Ideas for an Open Concept Kitchen

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Each average family member spends quite a bit of time in the kitchen making meals and eating two to three meals a day. The kitchen is the heart of the home and has always been a gathering space for dinner guests, special occasions, conversations and spending family time. Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen it is important to expand the kitchen layout.

To make an open kitchen concept, start by removing walls and combining your family den and dining room that will improve natural light and create a comfortable flow. The pros and cons for a kitchen layout and the all important planning is to make the best decision for your kitchen remodeling project. Check out these ideas that will help create your new kitchen design.

Design a Family Zone

Decades ago, the kitchen was a utilitarian room designed specifically for the family matriarch. Food preparation is no longer a closed-off room. Today’s kitchen floor plan has become the center of attention. The spacious open-concept kitchen with combined multiple zones has become a gathering space for family members and guests to socialize and help with fun cooking.

Modern kitchen components incorporate counter expanse, extensive sleek storage, multiple sinks, under counter refrigeration and an extended work island. A modern layout includes a relaxing family space, an adjacent laundry room and a butler’s pantry.

Create a Breakfast Nook

This space-savvy seating solution is perfect for a cozy morning breakfast ideal for mom, dad and the children. It's a trendy banquette that's can be positioned within a comfortable alcove. This dining nook is functional that works in any kitchen whether large or small. It can give your updated kitchen an upscale look with custom seating that can fit into a bay window or a specially designed compact space. The built-in upholstered bench and table is suitable for several to enjoy a casual meal.

Incorporate an Island for Snacking

Newly minted kitchens are beautifully designed with a substantial island accommodating a sink or cooktop with a row of counter seating. The center kitchen island is perfect for family snack time, food prep, a five o’clock cocktail hour, appetizers or a casual evening dinner gathering.

Bring in a Harvest Table

Formal dining and living rooms are rarely used any longer. Contemporary concept kitchens have evolved into spacious multiple areas for food preparation, holiday meals, special events and dinner parties. Bringing a harvest table into the kitchen recalls an autumn feast, plenty of food and family.

These farm style tables are at least 6 feet in length, a narrow width and often have trestle legs with drop leaves. Many are handmade from reclaimed or weathered wood. A harvest dining table has become the focal point that welcomes everyone into the open kitchen space.

Plan for a Work Area

Your revamped work area in the kitchen is an ideal tech spot, which is designed for a built-in seamless workstation. It's a place for parents to pay bills, accommodate filing, bringing work home and helping schoolwork for the kids. A counter space or an integrated desk can be located off to the side for personal business tasks, duties and homework assignments. Keep an eye on your kids during their computer screen time whether they’re playing math games or conducting online research for a report.

Create Floor-To-Ceiling Storage

If you have a blank wall in the kitchen, it's the best placement for storage and appliances. Install cabinets along the entire wall and up to the ceiling. Gorgeous kitchen features can also be fitted with double oven, microwave and a refrigerator built-in among the full wall of cabinets. Add a rolling library ladder to access the upper cabinets. The kitchen wall of cabinets gives it a clean look with plenty of storage.

Additional Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

  1. High ceilings to add dramatic lighting and natural light.
  2. Create a multi-functional area with a unified style.
  3. Install glass door walls that open to the outdoor living area.
  4. Make the open space feel cozy and comfortable.
  5. Design an open loft kitchen area with industrial elements. wood, brick and concrete.
  6. Separate an open layout with distinct and connected zones.

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Linda Chechar (author) from Arizona on October 12, 2019:

Linda, I do love an open kitchen. We had several homes with an open space. Our current small home has divided rooms. I really miss the expansive layout.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on October 12, 2019:

The kitchens that you've shown look beautiful. I love your decorating ideas. I once lived in a home with an open-concept kitchen. It was a very nice design.

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