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Good question. Defining xeriscape is a slippery slope. The root word, xeri comes from the Greek word for dry, and scape, of course is in reference to landscape. I like to emphasize the pronunciation as zairy -scape to clarify that it is not ZEROscape.

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  • Plants and Landscapes For Summer-Dry Climates
  • 5 Fundamentals of Xeriscape
  • San Diego Landscape Contractors and Design Experts
  • 5 Sustainable Solutions for Drought-Tolerant Landscaping
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  • What xeriscaping is, and why you should try it
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Drought Tolerant Landscapes

As a San Diego Landscaper, we can turn outdoor living in San Diego into an everyday delight with landscapes, water features, paver installations and hardscape materials. Landscape design for your home or business is more than just attaining a lush lawn.

But a well-designed garden should also require minimal care and last for years. Robert and his crew did an amazing job in our backyard. The guys were very professional, respectful and very detail-oriented. The pavers, shade structure and turf transformed our backyard into a great oasis for entertaining or just plain relaxing and enjoying. We so highly recommend Robert and his crew, we will be using them again for future projects!

I contacted Robert to remove a large outdated water feature and replace it with a bar. Demolition went smoothly and they matched the existing hardscape perfectly.Highly recommend. Quality workmanship from all his employees. By living in San Diego, we are lucky enough to enjoy our yards year-round, so why waste that opportunity? Our Landscaping San Diego company has been creating outdoor living environments throughout the San Diego County sinceAs a Landscaper in San Diego, our landscape company motto is: Design.

We enjoy lasting relationships with our customers. It starts as a creative partnership and continues with reliable services like pond maintenance and performing upgrades over the years. Includes 3D renderings.

Credited Toward Project , See Details. San Diego Landscape Contractors and Design Experts As a San Diego Landscaper, we can turn outdoor living in San Diego into an everyday delight with landscapes, water features, paver installations and hardscape materials.

Water features. Waterfalls Ponds Fountains Pond bridges. Pavers Concrete design Custom Walls. Full range of services to deliver the most custom solutions. Hundreds of 5-star reviews across different platforms. Read More About Us. Our Work. Attractive San Diego Landscaper Garden Water Features Forget about simply making a good first impression — make your patio or backyard stand out with handsome water features and outdoor lighting.

They show a pride in ownership and a celebration of the San Diego lifestyle. Koi ponds, backyard waterfalls, garden fountains and artificial streams enliven a humdrum space like nothing else. Our team can also perform pond maintenance, repairs and upgrades to ensure years of carefree enjoyment.

We proudly use Aquascape products. We can design and build garden bridges over water features and dry beds to add an exciting new dimension to any size property.

Or we can help soothe daily stress with a wall fountain on one of our wooden decks or patios. We can design a patio that is both exciting and useful. Outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens and custom built barbecues turn decks into an extension of your home or business.Add the timeless elegance of pergolas and patio covers for all-season comfort. Pavers and decorative concrete designs are touches that are both practical and stunning.

To add privacy and definition to different areas, we build custom walls, gazebos, and landscaping with rocks. Site by seo1click.

Plants and Landscapes For Summer-Dry Climates

Whether you want to focus on increasing your curb appeal with a reimagined front yard, create a backyard retreat with dining and entertaining areas, or both, there are many options and features to consider. Use the information below to start determining what you want in your new landscape. Whether you're a designer who just finished an amazing project or a homeowner who takes great pride in their garden, we'd love to see it! Get more information on how to submit your garden. In the backyard you can create a space for entertaining friends and family complete with an outdoor kitchen, fire feature, pool and more, or you could create a lush garden that attracts wildlife and allows you to relax and reflect. Embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle by transforming your backyard into a comfortable retreat with these landscaping ideas:. In the front yard, you could amp up curb appeal with a beautiful walkway, or take out your lawn in favor of an eco-friendly garden.

Hot, dry summers and wet, freezing winters aren't a great combination for easy plant care. There are ways, though, to make gardening in Utah a.

5 Fundamentals of Xeriscape

How do I know if the tree in my yard is dying? What are annual plants vs perennial plants? How often should I fertilize my plants? How often should I water my plants? California does have real droughts, such as the week period between Dec. Regardless of how much rain, summer will be hot so so why not chose plants adapted to those conditions? My recommendation is to choose different plants. You can still create that garden style; you just have to chose the right perennials for our region.Which can be tricky, Bornstein said, because California is a big state. Instead, plan your plants around our Mediterranean climate, which exists not just in Southern California but in the countries that ring the Mediterranean, central Chile, the Western Cape province of South Africa, and southern and western Australia.

San Diego Landscape Contractors and Design Experts

Many homeowners desire a beautiful landscape but are often discouraged by the lack of time and money needed to create and care for the garden of their dreams. A pleasing, low-care, low-cost landscape is possible, however, with careful planning, appropriate plant choices, and thoughtful design. Following are four basic time- and money-saving strategies for residential landscapes:. Start with a good design. Use simple geometric shapes in the hardscape to provide structure and repetition for organization.

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The City of Moscow established the Wisescape concepts in to promote water-efficient landscaping on the Palouse.

5 Sustainable Solutions for Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

This can be plants, trees, shrubs, grass, or even synthetic turf. Hydrozone : group plants according to their water needs. Hydrozone your yard and garden so that low water-use and moderate water-use plants are grouped together. Also, use elevated planting beds so that plants are watered more efficiently, thereby reducing overall water usage. Selecting Plants : use drought-tolerant or native plants to create a low water-use, low maintenance landscape. Irrigation : install micro-sprinklers, drip emitters, and weather based irrigation timers so you only give plants the amount of water they actually need.

Xeriscape for Ft. Worth Landscaping

Contact your local county Extension office through our County Office List. Print this fact sheet.The need for landscaping to conserve water received new impetus following the drought of throughout the western states and the recognition that nearly 50 percent of the water used by the average household is for turfgrass and landscape plantings. This is not xeriscaping. Whether you want to redesign an old landscape, or start fresh with a new one, a plan is essential. Site exposure is an important component of the plan, no matter how simple the plan. As a rule, south and west exposures result in the greatest water losses, especially areas near buildings or paved surfaces.

In essence, the dry landscape garden is simply a symbolic representation of mountains and water using rocks, sand, gravel, and moss. Needless to.

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens: Where Everyone Goes & Everyone Grows

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What xeriscaping is, and why you should try it

Many Southern California homeowners want to install more energy-efficient appliances and drought-tolerant landscaping, but the costs required to make these changes cause hesitation. These provide financial incentives for upgrading your home, both inside and out, with features that use less water. After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, everything ran smoothly.

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Tips to start a dry-scape garden on the Westside

In the early s, the Greek adjective was used to name a type of landscaping practiced primarily in the arid western regions of the United States. The Water Department of Denver, Colorado, is credited with the coinage.Xeriscape , as it is called, uses plants that require little water as well as techniques that efficiently use water and reduce evaporation. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'xeriscape. Send us feedback. See more words from the same year. Accessed 20 Dec.

Unfortunately, no. There are ways, though, to make gardening in Utah a whole lot less work. Plants native to Utah are used to the local climate, so they can survive in your landscape with little help from you.


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