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Landscape pad_width(m_pad_width),

width -= pad_width,

m_pad_width = pad_width,

// if we don't have any room left, we'll just have to crop

if (width <, crop_width)


pad_width = (crop_width - width) / 2,

width = crop_width,



width = 0,





void dnn::image_data_impl::get_pad(image_data &,image_data, dnn::pad_t&, pad) const


const dnn::image_format format = dnn_get_format_image(format_),

const dnn::image_shape &,img_shape = dnn_get_shape(img_shape_, format_),

auto&, image_data_layout = image_data.get_image_data_layout(),

std::size_t pad_length_x = get_pad_length_x(image_data_layout.h),

std::size_t pad_length_y = get_pad_length_y(image_data_layout.w),

const std::size_t pad_size = std::max(pad_length_x, pad_length_y),

const std::size_t crop_size = get_crop_size(image_data_layout),

// Calculate padding

const auto crop_start = (image_data_layout.y0 * img_shape.h +

image_data_layout.x0) / crop_size,

#if 0

// In the test case, we don't care about the original position of the image.

// So we will just keep the entire image and re-sample to the shape.

if(!get_replaced_shape_width(image_data_layout)) {

crop_start = 0,



// Get the center offset for cropping, we simply offset the beginning of the

// entire crop region.

const auto crop_center_offset = (image_data_layout.x0 +

(image_data_layout.y0 + img_shape.h) / 2) / crop_size,

const auto center_offset = std::make_tuple(crop_start, crop_center_offset),

// Get the x and y coordinates of the top left corner of the image.

const auto top_left = std::make_tuple(image_data_layout.x0,


// Compute the cropping

// Note that we'll use the full image crop.

const auto top = std::make_tuple(top_left.x, top_left.y,

crop_size.x, crop_size.y),

const auto bottom = std::make_tuple(top_left.x + image_data_layout.w,

top_left.y + image_data_layout.h,

crop_size.x, crop_size.y),

const auto left = std::make_tuple(crop_size.x - 1, crop_size.y,

crop_size.x, crop_size.y),

const auto right = std::make_tuple(crop_size.x - 1, crop_size.y +


crop_size.x, crop_size.y),

const auto bottom = std::make_tuple(crop_size.x, crop_size.y +



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