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Ap landscaping, so we'll see. We also have the neighbor that was doing these, and we were just lucky. A lot of our clients that are just starting out, they're kind of like that, so they do it themselves. They do their own business for a little bit, they don't have the time to pay someone to do it, so they'll just do it themselves, you know. (Jenna, private)

*  , , , ,**In terms of how much do you charge?**

- How much do you charge for landscaping?

- [Travis] Well, we typically work with the homeowner, so it's like $8,000 to $10,000 a job, because that's what they're spending to us. So we charge them the rate for our services, and then the rest is their investment for what they want to do to their property. (Jenna, private)

The majority of respondents were private residential landscapers. The average number of years of experience was 7 years, with one respondent noting 20 years of experience. Six respondents were full-time, the rest were part-time (five respondents) or were self-employed (three respondents).

3.2. Design Process {#sec3dot2-ijerph-16-02812}


We analyzed the initial interviews to determine the design factors or problems that respondents wanted to fix or avoid. [Table 2](#ijerph-16-02812-t002){ref-type="table"} displays the five most common problems addressed in the interviews, which were broken down into different areas. For example, most respondents mentioned wanting to improve the look of their house/landscape in order to obtain more customers. Others mentioned the importance of having a good design in order to create a welcoming environment for customers to visit. Another factor they thought was important was having good lawn care practices. They indicated that having a strong design and good lawn care was necessary for customers to continue to visit their homes.

Respondents were split on whether they wanted to do all of their design work in-house or outsource. Although many respondents indicated they liked to design in-house, they still preferred to use outside design firms. For example, the in-house respondents mentioned that their team might not have the creativity to come up with a great design.

Respondents indicated that there were certain types of landscapes they did not want to design. They believed that they could easily go too far if they started making a few changes in the design without proper research. Two respondents indicated that they did not want to design on wooded areas because customers might get too "tree-ish."

3.3. Cost Issues {#sec3dot3-ijerph-16-02812}


The respondents indicated that the cost was the single most important factor that would determine their decision to hire a landscape design firm. They indicated that the average cost of a landscape design was between $5000 to $20,000. The respondents said that they paid for the design services based on their ability to pay, and that they chose landscape designers that offered good value for the money.

The respondents indicated that the price of a landscape design was impacted by a number of factors, including design and land size, cost of materials, cost of labor, and the time it took to complete the design. The respondents indicated that some costs would vary based on the design phase, such as the design and planning stage and the initial conceptual stage. In addition, a number of respondents indicated that landscaping materials and labor costs would vary based on the type of project they were working on.

All of the respondents indicated that price was the biggest obstacle to hiring a landscape designer. Some of the respondents indicated that, once they had a basic idea of what the landscape should look like, the actual price of the design was relatively minor and would not play a major role in their decisions.For these respondents, the price of a design was impacted mainly by the cost of design and labor.

The respondents indicated that, for smaller projects, they would try to do the design work themselves, provided that they had the necessary skills. For smaller projects, a number of respondents indicated that they would go to a community college, or a nearby community college, to learn the required skills. These respondents indicated that, for projects on their property, they would spend about four hours per week on the design work. They were willing to do this because it was something that they could do themselves, and they were able to do it in the evenings, as opposed to a full-time job. However, they were clear that they would not be willing to do this for larger projects. For those larger projects, they indicated that they would hire a professional, and spend a full-time professional. Many of these respondents said that they would be willing to pay a professional landscape designer an average of $25,000 to $35,000 per year for this work.

When asked about the amount of training that was required for a landscape designer, most of the respondents indicated that it would vary based on the type of project. For small and/or simple projects, most of the respondents indicated that they would not need any formal training. However, some respondents indicated that they would require formal training. A number of these respondents indicated that they would require two to three days of training on general garden design principles before they could start designing a landscape. Other respondents indicated that they would require more training, and some indicated that they would require six months to a year of formal training. For larger projects, most of the respondents indicated that they would need training from someone with years of experience in the field, including an apprenticeship.

The interviews also revealed that most respondents indicated that their decision to hire landscape designers for large-scale projects was motivated by their desire to save money, as opposed to their desire to spend money. A number of respondents stated that their main motivation for hiring a landscape designer was to save money. For example, one respondent said that they were hiring a landscape designer to replace an existing lawn that they wanted to keep but was too expensive to maintain. Another respondent said that they were looking to replace a large, expensive lawn that was making the overall lawn look out of balance. These two respondents were willing to pay $10,000-$15,000 for the installation of an entire lawn. However, if they could not find someone who would complete this project, and for the same amount of money, they would be willing to hire someone who would replace just a portion of the lawn. These respondents were happy with the overall quality of the work that they would pay for, even if that work was inferior to what they would pay for the original project.

When asked about their opinions on the market price for landscaping services, the majority of respondents said that the market price for such services is “expensive” or “very expensive.” A number of respondents expressed concern about the rising cost of landscape services and questioned whether it was a symptom of larger problems in the industry. A few respondents expressed pessimism that the landscape services industry would experience a decline in demand in the near future due to the high costs of services.

However, when asked about the most important reason for hiring a landscape designer, a very different narrative emerged. The interviewees frequently indicated that they had hired a landscape designer because they needed help with a specific part of their project.For example, a respondent indicated that they wanted to hire a landscape designer to replace a large, ornamental rock outcropping that was a visual distraction in their landscape, but that they had no idea how to go about getting this rock removed. Some respondents indicated that they were hiring a landscape designer

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