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Homegrown berries can make spring a season to remember. And with these specially designed berry cultivars, any Texan can be a backyard berry farmer. Not all berries grow well in Texas. Raspberries provide a fun challenge for an experienced gardener, and strawberries can be tough as well.

  • What to Plant Now
  • Planting Your Fruit Tree. Things To Know.
  • 5 Fruit Trees to Start Your Hill Country Backyard Orchard
  • 6 Best Trees to Plant in Houston
  • Can you grow apples in Houston Texas?
  • How To: Get, Plant & Grow Your Own Lime Trees in Houston
  • Can you grow orange trees in Houston?
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What to Plant Now

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity. Did you know you can access the Native Plant Information Network with your web-enabled smartphone? Ask Mr. Please forgive us, but Mr. Smarty Plants has been overwhelmed by a flood of mail and must take a break for awhile to catch up.

We hope to be accepting new questions again soon. Thank you! Need help with plant identification, visit the plant identification page. Carya illinoinensis Pecan requires fairly specific growing conditions for success. The trees you have seen in the Canyon Lake area are probably growing in or near creek bottom land, where the soil is deep and moist.You should check your property for similar conditions. Creating proper growth conditions from scratch would be difficult and expensive. Even if you do have good pecan growing conditions, you will need frequent deep watering of newly planted large pecan trees for the first year.

Fruit trees require similar conditions. Peaches are the preferred fruit in Central Texas. In addition to soil and moisture requirements, successful peach production requires attention to other factors, such as susceptibility to Spring frosts. Varieties you select must have at least the recommended number of nights below 45 degrees in order to overcome winter dormancy. And you also need varieties that flower late enough to avoid damage from late frosts.

I recommend that you contact your Comal County agricultural extension agent for advice on suitable varieties. He can also help you select varieties of plum , which requires conditions similar to those needed by peaches. Of course, you realize that trees should be planted in winter, when they are dormant. I should point out that there are several varieties of native plums that grow in Texas. These do not produce very desirable fruit, but they are quite beautiful see examples below when blooming in the Spring, and they are much less demanding in their soil and moisture requirements.

I would like to plant a Yellow Poplar, 'Tulip Tree' in my front yard. I will not be able to plant this tree until after November 15th. The tree will receive direct sun and will be exposed to hea I lived in Canada all of my life and miss my maple trees.

Are maple trees green or red leafed varieties able to thrive in Austin? No more acorns, but the leaves are falling in clumps and are still alive. Every day I fill a huge garden bag with them. I live on a fixed income and Thank you. Support the plant database you love!

Native Plants. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants? Help us grow by giving to the Plant Database Fund or by becoming a member.From the Image Gallery Mexican plum Prunus mexicana. River plum Prunus rivularis.

Planting Your Fruit Tree. Things To Know.

Excellent information. Thank you. I've been considering what fruit tree I might be able to add to my yard this year - and where - and you've given me more food for thought on the subject. I look forward to the rest of your series. Great guide! Just updated my fruit tree sale post on Tuesday to include a link to your series.

Check out the video above to learn more about ten types of fruit trees that can thrive in the Houston area. According to gardening expert.

5 Fruit Trees to Start Your Hill Country Backyard Orchard

East texas tree farms. Shantung Maple at our Texas Tree Farm. Want a larger tree? We are excited to announce that you can pick out your own Legendary tree up to 8 feet tall! Act now! I have read the delivery minimums chart and understand that my city and area has a delivery minimum for planted trees, and that sales tax and tree removals are not counted towards the minimum order amount. As a member of the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association, we offer the best Texas pecan farms cover about 70, acres across the state. Come visit our friendly staff for all of your landscaping needs! Peerless Farm, LLC.

6 Best Trees to Plant in Houston

Growing your own citrus tree can be a rewarding pleasure for a North Texas gardener. Not only are homegrown citrus fruit a real treat, but the tree itself can make a handsome addition to a patio or garden. Citrus trees can be relatively easy and pain-free to grow in North Texas. The biggest concern with citrus trees in our area is keeping them warm enough in the winter.

The first four trees in this list, beginning with dwarf apple trees, all belong to the large rose family, which also includes ornamental landscape plants, such as flowering quince shrubs Chaenomeles speciosa and Washington hawthorn trees Crataegus phaenopyrum.

Can you grow apples in Houston Texas?

About John Panzarella. I am a retired Chemical Engineer who has been growing fruit trees and pecan trees for 50 years in Lake Jackson, Texas. In my half acre backyard, I have peach, guava, banana, pecan, pear, loquat, avocado, sapote, passion fruit, pomegranate, fig, 5 kinds of jaboticaba, miracle fruit, coffee, and persimmon trees, growing. I also have a year around vegetable garden. I believe I had the largest private collection of citrus in Texas with over varieties including lemons, limes, grapefruit, pummelos, tangerines, mandarins, and kumquats, plus many hybrids before the February freeze.

How To: Get, Plant & Grow Your Own Lime Trees in Houston

Houston's independent source of local news and culture. Molly Dunn May 7, AM. What's the best solution to avoiding rising prices of any produce? Grow it yourself. Fortunately, the Houston area and climate is perfect for growing citrus, especially limes. Unfortunately, if you plant a lime tree now it won't produce fruit until next year. But, just in case another lime crisis happens or it continues , here's how you can plant a lime tree at home. He says it is super easy to grow citrus in our area because the lime trees are well adapted to our gumbo soil.


Can you grow orange trees in Houston?

For the Almanac's fall and spring planting calendars, we've calculated the best time to start seeds indoors, when to transplant young plants outside, and when to direct seed into the ground. This planting calendar is a guide that tells you the best time to start planting your garden based on frost dates. Our planting calendar is customized to your nearest weather station in order to give you the most accurate information possible.

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Texas is a very large State, and that makes it difficult to identify which trees will be best to plant into your landscape, vineyard or orchard. With the helpful information provided by Ty Ty Nursery, your decision will be much simpler. It is important to know exactly which USDA plant and tree survival zone you are located in see the map above. It is not advisable to plant Texas fast growing trees in USDA climate zones 6 or 7, because the deposits of lignin and cellulose that are contained in the cell walls are reduced when the cell walls enlarge rapidly and elongate, so the these insulating chemical compounds are produced in a fast growing tree or plant, and the tree may be dramatically injured or killed during a sudden temperature snap in the middle of winter.

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Situated close to the "humidity machine" known as the Gulf of Mexico, Houstonians know all to well the intensity of the summer but the mildness of the winter.

Gift them green: Buy a gift card for the plant lover in your life this holiday season! Dedicated to native plants and organic gardening, we are experienced in helping customers create a lovely outdoor setting with the best quality native plants and environmentally safe organic products available today. Resources to help you create the garden of your dreams. Located in the historic Houston Heights, the garden center is dedicated to native plants and organic gardening. Common figs, of the species, Ficus carica, are unique in that they do not require pollinators for the fruit to develop. In common figs, both the male and female flower parts are inside the stem tissue. Figs have long been grown on homesteads because of their easy culture and adaptability.

Homegrown citrus fruit is always a real treat, but it also adds to aesthetics to your patio or garden.In addition, there are only a few diseases and pests that affect citrus, making it relatively easy to grow in Texas. The biggest concern is how to keep these fruit trees warm in the winter.


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