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Plant placement in garden border

Plants, the heartbeat of the garden, determine the setting of the garden and the general impression. They are the first line of defense against the weather, and the plants attract our attention to the garden. The typical garden plant is a perennial. The multiplicity of so many plants requires a lot of time. The professional gardener knows what he or she has to do. The amateur gardener often gets into a dilemma when he or she is faced with a large garden. In the following pages, we will look at plant choice and positioning in a garden border.

Plant position in a border

For our example, we shall consider only the ideal situation. If you want to be in the garden often, you not only want to be in the garden, but also to enjoy the neighbors and viewers while doing so.

Do not overdo it with the garden border. Even if you choose a rather large garden border, you can always choose shorter plants, for example, for a flower bed along the steps.

Positioning of plants in the garden border

The border should be a pleasant and colorful palette, which also has its own history. The plants position in the border is so important that it should be placed at the beginning of the planning process. This position is planned ahead of any beautification or landscaping, which makes it relatively easier.

The border must be placed so that you can enjoy it. If it is at the border of a mostly level property, the border should be in the middle of the property. If it is at the border of a property with a slope, the border should be on the uphill side.

Plant choice in the garden border

Plants in the garden border

In our example, we will look at plants that are related to the theme, but which we do not have yet at home. This means that in our example, we will look at plants that are related to the theme, but which we do not have yet at home.

This is especially relevant if you live in a country where the best garden plants are not yet sold. Perhaps then you would like to place some plants in your garden that will eventually be sold in the garden center.

We will therefore look at some plants that are especially easy to grow, and which will not take a very long time to mature. Unfortunately, this also means that the production and the market price will be low. The result is a garden border that will look very much like a hobby garden.

The first set of plants is on the left. It consists of two very easy-to-grow plants: the seedlings and the slow-growing plants.

Slow-growing plants

The second set of plants is on the right. It consists of three very easy-to-grow plants: the seedlings, the slow-growing plants and the fast-growing plants.

However, in the case of the second set of plants, you might have a problem in terms of the outcome. This is because the fast-growing plants can grow quite quickly. They will only flower in the third year. If it is not possible to plant them in the first year, they will probably have to be moved in the third year before they are ready for flowering.

Plants on the left mature more quickly because they mature in a second year.

On the right, the fast-growing plants can also be planted in the first year. However, they too will probably have to be moved in the third year before they are ready for flowering.

Perennial plants in the garden border

It is possible to plant some of the perennial plants in the garden border. If the garden border is large, these plants will still take a considerable amount of time to grow. If they are overgrown, however, they will dominate the garden border for a long time.

Perennial plants have the advantage that they will produce flowers for an extended period of time. This means that you can often enjoy the garden border and the flowers for a long time.

The following are some suggestions for perennials in the garden border:


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