How to keep mint plant alive indoors

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How to keep mint plant alive indoors

A practical guide to raising, keeping and caring for indoor plants. I have managed to grow mint plants indoors for over three years now with the help of my cloner and guide to the joys of growing them, Alex Harrop.

Mint is a good easy to grow mint for indoor growing and has several good benefits to those that try growing them. The popularity of mints indoors and out will grow, it will grow quickly and efficiently and even in my experience it has a tendency to be more productive and healthy than many other plants. This video shows you how I grow mint, the best way to water indoors.

How to buy and grow mint

There are several different types of mint, ranging from spearmint to peppermint.

You can grow them any size and if you go to your local garden center you will be presented with many different types of fresh mint growing in different sizes. If you want to try growing your own herbs or mint then you will have a greater choice of varieties.

The best way to grow mint indoors is to first buy your plants in the seedling stage, that way you will have a chance to choose from the best possible seedlings.

You will have a choice of how to buy your plants and the choice will most probably be between a parent that will start to take over and the clonal plants that are kept tightly for up to a year before planting out.

Buying parents can be quite expensive and cloners are usually much more affordable. Buy a cloner if you have the chance, this is when you choose the plants and then they are kept together in an environment that will help them to clone off and multiply.

Just remember when you are buying plants it is very important to select the best choice of plants for you to grow and the hardiest of each variety of mint. This will usually be the first parent plant when you are buying the seedlings.

The best of my parents have been around for about ten years now, I have a couple of really good cloners too, one is a Kenyan and the other is from Virginia.

So here are the tips and tricks I use when buying and growing mint:

Buy the best choice for you – I would always buy from the local garden center or get them direct from the cloner, this is where you get the chance to choose the best type for you, the hardiest, the more tender of each type or variety.

Choose plants that have a high yield, I have yet to find a plant that was not yielders, even the Japanese mints and Spearmint are good to grow.

Make sure the plant you buy has plenty of green growth coming from the roots – There is nothing worse than buying the plant and finding that the roots are dry and or lacking in green growth.

Buy a good parent that will take over the plants, I am talking about the parent that you buy that will help to grow the plants and keep them in the garden. I like to keep parents with a pot and then transplant them in the garden in May or June when it is warm and dry.

Don’t overcrowd the plants, it is best to plant a larger plant where it is alone, this will help it to take up more room and space when it matures.

Plant in small groups, I usually buy a minimum of five to ten plants for one pot.

Buy an individual pot for each plant – There is nothing worse than being forced to place three or four small plants into the same pot to fill up a pot.

Use a normal size pot that is sufficient for you to buy the plants, don’t buy something that is too big, and also don’t buy anything with a bottom with a large hole in it.

Plant in the right position – The best plants to grow are usually in the sun, because in this position the plants will have more sun and light, this also helps to ensure that you get the maximum yield from each plant.

Add a pebble or two to help the roots from taking up too much space – This can help to lighten the roots and give them more space to grow and develop.

Add holes to drain – Make sure that you add drain holes, this is one of the best things to ensure that the plants don’t die from being wet and this also means that you can keep them in pots for longer periods of time without making any changes to them.

How to grow and care for mint

Once you have chosen the plants that you want to keep in the house and plan to use a cloner for cloning, then you have to do the next step of deciding which type of cloner you would prefer.

Choosing a cloner

For me there are only two types of cloner that I will ever use, I like the cloner that will keep the plants tightly for a long period of time and for the plants to clone off and multiply.

The cloner that I always used was the Wilderness and it was sold by the largest supplier of cloners of that time. I can’t remember the name of the company but they were one of the largest suppliers of cuttings for plants at that time.

I like these because I like a small cloner that I can keep for a long period of time, or at least until it has grown off and cloned itself many times over. I like the cuttings to be small and tight for about a year before I


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