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Start with a Great. In, Chevron made an important breakthrough in fuel technology with the invention of Techron, a new gasoline additive that was unbeatable at cleaning and protecting engines. This was big news and Chevron needed a big way to tell the world about it . It turns out, not a person at all, but a car. A talking car.

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  • Factories plants cars highway vector image
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  • The rise of ‘cardening’: why people are growing plants in cars – and everywhere else
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Factories plants cars highway vector image

While some shows became hits and would spawn franchises that have lasted decades, most of them were gone way too soon, and are forgotten in the depths of time, with their dusty action figures littering garage sales. Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem. The gimmick with This show was that the members of M. This show was a blatant cash grab that actually lasted for two seasons from toWhile most of the Silverhawks had wings and could fly, one of the crew, Lt. Instead, he fought enemies with his weapons, a super-powered guitar and a lasso.

Yes, this series had campiness for days. Heavy stuff for kids! Some minor changes were made to make the series appeal to a younger crowd. Instead of bullets, the guns fire lasers.Much like the movie, however, the show delved into some political commentary, such as with racial issues, environmental issues, and peace in the Middle East.

Unsurprisingly, the series only lasted 12 episodes. The series is about a group of people called the Valorians who are engaged in a war with the Rulons. There, the Valorians use their AMP necklaces to befriend the dinosaurs and combine forces to battle the Rulons. So, basically, lots of super-powered dinosaurs fighting. Sounds complicated, huh? Well, the series only lasted 14 episodes, but did spawn multiple, successful toy lines, as well as, a miniseries from Marvel Comics.

The show only lasted one season, but produced 65 episodes. Released in , with only a limited, matinee release, the film flopped. Did you know that Stan Lee was a lyricist? Each teen was the child of one of the main four Defenders. Ming the Merciless also favored nepotism by having his son fight by his side. The series only lasted one season, but the odd combination of heroes spawned a toy line naturally , books, comics and even a video game. While Stan Lee never did write another theme song, fans can still listen to his not so awesome lyrics on YouTube.

The series follows our hero, Link, as he teams with Princess Zelda to defend Hyrule from the evil Ganon. Instead it had all the same issues that most cartoons of the era had, complete with Link having his own signature catchphrase. Link was portrayed as a whiny, sassy kid, instead of the hero he should have been. However, the series also gave Princess Zelda a chance to shine as a badass. She was given a bow and arrow and she routinely fought alongside Link.

The series only lasted 13 episodes, at 15 minutes a piece. Take away the snorkels on their heads, and the Snorks are pretty much the same as the Smurfs, just underwater. Instead, the film has them interact with transforming rocks. Yes, transforming rocks.Eventually the feud was put to rest when Hasbro decided to buy Tonka, who created the failing property, in and Transformers canon was updated to show that the GoBots lived in an alternate universe.

The show follows these Popples as they interact with neighborhood kids and convince the kids to get into all kinds of mischief. Of course, everything works out in the end, but the children hide the existence of the Popples from any adults.

These pouches are also used as a way for Popples to store anything they want. They can literally pull anything out of these pouches, no matter the size. T was all over the place. T as the coach of a gymnastics team of young people.

They would travel all over and solve mysteries. The multi-cultural gymnasts featured heavily in the series were all paint-by-numbers racial stereotypes. Rounding out the group was Spike, a redhead who worships Mr.

T, dressing exactly the same as his hero, and Mr. Surprisingly, the series was a hit, lasting a total of three seasons from to on NBC. In addition to riding a skateboard and getting into trouble, Denver also had a piece of his shell that, when used, would allow himself and his friends to go back in time to pre-historic Earth. The series came about in a time when cute dinosaurs were all the rage. The series only lasted two seasons. Utilizing the futuristic setting, the series had more in common with superhero comics than it did with everyday police officers.

Each member of COPS had a unique ability, including their leader Bulletproof, with a cybernetic torso that made him actually bulletproof. However, his torso concealed twin machine guns. You would think a series that utilized the talents of comic book legends Gil Kane and Jack Kirby for concepts and design work would be amazing, especially if it, also, featured episodes written by none other than Gerry Conway. The series separates itself from many of the cartoons on this list due to its great animation.

The series also inspired a comic book series by DC Comics. In a story as old as time, four teens meet a heroic intergalactic group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs named Dinosaucers and join their ages-old war against a group of evil anthropomorphic dinosaurs known as the Tyrannos. These human teens will become the Secret Scouts and are given special rings and jackets with really puffy collars. As silly as the premise sounds, Dinosaucers was created by none other than Michael E.

Uslan, better known as a producer of the live-action "Batman" films. A series of toys was planned, but instead of pushing the toys instantly, the toy company decided to see how the series did, first. Unfortunately, the series was canceled and the prototypes of the toys were shelved, and no action figures were created. Charles Dean is a contributing writer for Comic Book Resources, writing features and those lists you all know and love. Charles has been passionate about comic books since he was a mere child and was gifted a dingy box of half-torn DC and Marvel comics.

Before writing for CBR, Charles was just annoying friends, family, and random passersby with his thoughts on the latest Marvel event series or the latest superhero movie. Thankfully, the good folks at CBR allow him to come in from the streets and put words on the Internet. Or just drop a kind email and he will rant directly at you one-on-one: charlesdeanwrites at gmail.

By Charles Dean Published Mar 26,Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists robocop legend of zelda m. Charles Dean 71 Articles Published Charles Dean is a contributing writer for Comic Book Resources, writing features and those lists you all know and love.

These retro fonts are great for vintage style posters or other pieces of work to get a familiar yet old age look. Background photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels. Play the first few bars, and see which guest can name that tune the fastest.Completely vintage, completely free, Vintage is a class act. It features vibrant, retro artwork that looks ready to take us to a Tron-like vector wonderland. Photographers and other visual … Instagram Retro Sakura Aesthetics The cherry blossom or sakura is the national flower of Japan and its pinkish hue is instantly recognizable. If your WordPress skills are limited, this might be a winner for their 1-Day Service option to install the theme exactly like the demo for you - meaning all you have to do is swap their content for your own.

Childish seamless pattern with mountains, river, forest, plants and endless car road. Vector cartoon illustration. stock illustration.

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The rise of ‘cardening’: why people are growing plants in cars – and everywhere else

Today I want to address something beyond my well-publicized disagreement over eye placement ; this is more philosophical and physiological. A horrific, disturbing theory. For anyone not aware, the Cars series takes place in a universe much like our own, but entirely free of humans or, as far as we can tell, any biological animal life at least above a microscopic level at all.Plant life is abundant and essentially the same as our Earth. The dominant form of life in the Cars universe are sentient automobiles, with human-level intelligence, the ability to produce technology and an organized civilization at least on par with 20th or 21st-century Earth. This thing is cool as hell It has functional steering, pistons, and wing doors, once the piece construction is complete.

Road Plants cartoons and comics

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The car maker will wind down vehicle assembly at Sanand, Gujarat, by the fourth quarter of and the Chennai operations by the second quarter.

World of Honda

These are the things that make them your friends. They get you… in here. Pepper Ann was known to most, and chances are you were saturated with Pokemon whether you liked it or not.

Awesomely Obscure Cartoons of the 80s and 90s

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In real life, license plates are often a random set of numbers and letters.

Cartoon Plants Pack

The car's name is a reference to Robert E.Out of nowhere, a car appears in the fictional Utah town of Santa Ynez. Although panned by critics, the film has a cult following. The local police force is baffled by this, especially given sketchy claims The Car. Was a really funny scene. Are passing a bicyclist I remember watching a movie where the protagonist at his home, hears his piano playing and comes to know that a ghost plays his piano.

Top Ten Kids’ Movies With a Green Theme

They're called fossil fuels because the fuel in your gas tank comes from the chemical remains of prehistoric plants and animals! All living things on Earth contain carbon. Even you contain carbon. Lots of it.

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