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Many of you know that Bird House is a proud corporate sponsor of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation which is the state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. Both organizations are big proponents of planting with native plants in order to help create wildlife habitat, especially if you are trying to attract birds. Identifying wildlife-friendly native plants has never been easier with a new tool that the National Wildlife Federation recently launched in partnership with Dr. Doug Tallamy and based on his research. To use this database with native plants for your area, follow this link, enter your zip code, and explore the listing of plants to start planning the bird sanctuary that you want to create! And its not just birds!

  • Is it a house plant or a Home plant?
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Is it a house plant or a Home plant?

I live in Charlotte, NC. Used to live in Dallas, TX for the longest time and my gardenias used to grow wonderfully in pots. Since I moved here 2 years ago I have been able to successfully kill 3 healthy plants. All of them seem to be due to not being able to winter. Does gardenia grow well here? Is there a particular variety that stands cold weather better than others?

I am planning to put one in the ground. One website gives great tips on how to plant gardenias but I am yet to find what variety grows best in this Zone.

Any help is greatly appreciated.A southernn or southwestern or even southeastern exposure is the worst possible location for a gardenia when you are trying to grow them at the edge of their zone. Especially against a wall. Warmth in a southern exposure during mild winter days will coax them into growth. Then when the weather turns cold again, it kills them. Give them a northern or eastern exposure. I know it doesn't seem intuitive, but it's true.

Hope this helps. Yes, you can grow gardenias in North Carolina. There are more cold tolerant ones, but hopefully those are the ones stocked in your nurseries. Here is a link that might be useful: Article on hardy gardenias. Need Help Landscaping Brick Ranch. Ideas to spruce up my front entry. Front door color?? Yes, I am in your area and have several in my yard as well as those of clients.

They like sun and mine get a bit of shelter from a wall of the house and another gets shelter from a picket fence. These varieties should be readily available, in fact my August Beauty came from Home Depot a few years ago. Here in Northern Virginia I am trying Kleim's Hardy which failed to get through the summer last year. I put it in a better drained and less direct sun location.

I am getting some yellowing leaves, but have added Espom salts and Miracle Gro Shake 'N Feed for acid loving plants which hope fully will help things a bit.

I know 'Veitchii' is commonly sold for growing as a houseplant or in a pot, but it is not very cold hardy. I believe the plant will be killed to the ground around 20 degrees, so it's not suitable for outdoor planting in Charlotte.

I'm sure there are gazillions of Gardenias growing outdoors in Charlotte as there are here in the Birmingham, AL area. Any garden center should stock them. The most commonly available selections are 'Mystery' and 'August Beauty.Several other selections with different growth habits are also on the market around here, including 'Aimee' Trademark name is 'First Love' which has very large flowers, 'Shooting Star' tall grower, very hardy, single flowers , 'Grif's Select' more compact, very hardy, single flowers , 'Frostproof,' 'Four Seasons' and others.

I agree with those who suggest avoiding a Southern exposure, as they don't really like that much sun and it will induce Winter growth and cause the plants to get killed back to the ground. Mark, we're talking about Gardenias grown outdoors as landscape plants, not indoor plants.

Too much full Sun and warmth during Winter can cause problems for Gardenias in the Southeast, because they will break dormancy and then get injured following the next major shot of cold air. First is good luck to you I have 3 "big" gardenia bushes all over six feet tall- very bushy planted intheground YEARS ago Suggest U check attached tags on plants-they give good info Sitewide Bestsellers.

Kitchen and Dining Furniture. Sign In. Join as a Pro. Houzz TV. Houzz Research. Home Decor. Holiday Decor. Christmas Trees. Holiday Lighting. Gift Cards. Southern Gardening. Gardenia in Charlotte? Email Save CommentFeatured Answer. Like 1 Save. Sort by: Oldest. Newest Oldest. Iris GW 15 years ago. You might find this link helpful. Like Save. Dieter2NC 15 years ago.

I agree with you about NO shutters my post might not have been clear enough. I didn't comment yet on the colors. The railing and posts should be white in my opinion. What color is the front door? That should be your accent element.

The gutter downspouts should be painted to blend with the brick as they stand out too much now. The landscaping updates will be the biggest change.

I gave you a website to go to for expert suggestions because I have a completely different plant zone and don't want to give you the wrong planting ideas.The plants are especially important where you have the drainage issue at the front porch area where the downspout dumps the water from the gutters. Hopefully someone on that forum can show you the proper way to disburse the water so it doesn't erode that porch area any further.

Landscaping Q. I love gardenias near the front porch for the fragrance and evergreen foundation. Ideas to spruce up my front entry Q. Cool period house! Refreshing the landscaping would probably make a world of difference and would make the side entrance really pop. We agree with Jessica D that the door is not in keeping with the style of the house. How about a natural finish mahogany door with full glass?

What would you paint a front door that thehouse is like a sea foam green very delicate green now in front of the front door are wrought iron double door for lack of knowing the proper name fr them we are thinking of reprinting the wrought iron black the previous owner has them white. You can leave your gardenias out as long as temps stay above freezing.

I keep mine under lights in the winter and they do wonderfully also I spray mine with hot water and alcholol to keep the bugs down. Related Stories. Create enchanting outdoor spots with fresh white fences, florals and furniture. From Florida to Hawaii, Houzz readers show us how they capitalize on their petite outdoor spaces. Our July gardening guides take the guesswork out of summer watering, pruning and planting.

See our tips for your U. Leaf drop and Pepper Help 0. United States.

Oakdale Greenhouses & Garden Center - Charlotte's best source for plants!

View our blog below for the latest on what's happening around our community! After a wild year with no small amount of disruption, many of us are looking to start a new chapter and add fresh flavor to our days. Check out these five local garden stores that will help you dig into the life-giving hobby of caring for houseplants.Treat yourself to a free coffee as you peruse their impressive indoor plant selection, and enjoy awesome customer service from their friendly staff when you have questions. Pore over their huge selection of houseplants, flowers, herbs, and trees, and look for the exotic ones as you go. With rotating houseplant offerings and a beautiful variety of succulents, all reasonably priced, this family-owned nursery could be your go-to spot.

Buy the freshest flowers from Grace's Florist! tropical and indoor plants. We can even deliver your plants to Charlotte, NC or nationwide.

We believe in the power of plants.

Shop with us!! Doing our best to get products listed online for local delivery or pick up. So check back often as we will continue to add new things! We do have 2 store front locations that we have a space in and refresh weekly with all our creations. Charlotte Collective is located in Plaza Midwood here in Charlotte, NC and is a storefront that we share with other small business owners. Theres an average of 14 of us in the store at a time and Tayflower has been there from the beginning and we couldn't enjoy it more. There's a lot to look at and shop from!


You select the size of the wreath frame and we build it. Check out our extensive selection of quality flags today. Our loss of a pet sympathy gifts can help ease the pain of loss. Made By Design Only at. Available Styles.

These are the best house plants if you live in Charlotte NC — bring character in to any space in your home and care for some unique greenery. House plants are an easy fix to accentuate any living or dining room, simpler than hunting for new furniture or paint for your

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Shop Our Store. Our love for our employees, customers, community, and the world is our foundation. Building and developing relationships are our driving force.We seek to learn as we teach those we serve, always being open to new ideas and seeking improvement in all that we do. Integrity and the pursuit of excellence push us to be the best in the horticulture industry. Our desire is to always do the right thing.

Gardenia in Charlotte ?

Used for wine and raisins for millennia, grapes have an incredible history. Listen Now. This collection is an American interpretation of Asian traditions from various nations. Read More. The outdoor gardens remain open each day from sunrise to sunset.

Charlotte's smallest Greenhouse with the biggest selection. Succulents/Cactus/Tropicals/Airplants/ Carnivorous/Citrus/Bonsai/Rare Plants/Pottery/More.

Plant pottery near me

Most plant lovers know what it's like to impulse buy and overspend at the nursery. To save money and still be able to experiment with growing new things, find or start a plant-trading group in your area. I serve as the admin of a local plant swap group on Facebook. Plant lovers young and old, experienced and novice, are united by the same goals: obtaining new plants, giving away an over-abundance of established plants and meeting fellow gardeners.

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Order We've made it simple with low order minimums, real-time availability, and exact pricing before you check out. Receive Delivered to your door, happiness guaranteed. Plant Starters arrive ready to transplant. If you need coaching, we're here to help you grow successfully. Sell With quality plants, access to years of growing knowledge, and your hard work, you'll have your best season yet. Petchoa Supercal Premium Yellow Sun.

Below are some recommended native plants and trees. We have broken them down into categories.

The following list features plants which are poisonous to your pet due to the toxic substances they contain. The Lily family of plants is quite large, but some members of it are toxic to dogs and cats.Whatever you want to call it, be sure to keep it away from your pet dog or cat. In some cases it can cause breathing difficulties and even death. The chemicals found in it are similar to those in Dieffenbachia therefore the reactions are almost the same. This means your pet could suffer from oral problems, increased salivation or drooling, vomiting, and difficulty with swallowing. Also known as Satin or Silk Pothos, the plant is toxic to both dogs and cats as it can irritate the mouth and tongue.

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