5 Fantastic Summer Decorating Tips

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After months of bundling up under sweaters, coats, corduroys, and boots, we're eager to break out our shorts, tees, and flip flops to enjoy all that warm weather has to offer. The same logic applies to our homes.

During the winter, we instinctively want to insulate our rooms against the winter chill. As temperatures gradually increase, we feel the urge to replace rich, seasonal hues and heavy throws in favor of light fabrics and fresh colors.

Bring the Outdoors In

Nothing says warm weather decorating with flowers and plants. Flowers can be fresh cuttings or those of the potted variety. Small trees are also a great way to add a sense of the great outdoors into your home.

Whether you prefer palms, citrus, or ficus trees, large-scale plants really add summer personality to a room. If you can’t afford big plants, opt for smaller potted plants and place them on stands to provide height. One of the most cost-effective ways to display indoor plants is to keep them in their original containers and place them in beautiful baskets fitted with plastic saucers.

To please the resident gourmet cook, why not consider cultivating your own herb garden? Place them on a sunny windowsill, and you’ll be harvesting your favorite aromatic seasonings in no time.

Invite the Indoors Out

A great way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces is to create a room on your patio. An al fresco dining area complete with placemats, candles, and dinnerware will make outdoor dining a delight.

Create an outdoor living space by dressing your wicker or iron furniture pieces with new cushions and pillows. Add comfort underfoot with a weather-resistant area rug. A couple of side tables and accessories will give you another welcoming area to entertain family and friends.

Lighten Up Your Fabrics

Free your rooms from heavy throws, blankets, comforters, and curtains. Switch out bulky bedding with crisp, white cotton linens. Top the bed with a lightweight comforter and duvet cover in a pastel Ikat, watercolor floral, or a bright chevron pattern.

Replace your velvet or woven insulated curtains with billowy, cotton gauze panels to let in the summer sun and breeze. If you love your comfy chenille sofa and chairs but want to change things up for warm weather, try covering them in ivory cotton duck slipcovers. Your revived seating will be the perfect backdrop for an array of pillows in summer sherbet colors.

Go Au Naturel

This refers to organic materials as part of your design scheme. Beeswax candles nestled in a hurricane filled with polished stones, shells, or sea glass makes an enchanting centerpiece.

Scour the neighborhood for branches, seed pods, and other nature-inspired elements to incorporate into your decor. Driftwood or chunky grapevine branches make beautiful accents for the mantel. Shop for baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will to keep you organized and give your room that natural feel.

Play with Furniture Placement

Remember as a child how much fun you had rearranging your bedroom? You still can. It’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to change your decor, and it costs absolutely nothing.

Remove a few pieces of heavy furniture to create an airy, open feel, even in the smallest of rooms. Remember less is more when it comes to warm weather decorating. Redirect the majority of furniture focused on outdoor views rather than the fireplace or television.

Your Summer Decorating Checklist

  • Switch out dark throw pillows and bring in light colors for the sofa.
  • Bring in fun summer accessories.
  • Swap heavy curtains for sheers.
  • Slipcover the furniture in a light fabric.
  • Add plants and flowers in each room.
  • Set up an outdoor living area.
  • Rearrange the furniture.

Warm Weather Home Decor Ideas

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Linda Chechar (author) from Arizona on June 29, 2019:

Liz -- the heatwave in Europe is extreme!

Sebastian Jacob on June 29, 2019:


Liz Westwood from UK on June 28, 2019:

We have had a lot of wet and cool weather the past few weeks. I have a swing chair for outside that I was given last weekend to assemble. It's waiting in its box. Finally it looks like we are catching a little of the European heatwave for one day only. I guess if we're intent on leaving Europe we can't expect them to share the good weather!

Linda Chechar (author) from Arizona on June 28, 2019:

Liz, I love our outdoor living space but we have so many bugs and heat it just isn't usable for summer. It's better for spring and fall.

Liz Westwood from UK on June 28, 2019:

You give great ideas and advice in this article. Each time I go outside now I imagine how to create an outdoor living space since I read one of your earlier hubs. Al freso living is great in the UK but depends on the weather.

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