Bedding and garden plants

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Bedding and garden plants

I would love to grow a garden here in the future. I live in the suburbs, so not so many garden plants/veggies will do the trick. I’ve had my eye on plants in my local garden centre but I can’t be sure if they will grow outside and if they’ll be able to survive in the wind and cold weather.

I’m wondering, do garden plants do well in the UK, that is, can they survive here in the UK in the same way they do in, say, my garden in the Netherlands? Also, do they really need their own shelter or will they do fine in pots?



Yes, I would think you’ll have success with your plants. You may want to be careful with some as they are known to be vulnerable. A good place to find them is the garden centre.

You should be fine with most indoor plants. It depends on the type of plant.

Some plants need some shade as they will do better in partial shade.

A garden centre has thousands of plants and should be able to advise you.


Thanks, that’s good to know. I guess it’s important for plants to know where they’re coming from, right? I don’t want to get a bunch of plants that don’t do very well here, but then find out that they are actually not very suitable to the climate here…

One of my neighbours also has a garden centre, so I’ll check with her.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome.

I’ve been reading that people have had trouble with some indoor plants, including some of the tropical ones. This may be because they were kept too warm and the humidity was too low. They’ve gone to grow in their homes for a while before they brought them in here.

I have a collection of cacti (not all indoor) and other succulents that have been growing inside for several years, and they seem to be doing ok here. I’ve recently started several new plants too. I’m sure this is because the house isn’t too hot and the house is well ventilated, not too cold, and I keep the plants in a good location (not too hot, but not too cold).

I also found out a little while ago that I have a leak in the roof, but I don’t think it has much of an impact on the humidity level inside the house (and I’ve been using the dehumidifier).

I would appreciate any additional advice about growing plants inside, though.

I have tropical plants that I grow indoors and they seem to do well in this house, so I’m thinking it might be more of a temp issue. I am starting to get a few questions and I am happy to try and help.

I had a house of cacti for years. And then my husband brought in a few potted plants and got in the way of cacti being planted in the garden. That made me not like the cacti anymore. My husband also did not like to water cacti for some reason.

The house had a bad damp smell before, but the house was only 50% damp. We are getting rain forecasted for the next three days. I am thinking that it may dry out in the house with the window and dehumidifier.

Since my potted plants and cacti had a bad odor, we decided to let them all die. That left me with only outdoor plants for the house, since I am not a green thumb. My husband also likes to water things, so I don’t like that either. My outdoor plants last for years with no problems.

So I decided to just try indoor plants. We got two plants in a bag. The first plant lasted for about a month, then died. We have moved the potted plant to the deck and put the bag on it, but it did not help at all.

We are starting to like the indoor plants. The plants make the house more homey. And they smell like they are still alive, but if they die, we will replace them with something else.

It would be nice to have some of the indoor plants dying so that we can get some fresh air in the house.

I have read a lot of articles about indoor plants and none of them tell you how to keep the plants alive for a long time. We want to keep our indoor plants for years.

I also saw that plants were mentioned to be for decoration, not for eating. I wonder if there are any indoor plants that can be eaten, because we want to plant some of them indoors.

I want to keep the indoor plants for a long time and get some fresh air into the house. So, I am looking for information about indoor plants. Do you have any tips about plants that grow indoors and last a long time?

This is an excellent post and one I can’t get enough of. Having grown up with a mother who loved having an extensive indoor garden and a father who had a passion for keeping a flowerbed and shrub garden, I have had the fun of having to do research on indoor plants with such interests. Thank you for sharing the information. It is very helpful to me.

Yes, I also know a lot of people who like to have flowers indoors. They say that flowers are good for you, but I don’t think it is true. I want to read more articles about plants and see what I can learn.

As for gardening, I am more interested in growing plants indoors. I wish I had better experience. We live in a building and I don’t know how to make a garden inside. You should write a book about that.

I enjoy writing. I wish I could have a writing business and earn more money.

I want to see if we can grow plants indoors for a long time. I think we can and maybe we will grow food if it is grown properly.

I know that you have written a lot of articles and maybe you want to write books and sell them online. Why don’t you write a book about indoor plants? That is what I want to learn about.

Thanks for your comment. I like learning about plants. So I write a lot about indoor plants and other topics. I have always been interested in gardening.When I grow plants inside the house, I want to find out if we can have a lot of plants.

I want to see how to grow a garden inside and learn what plants grow indoors. I will write a book about this topic and see if I can get money from it.

I wrote a lot of articles because I love writing. However, I want to write more about indoor plants and gardens. I will write a book about this topic and I will sell it online.


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