Services

Christensen Landscape Services, LLC is a full service landscape firm widely recognized for innovative design and quality installations. Our expertise enhances your lifestyle by surrounding your home with a broad complement of landscape options. Because we offer complete hardscape capabilities-including concrete, masonry, and carpentry-there is virtually no limit to what we can create in your landscape. We also have garden and estate maintenance services available in New Haven, Middlesex and Fairfield Counties. David Christensen began the Christensen landscape company over a quarter century ago. Donna Christensen, the company's head designer joined him in

Residential landscaping. Lawn and turf care. Hardscaping. 30+ years of experience. Call for a free estimate.

Pride Outdoor Services

The design experts at Gurley's in Memphis offer a full range of landscape solutions to help you create a stunning outdoor space. With years of experience, we specialize in creative, up-scale landscape design that highlights the beautiful features of your property.Using a variety of techniques, we combine landscape lighting, flower beds, sod, irrigation, and hardscaping to create the perfect outdoor environment for your Memphis home or business.


I was pleased. A completely stress-free process, and the design team made my opinions and ideas feel valued and understood. Yardzen is the online landscape design platform that assigns a talented landscape designer to create a just-for-you design, factoring your style and your property's unique characteristics. Your design team will help you at every step of the process.

Kings Landscapes prides itself on delivering high-end services to both commercial and residential customers.

With over 10 years of experience in Landscaping and Lawn Care, our team knows how to design the backyard of your dreams. We offer a 3D Design so you can visualize the final results before we get started. Curb appeal is an important aspect of home ownership. We will deliver exceptional results your family expects while meeting all of your project requirements. Our team will evaluate the space and then recommend designs based on your preferences. We offer several different materials, styles, colors and finishes. Our pathways are built to last and will withstand harsh Iowa weather while providing a unique look all your guests will love.

Our mission at Property Pros is to provide high-end design plans and top-of-the-line customer service for our clients. You will be a part of the team throughout the build, and we will keep you updated so you have confidence in the process. After contacting us, one of our Pros will meet with you, assess your property and gain the insight needed to deliver a design plan that fits within your existing outdoor space and aligns with your personal taste.

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