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Wholesale plant pots australia. This was always a big problem for production nurseries, as lifting plastic pots increased the risk of back injuries to workers which in turn increased the At Tags For Pots, I have operated a wholesale plant nursery for several years, and over that time I have developed a cost-effective system for labelling my plants. Our horticultural supplies include a number of product ranges including baskets and planters, growing medium and fertilisers, fabrics and netting, irrigation supplies, tree and plant care items, garden tools and equipment, polyhouses and covers, plus many floral and seasonal products. Beautiful hanging planters and hanging pots from a range of Australian designers and local Melbourne artists.

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Wall & Hanging Planters

Discover our stunning range online at Spotlight. At Spotlight, customers can find a variety of artificial plants for their home.

A common question we receive is what the benefits of artificial plants compared to natural plants are. Below, we have provided our customers with an overview of the benefits, so be sure to read through them if you are considering getting some artificial plants to liven up your home.

One of the biggest benefits of artificial plants is the fact they are not subject to seasonal changes. Natural plants can be affected from a change from summer to fall, but artificial plants always remain their cheerful and good-looking self.

Plant lovers who had some natural plants in their home may have experienced the seasonal change problem. During the transition of seasons, your plants may start to shed their leaves or change their appearance all-together. Naturally, this seasonal change has an impact on your interior too! Fortunately, you can easily eliminate the problem by replacing them with some artificial plants once your natural plants should be replaced.

Another big benefit of artificial plants is that they require a lot less care and maintenance than natural plants. While natural plants must be watered and trimmed regularly, such maintenance is not necessary with artificial plants. Of course, artificial plants will require some degree of maintenance from time to time.

For example, the leaves of artificial plants can gather dust after a long period. So, make sure to quickly dust the leaves of the plant to make it seem as lively as the day you purchased it.

Some Australians have a place in their home or office they would love to put a plant in, but they find that this spot lacks some required factors such as sunlight and air. With an artificial plant, this is no longer a problem, since artificial plants do not require access to air, water, and sunlight at all!

When you choose artificial plants, you do not have to worry about some of the harmful elements that could affect natural plants. One prime example of such elements are insects, which can invade your natural plants and even your home! Since artificial plants do not have to be watered, you do not have to worry about other problems such as rotting plant trunks.

Even if you have the worst luck with plants in your home, artificial plants are strong, durable, and remain unaffected by factors that would otherwise damage natural plants.The last benefit of artificial plants is also a major one! Artificial plants are perfect for home owners who are passionate about their home's interior, since these plants can be moved wherever and whenever you want.

When you have some natural plants in your home, moving them is not always that evident. Moving natural plants could cause damage to the plant itself, so most people often find themselves leaving the plant as it is without being happy with it.

Fortunately, an artificial plant does not provide you with this problem, since you can put it in a different plant pot or location whenever you please!

Are you convinced about the benefits of artificial plants? Be sure to check out the available artificial plants at Spotlight and begin your own collection at home today! Need some help finding the perfect choices for your interior? Do not hesitate to contact our team for some assistance.

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Botanica Cherry Blossom Tree. Botanica Onion Grass. Botanica Planter Pot. Botanica Artificial Philendron Potted Plant. Join for free.

Hanging Plants

Many are suitable for varying light conditions as well including bright sunny spots near a south-facing window or perhaps the low-light corners of a north-facing room. An easy-to-maintain, slow-growing houseplant perfect for hanging planters around the house. The Red Prayer Plant is a species of plant that comes from the tropical rainforests of Brazil. The name comes from the behavior of the leaves that fold in as the light fades at night, resembling hands coming together in prayer.There are a few different options in this family of plants, but we particularly love the colorful and interesting leaf structure of the Red Prayer.

Indoor plant hire and office plant hire services in Sydney. gallery can be filtered for light conditions and plant type (floor, desk, hanging, etc).

Plant Delivery Sydney

Yes, seems we can even kill a cactus, ha! This oh-so-pretty succulent gets its name from its pearl-like strands that can become large and round like marbles. The trick to keeping this beauty alive is to pot it in soil that drains well, such as cactus soil that has a sandy consistency, and to keep it out of direct sunlight. String of pearls likes to dry out completely in between waters so be sure not to overwater it! This attractive, durable and easy-to-grow vine plant loves bright, indirect sunlight and can withstand high temperatures. It can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffers from few problem, making it ideal for beginner gardeners. The only things to look out for with a spider plant is not to overwater — too much water can lead to root rot and it likes to dry out completely in between watering — and to place in well-drained soil.

All Home or Office Indoor Plants | Plant Delivery Service Perth

It all starts with good design. Every planter in our range has proudly been designed by our in-house designers, with meticulous detail, modern styling and simple functionality. Through our strong relationship with our clients, we importantly listen and create products that best suit their needs. Creating beautiful, stylish unique planters is what sets us apart in the plant container market.

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Artful Ceramic Design.

Discover our stunning range online at Spotlight. At Spotlight, customers can find a variety of artificial plants for their home. A common question we receive is what the benefits of artificial plants compared to natural plants are.Below, we have provided our customers with an overview of the benefits, so be sure to read through them if you are considering getting some artificial plants to liven up your home. One of the biggest benefits of artificial plants is the fact they are not subject to seasonal changes.

Quality & Customer Service You'll Love

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Hanging Basket Plants For Sun. Our selection of the best plants for full sun baskets. Many feature cascading or trailing habits, so really come to the fore.

7 low-maintenance indoor plants that you probably won't kill

Indoor greenery is the fastest growing interior trend and we can see why, bring freshness, colour and life into your home with laid back low maintenance house plants that are as cool as they are lovable. In the kitchen grow and harvest your own fresh herbs, in the dining room or lounge add drama with some large evergreens, and why not bring succulents into every room they are that easy going. With the best range of stylish pots and planters out there, we are proud of a collection we have sourced and curated just for you.


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Ever wondered why your pets eat houseplants? One school of thought is they do it to calm an upset stomach or process hairballs, like they do when eating grass or cat grass. Others consider it an attempt to remedy a nutritional issue, or relieve anxiety or stress. No matter the reason, it can be difficult to keep your houseplants away from a cat who can climb, jump, and is determined to chew.

One of the best-loved hanging plants maidenhair ferns have delicate leaves that spill out and create a splash of bright green. The perfect plant for beginners, spider plants are low maintenance and easy to grow.

Indoor Plants in Adelaide

Our creative design process and passion for unique design is what sets us apart from many other indoor plant hire companies across Sydney. Drop us a line for a FREE proposal within 24 hours! We are experienced Indoor Plant Hire professionals and have successfully installed and maintained green spaces across Sydney. We provide the full Indoor Plant Hire service for businesses, a unique design tailored to your needs, a streamlined delivery process and a second to none ongoing plant management program including plant replacements. To see our detailed Design, Deliver and Manage process please click here. Through our partnerships with the best growers in Australia, relationships with most influential Designers, Builders and Architects and access to the latest and in-trend pots and troughs, we can guarantee that you will be thrilled choosing Interior Plant Designs as your Indoor Plant Hire Company serving Sydney-wide.

12 easy indoor plants for beginners

With best customer service team in the plant game, we have earned a 5 star reputation from independent feedback platform Feefo. We are realistic - sometimes things go wrong but we work hard to resolve it, even when it is not our fault. Growing plants can be a bit daunting but with a bit of expert help you can grow a green thumb. Our phone number is front and centre because we are here to help!


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