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We supplement our own fresh fruit and vegetables with a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables from further a field. When in season we stock as much local and English produce as we can. Our growing season starts with rhubarb which is usually available fresh in the farm shop from late March. As the season moves on we have broad beans and courgettes followed by runner beans, marrows and squashes. Sunflowers and sweetcorn provide late summer pick your own crops. We grow all our own pumpkins for Halloween.

  • Fruit trees get expert pruning
  • Seasonal fruit & veg
  • Orchards in the British landscape
  • How productive gardening can help wildlife (and measures large scale producers are taking)
  • Christmas Winter Nurseries near Coventry, West Midlands Local Food Shops and Producers
  • Welcome to Majestic Trees
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Fruit trees get expert pruning

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One such partner is Google. For more information see our cookie policy. There are so many things you can do with the selection of trees and hedges at Homebase. Although they may take some time to grow together, the outcome is a beautiful, green border that will outlast any fence. You are already signed up to our email! Click for details. The Homebase tree range includes acers, maple trees and more - try something evergreen and add bursts of colour to your garden.

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Seasonal fruit & veg

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The winter season is upon us now and pet owners need to supervise their pets if they go outdoors. Particular care should be taken if a pet goes out during dusk or dawn hours. With the frozen conditions affecting the ground, natural food sources become less available to wildlife.

As the third generation of owners, he is spearheading a lengthy orchard-wide transition from semi-dwarf apple trees to high density trellised plantings.

Orchards in the British landscape

Here are our opening hours: Monday — Friday: 8. Our priority is the safety of our staff and customers. Social distancing measures are in place: - We are limiting the number of customers. When the number is reached it will be a one-out one-in basis. If you take a trolley you instantly create an almost 2m barrier between you and anyone else. There is a cleaning station to sanitise the trolley before use. We look forward to seeing you! We offer a friendly and knowledgeable service and look forward to seeing you soon.

How productive gardening can help wildlife (and measures large scale producers are taking)

As the third generation of owners, he is spearheading a lengthy orchard-wide transition from semi-dwarf apple trees to high density trellised plantings. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, landscaping and spending time with his family. Troon Vineyard makes wine with minimalist approach. Wafler Farms: family, fruit, nursery.

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Christmas Winter Nurseries near Coventry, West Midlands Local Food Shops and Producers

Grab yourself a bargain. Amazing specimen, just coming into bloom. Approx 3ft tall x 3ft wide in white pot. Currently in a porch but can move into the garden for the summer. Tomato Principe Borghese. The plants will benefit from support such as c.

Welcome to Majestic Trees

Bridge Farm Nursery has currently 0 reviews. Parents are invited to get in touch for more information or to arrange a visit. However, a windowsill that is warm and […], Potatoes are an excellent, versatile crop for beginner gardeners, and experienced growers alike. It is very important to take stock of how […]. Read through customer reviews, check out their past projects and then request a quote from the best kids room and nursery designers near you.

Coventry City Council sent this bulletin at AM GMT weather proof our sheds, prune and manage our fruit trees as well as planting.

Traditional orchards have played a very important role in Britain and Europe for many centuries. Their value as a unique habitat that is a combination of both trees and pasture is well known, but little celebrated. Many species have adapted over time to suit such conditions. Sadly, with huge pressures from the mass industrialisation of agriculture, these rare habitats have massively declined over the last years or so.

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Gardeners from across the city will be offered skilled guidance on summer pruning as part of an event organised by the Allesley Park Walled Garden Group. All those taking part in the Allesley Park workshop will be invited to a hands-on morning with an experienced horticulturalist. The event - on Saturday, September 6 - provides gardeners with advice for pruning trained espaliers and wall fruit trees.The workshop is the first of several supported by National Lottery Awards For All which volunteers from the garden group hope to run during the next few months as part of a Healthy Eating, Healthy Living project. Places are limited and need to be booked in advance by phoning Geoff Croft on

The first stage has involved the creation of a community orchard within the parkland and walled gardens. In addition to the trees planted in the park, the groups have bought a selection of smaller trees which they are tending in the medieval walled garden for later planting.

Hilltop Garden Centre, Coventry. Click the picture to enlarge it. Is it worth you visiting it? Read on to find out. This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Hilltop garden centre in Coventry. Hilltop garden centre was started around 25 years ago and remains under the control of the same family. Over the years it has been built into a medium sized garden centre which is very popular amongst the locals.

West London's premier destination for quality shrubs and plants. Here at Smith's we are proud of the success we have achieved through our dedication to customer service and excellent product choice. We have an outstanding team of friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to answer your questions.


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