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Posted on Aug 22,I was visiting my favorite Vietnamese restaurant last week I have to admit I am addicted to Pho , where I encountered an attractive, but plastic, potted bamboo plant. When I asked the restaurant owner about the plant he told me that traditionally it was very common for families to keep small potted bamboo plants indoors, and that they were quite effective at refreshing and cleaning stale indoor air. This does make sense, as I know from my research that bamboo absorbs 5 times the co2 and gives back 5 times the amount of oxygen than a traditional tree. With over known cultivated varieties of bamboo to choose from, there are plenty of varieties well suited for growing in pots.

  • Lucky Bamboo Care Tips: A Houseplant That Grows In Water
  • Caring for Lucky Bamboo
  • How To Care For Lucky Bamboo House Plants
  • How to care for Lucky Bamboo
  • Benefits Of Indoor Bamboo Plants
  • Caring for Lucky Bamboo Plants – 10 Hot Tips
  • Indoor Bamboo Plants for Peace
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Lucky Bamboo Care Tips: A Houseplant That Grows In Water

Three stalks of lucky bamboo in a harmonious arrangement are sure to inspire goodwill. Make this peaceful plant display and promote positivity in your space. Water, wood, fire, earth, and metal—the five elements of feng shui—are said to promote harmony in our homes when combined and placed appropriately.

Whether you follow feng shui principles or not, three stalks of lucky bamboo may very well enhance your happiness, especially when you discover they require little maintenance. Lucky bamboo doesn't need direct sunlight—perfect for most indoor settings—and it doesn't require soil.

Assemble this quick arrangement incorporating the five elements and see if you encounter happiness and abundance.With these helpful tips and tricks, you'll have a peaceful display to accent your space! Although it is somewhat similar in appearance to bamboo, lucky bamboo is actually Dracaena sanderiana , a native of West Africa. Often found in garden centers and florist shops, lucky bamboo can be shaped by twisting and looping the stems when they are young and slender.

The cut canes will grow in soil or water and stay healthy with an occasional dose of fertilizer. If potted in pebbles and water, as shown in this project, change the water completely every two weeks, and add liquid fertilizer for aquatic plants available at pets stores.

To fertilize lucky bamboo that is growing in soil, use the aquatic plant fertilizer monthly when watering. Taking a pair of pruning shears or flower snips, cut the lucky bamboo stems into three different lengths. Differentiating the heights of the bamboo gives your peaceful display aesthetic appeal and texture.

Arrange the bamboo in a cluster at the center of the vase. Then, pour the small pebbles around the base of the stems, filling the vase nearly to the top. Add in fresh water to just below the top of the pebbles to settle the plant into its new home. Place the vase at one end of the wood tray. Arrange the remaining small and large pebbles on the tray and position the goldfish among the pebbles. Place the arrangement in a spot with indirect light. Drain the plant's water every two weeks and replace with fresh water.

Learn how to make your own Zen garden with this guide to the essential elements of Japanese garden design.

Indoor Bamboo Plants for Peace. November 21,Save Pin FB More. Finished bamboo planter. Is It Really Bamboo? Tools Pruning shears or flower snips Qty: 0.

How to do it Part 1 Cut Bamboo. See also. Black Bamboo. Bamboo Basics With proper know-how and vigilance, you can grow and tame this beautiful, trendy plant. Placing bamboo rocks in vase.

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Caring for Lucky Bamboo

Make a donation. Bamboos are vigorous and dramatic plants with a touch of the exotic. Their beautiful swaying canes and evergreen foliage add year-round structure and movement. You can choose from various stem colours, heights and foliage types, and opt for spreading types or clump-formers.

Tropical clumping bamboo plants maintenance, care and planting Water well and often but do not keep your bamboo's roots constantly submerged in a boggy.

How To Care For Lucky Bamboo House Plants

Lucky bamboo is a wonderful gift plant that adds a bold note to indoor decor with its often intricately arranged stems. It's a slow-growing foliage houseplant that's easy to care for in a low- or medium-light spot. You can find lucky bamboo available in an almost endless variety of arrangements, including heart shapes, twists, curls, and more. There's even lore about how many stems are in the arrangements! This indoor plant grows well on desks and tabletops, making it a fun addition to your office, school, or home. Because lucky bamboo typically grows in water, you can personalize yours by putting it in watertight container you wish; secure the stems in place with marbles, stones, or other materials. Buy Lucky Bamboo Find Costa Farms-grown lucky bamboo at your favorite local garden center or order it online from one of our retailer partners. Lucky Bamboo Questions?

How to care for Lucky Bamboo

Can you? How to bring bamboo back to life? To save a dying indoor bamboo plant, you should do the following:. In this article, we will go into detail on each of the above tips and strategies.The only indoor bamboo plant out there goes by the name lucky bamboo.

If you've been charmed by one of the popular so-called lucky bamboo Draceana sanderana houseplants that are often sold in decorative vases filled with water and pebbles, you might be wondering how to make sure that it lives a long and healthy life. The first thing to know is that your plant isn't a bamboo at all.

Benefits Of Indoor Bamboo Plants

The benefits of bamboo plants are no more unknown to us all. Along with being extremely good for the environment, it is a very good looking plant. Also, it grows at a steady rate; it is also suitable to use it indoors. The bamboo plant is also considered lucky and this adds another reason why people keep it indoors. We see many vendors and stores selling bamboo plants in a beautifully decorated vase to be kept indoors. Let us take a look at what all benefits a bamboo plant has for you and your house so that you can keep it without having any doubt in mind:.

Caring for Lucky Bamboo Plants – 10 Hot Tips

Last Updated on October 23, by Grow with Bovees. There are over a known bamboo species in the world, where some remarkable giants tower feet in the air, and other shrub-like plants grow only a few feet tall. Even though the leaves and stems look similar to bona fide outdoor bamboo plants, lucky bamboo makes a great indoor plant that loves water, and grows best in high humidity conditions. There are myriad reasons for the leaves turning yellow, most notably low soil nutrients, over watering or lack thereof, or boggy soil. But, if there are several parts of your bamboo turning yellow, then this could indicate a more serious problem. Another big reason your leaves are turning yellow could be lack of water or nutrient deficiency. If the leaves as well as the bamboo stalks of the plant are slowly turning yellow, this could be a plausible sign of over fertilization.The leaves may also turn yellow due to injury caused by plucked leaves, broken stems, vigorous pruning, damage from pets, or from extreme heat or cold.

However, it is possible to grow certain types of bamboo in containers—even indoors. Golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) is one of those species.

Indoor Bamboo Plants for Peace

There are four conditions that optimize the growth of tropical bamboos: Sunlight, regular irrigation, good drainage, and at least occasional fertilization. If any of these conditions is lacking, the growth rate will be affected in direct proportion to the deficiency. You can certainly have a beautiful bamboo, but again, the growth rate will not be maximized. Most tropical bamboos grow quicker and do their best in full sun.

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Indoor bamboo takes extra TLC, but once you get the knack for growing the plant, it can be the center attraction in your houseplant world. Bamboo is very diverse; some species are airy and tall, others short and striking. The foliage ranges from a bold green to golden variegation. Bamboo needs as much light as possible when grown indoors. They do present challenges and often need to be rotated outside for a period of time to maintain good health.

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Willie Miller. Over the last few decades, lucky bamboo has widely spread all across the globe because of its easy-to-care nature. In traditional Chinese regions, lucky bamboos are gifted to people as a token of luck. Every year, millions of lucky bamboo plants are imported and resold as ornamental indoor plants worldwide. Although lucky bamboo is widely known as bamboo, it is actually not even related to any family of bamboo. Lucky bamboo is of different taxonomic order from the actual bamboo.

Download PDF.Much of the luck of the bamboo comes from how many stalks you have or are given. Two stalks of bamboo is an expression of love, three stalks of bamboo brings three kinds of luck to you, happiness Fu , long life Soh and Wealth Lu.


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