How to Build a Birdhouse for Security Cameras

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Are you looking to build a birdhouse for security cameras to fool potential intruders and enhance your security? If so, you’re at the right place.

Building security camera birdhouse isn’t an easy thing; you need to do things in the right way to properly conceal your security camera in birdhouse. From choosing the right materials to managing electric wires (if you’ve a wired security camera), everything should be done with greatest accuracy to give intruders an impression that they’re not being filmed or monitored by any camera.

If you want to build a security camera birdhouse by yourself, we have put together some important information to help you build a birdhouse for CCTV or security cameras. If this is your first time building a birdhouse, it’s important that you first watch some tutorials online to get an idea of how it’s done.

Now let’s check out these tips below:

Get Everything Ready

You’re supposed to arrange everything before you start building your birdhouse. You need to select the right material, size and shape of the birdhouse. You can use wood as a primary material for your birdhouse construction.

Building birdhouse is very similar to building a structure using Lego blocks. You’ll need wood pieces to form a birdhouse structure using sturdy nails or adhesive glue. All the equipment and tools for birdhouse are easily available in the market. If the reason behind building birdhouse is to enhance your home’s or office’s security, you should use a structure that is less visible.

Tools You’ll Need to Build a Birdhouse

You will need a speed square, tape measure, saw (a miter saw is perfect), clamps, paint brush, holesaw bits and a drill of good quality.

The Best Wood Type for Your Birdhouse

Although wood is considered the best material for birdhouses, there are some specific wood types (like treated wood or plywood) that you aren’t supposed to use for your birdhouse. The best wood types include cedar, pine, cypress or redwood. Don’t use the metal material as it doesn’t offer heat insulation.

Birds and Their Dimensions

Before you start crafting your security camera birdhouse, it’s important that you consider all the aspects into considerations; you need to know which bird species live in your surroundings and which specific bird species you want to host a house. Birds are very picky, and they will come to your birdhouse only when it is suitable and comfortable for them. So you need to take your birdhouse dimensions seriously. You also need to see if the design of your birdhouse is okay for your security camera to operate fully.

The Building Phase

After you’ve picked the right size/shape of your birdhouse and cut the wood into required pieces, join the pieces firmly using nails or adhesive glue. It’s very simply and you don’t need to have special knowledge or go through any training to build a birdhouse yourself.

Decide the Right Place for Your Birdhouse

Whatever place you pick for your birdhouse, make sure it’s safe and invisible for strangers. If you have some foliage outside your home or property, there’s nothing better than choosing a dense tree bush for your birdhouse with security camera. You can also get inspirations online by visiting blogs and websites covering home security.

Seek Suggestions from Others for Further Improvements

Asking others for their valuable suggestions is something that always pays off. People who’ve already built a security camera birdhouse can better guide you. You can also use some credible online platforms such as Quora to ask people for their recommendations.

When it comes to designing exterior, you can paint your birdhouse using a color scheme that attracts birds. Your security camera arrangements inside the birdhouse should also be impeccable to give intruders an impression that there’s no security camera filming them.

Have something interesting to add to this? Please feel free to share your feedback using the comment box below. We always appreciate your comments.

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