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The component assist Individual and cluster farmers to purchase irrigation system drip, sprinkler, and centre pivot which includes water conveyance lines, booster pumps but excludes engines. Shade net material including polythene tunnels can also be provided through this service. This assistance will be provided once every 10 years for the irrigation system. The maximum ceiling is PThe minimum farm size for individuals and a group is one 1 hectares and two 2 hectares respectively. The programme does not allow or accept contribution in kind.

  • Horticulture & Soil Conservation
  • Dripping with promise
  • Per Drop More Crop
  • Karnataka farmers wait for irrigation subsidy; dealers ask govt to clear dues
  • Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project ( APMIP )
  • To save ground water , Punjab to provide subsidy upto 90 % for drip irrigation
  • Kerala - Apply Subsidy for Sprinkler Set
  • Odisha stops top-up sops under PMKSY
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Horticulture & Soil Conservation

Department of Horticulture Government of Himachal Pradesh. Home e-Services. Demand and Suply services. Services for Fruit Nursery registration. Application for Grant of Fruit Nursery License. Addition of Fruit Variety at Registered Nursery. Renewal of Fruit Nursery License. Services for Subsidy Scheme. Subsidy for Establishment of Small Nursery 1 Ha. Subsidy for Upgrading Nursery Infrastructure. Subsidy for purchase of Power Tiller. Subsidy for purchase of Self - Propelled Horticulture Machinery.

Subsidy for Purchase of Tractor. Application for subsidy under Anti Hail net Scheme.Application for subsidy under Himachal Khumb Vikas Yojna. Application for subsidy under Himachal Pushp Kranti Yojna.

Application for subsidy under Horticulture Development scheme. View More. Services related to Import Registration. Registration for Import of Plant Material by Importer. Services related to Pesticides. Issuance of Pesticide License. Addition of Insecticides In Pesticide License. Renewal of Pesticide License. Mushroom related services. Registration as Mushroom Grower. Other Services. Pollination Support in Bee Keeping. Issuance of Essentiality Certificate.

Request for Fruit Canning. Crop Insurance. Technical Advisory Service. Grievance related services. List of Services. Subsidy Related Services. Subsidy for Installation of Drip Irrigation system. Subsidy for Installation of Micro Irrigation system. Subsidy for Installation of Mini Irrigation system. Portable Sprinkler irrigation system. Semi-Permanent Sprinkler System.

Large Volume Sprinklers Rain—gun. Subsidy for Beekeeping. Subsidy for Establishment of Water Harvesting System. Subsidy for Establishment of Seed Infratructure. Subsidy for Construction of Walk in Tunnels. Subsidy for Plastic Mulching in Hilly Area. Subsidy for Pack House. Subsidy for Integrated Pack House with facilities for conveyer belt, sorting, grading units, washing, drying and weighing. Subsidy for Establishment of Food Processing Unit.

Subsidy for Establishment of Mushroom Unit. Subsidy for Cultivation of Hybrid Vegetables. Subsidy for Area Expansion for Flower Farming. Subsidy for Area Expansion for Spices Farming.

Subsidy for Organic Farming. Subsidy for Organic Certification. Subsidy for Production of Nucleus Stock Public sector. Production of bee colonies by bee breeder. Honey bee colony. Bee Hives. Equipment including honey extractor 4 frame , food grade container 30 kg , net, including complete set of Bee keeping equipment.

Dripping with promise

Micro Irrigation Scheme Drip and Sprinkler :.PRCHN datedThe GR provides for the implementation of the Scheme, in an integrated manner, with the provision of financial assistance to beneficiary farmers for adopting Micro Irrigation Systems viz. Objective and Implementation Strategy:. The State of Gujarat has a limited source of irrigation facilities. The main objective of the Micro Irrigation Scheme is to benefit the farmers by increasing agricultural production through the adoption of scientific water management techniques, and thereby to usher in the Second Green Revolution in Gujarat.

The Scheme is being implemented with a uniform subsidy pattern of 50% of the Micro Irrigation System (MIS) cost or Rs 60,/- per hectare, whichever is less.

Per Drop More Crop

The State government, which declared Bantwal and Mangaluru taluks as drought-hit in , again declared the entire Dakshina Kannada as partially drought-hit this January. Uncontrolled exploitation of groundwater and deforestation have resulted in the groundwater level falling below ft in some pockets of the district. As many small farmers fell under this category, the government subsidy helped them immensely, he said. In case if drip irrigation was adopted for crops spread over five acres and up toNayak said that there is a wrong perception among some farmers that the entire farm land, especially in arecanut plantations, should be made wet to irrigate palms or plants. It is not needed, if water enough is fed to the roots. If drip irrigation system is adopted, it also helped in controlling the growth of weeds in plantations. The Deputy Director said that Dakshina Kannada had about 1,53, hectares under horticultural crops. Of this, about 94, hectares are under arecanut and about 27, hectares are under coconut.

Karnataka farmers wait for irrigation subsidy; dealers ask govt to clear dues

Having good and easy access to inputs, know-how and market, Farmers have wide scope for horticultural produce production.Given that area and production of fruits and vegetables have been increasing steadily, Coimbatore has the potential to increase its contribution towards the economy by way of exports. As returns from Horticulture per unit of land are higher in comparison to Agriculture, Know-How through University, Department and Institution, Market through Export and Logistics, There is Voluntary shift in the cropping pattern towards horticulture Based Farming. The Horticulture is climate resilient, therefore assures higher income to farmers. Due to changing Socio economic profile and increasing middle class coupled with higher per capita income this sector has more potential as food habits are changing and people are becoming more health conscious.

Horticulture sector has emerged as one of the important and vibrant part of Indian agriculture in recent years.

Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project ( APMIP )

Introduction of Department :. Horticulture is a significant and upcoming sector in Karnataka. Horticulture has proved to be the best diversification option for agricultural land use, because of assured and the remunerative returns to the farmers. The Department of Horticulture is responsible for the overall development of Horticulture in the district. The Department is adopting a definite policy for the development of Horticulture.

To save ground water , Punjab to provide subsidy upto 90 % for drip irrigation

Effective utilization of every drop of water through micro irrigation is imperative for improving crop productivity, production and to achieve sustainable improvement in living standards of small and marginal farmers of State by improving the water use efficiency through micro irrigation and farmers can get assured additional income. Advantages of Micro Irrigation:. Telangana state Micro Irrigation Project:. Area Covered. Area covered.

Integrated Horticulture Development Programme through Application for Sprinkler & Drip irrigation systems & PVC Pipe laying.

Kerala - Apply Subsidy for Sprinkler Set

The district has favourable agro climate condition for raising different kinds of Horticulture crops like fruits, Vegetables and flower crops. Additional area can be brought out by utilizing the vast fallow land available in the district. Flowers are largely grown in the district to an extent of Hacters.

Odisha stops top-up sops under PMKSY

Ranipet has a tropical climate suitable for tropical fruits, Vegetables and flowers. There is absence of surface water irrigation in the district. Efforts are initiated by the department of horticulture to increase the area under horticulture crops by way of irrigation through drip system. To increase the production, productivity and income of horticulture farmers, various schemes are being implemented through Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops.

To work for the Development of Horticulture crops in Panposh Sub-Division to contribute in rural economy through enhanced fruit, Vegetable and Flower production.


A beneficiary can get financial assistance up to 5ha. Thus, to ensure focused and outcome based interventions, it has been decided to propagate Micro Irrigation technology among the farming community by filling in the gaps for creation of water source for micro Irrigation at farm or near farm gate level through the following activities during the yearLaying of conveyance pipes. Construction of Ground level storage structures. Under this scheme for Cashew area expansion at normal spacing Physical target Ha and financial targetScheme will be expected. Component and for the Area Expansion of vegetables, fruits and flowers Physical target Ha and financial target

Thiruvannamalai district is coming under North Eastern Zone region and the total area under cultivation isIn that, Horticultural crops have been cultivated in aboutIn tiruvannamalai district Seetha and Jackfruit are producing in Jawadhu hills. Banana plantation is widely practiced in Padavedu region.

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