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Affordable lawn and landscaping services for North Texas, like quality seed to mow your lawn, provide exceptional estimates, and finish on time.

North Texas reviews


I have a really bad experience with a landscaping company. We have been using these guys to landscape our yard, starting with the spring, and it is an ongoing project. Everytime I call them, I have a delay. Sometimes they show up late, but are more then happy to wait for me to arrive. After 2 long week projects they did not touch the yard. Now that the seasons changing is about to be completed I don't have any good answers as to what is going on. I have to pull weeds and leave the garden till they can show up and get to work. I never have a picture to send so I am unable to see if they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. I have never had this type of experience before and I have been doing this business since 2003.


Barry &, team did a wonderful job converting our front yard into a yard with areas for patios, rain barrels, water wise landscape etc...After Barry left the way the yard has been maintained is phenomenal, especially for the heat and drought of this summer. The yard is amazing!!

Rachel S.

Barry and The Crunk Family Landscaping Company were AMAZING!! They made my father's 92 yr old mother's yard look perfect during the spring and fall seasons. Both seasons saw new landscape, staining, clean up, and even some flower beds (new style) that were created from clean up to beautify the area. They were very professional and made our mother smile and enjoy her yard. In order to make the day extra special, they took her picture with their equipment in the yard and gave us all the prints with a $25 credit to put towards the company! They were absolutely FABULOUS and completely AMAZING!

Karen S.

What can we say but "AMAZING".The Crunk's are just about the best customer service oriented family on earth. We started to work with them in 2010, landscaping the front and back yard. They performed so many upgrades, moved and filled rain barrels and planting in a variety of styles, shrubs and trees to beautify our area. They even dug up and moved a rotting old tree and rebuilt an area. They are so wonderful to work with and perform as promised. We have them paint so many rooms at our house, they will be our larp contractors for sure. So far they have worked many hours overtime and got every project done on time. Many times after they finished one area they would just take the time to drive around our house and look at the work they had done and then point out where they could fix something! They get paid by the hour and their quality is GREAT. We are so glad to have found them and will be using them as long as we live in North Texas!

Sarita S.

We were looking for a landscape company in North Texas that would make us the priority. That search was short-lived as we met Barry and his team. From the first day we met Barry, we knew we would have a great relationship with Crunk's, and we were right.

Barry and his team put their all into our project, we had very specific landscape plans, and even after we explained the options, Barry found a way to execute our dream landscape.

We are thrilled with the end result, and we can't thank Crunk's enough for their professionalism and the incredible team of people that they employ. We truly are blessed to have found Crunk's.

Pete &, Alicia E.

We hired Barry and The Crunk Family Landscaping Company to do our landscaping for our new house. Barry and his team are courteous, prompt, and hard working. They are professional, and very organized. They started working on our landscaping almost 2 months ago. We can't say enough great things about Barry and his team, they are terrific! If you want an outstanding company, we recommend Crunk's.

Jason S.

We had the pleasure of having The Crunk Family Landscaping Company come out and look at our landscaping. Since then, we have had 3 consultations and a couple meetings. They have taken on the task of making us look our best. The work they have done has been an outstanding success. Not only do we get to see the result of their work, but they also take pride in their work. Our yard is now transformed into a beautiful showpiece, and we could not be happier with our decision.

Lara K.

What can I say? When I was searching for a landscaping company I was looking for a professional company that offered beautiful quality work, at a reasonable price. My search ended here. The Crunk Family Landscaping Company is the ultimate in customer service. Everyone that has worked with them has expressed to me how impressed they were. Barry is great at showing you the right way to do things and at the same time he makes sure you know it. The people that work for them are amazing, they are more than willing to go above and beyond what most companies are willing to do. I would recommend Crunk's Family Landscaping Company to anyone.

Anne H.

We had a very successful result working with the Crunk family. From our initial meeting with Barry through the installation of the lawn irrigation system we were very pleased with the company's work. We appreciate your work ethic, positive attitude, and most of all, the easy to install professional lawn irrigation system. The wait for our system to get installed was longer than expected, but the Crunks were great in keeping in touch with us and reassured us that the system would be installed on time.

Steve D.

Barry and the Crunk Family Landscaping Company were amazing! I hired them to landscape my 2nd front yard, which required some prep work to install the patio area, and then an entire restyling of my front landscape to bring it back to the beauty that it was in the past.


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