What to Do With Pomelo Skin After Eating the Fruit

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Reduce Reuse & Recycle -- even your food scraps...

Do you know that you can give a second lease of life to the skin and peels of your pomelo fruit that you have devoured after Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival and other celebrations when the fruit is in season? After that effort of getting the skin off your citrus fruit, you can actually reuse and recycle the peel to make your hard work worth it. The skin or peel gives off a mild pleasant scent that will come in useful for your home.

Dry the Skinned Peel of the Pomelo Thoroughly

After you have skinned the fruit, you will notice that there is a light fragrant fruity scent. This comes from the essential oil of the fruit, and is a natural deodorant that you can use in your drawers, cupboards or wherever you would like to place them for a fresher sense of smell.

Thoroughly dry the skin in an oven till it is crisp and dry. Alternatively, just place the skin at a very sunny spot over a few days and the peel will turn dry and crisp.

Break or Tear the Peel into Smaller Pieces

If you have skinned the peel as a whole complete piece, you can now down break them into pieces by tearing or just pulling them apart. You may also want to further break them into smaller pieces, depending on the places or spots that you would want to place them.

Keep the Peels in Netting or Mesh Bags

Put a few small pieces of the dried pomelo peels into netting or mesh bags -- you can actually reuse or recycle the ones that have been holding your potatoes, onions, garlics and other fruits and vegetables. A long bag can be cut to produce a few.

Fasten the ends of the netted or mesh bags with rubber bands, or even bread packaging tags, all recycled stuff!

Your Natural Cupboard Deodorant and Insect Repellent

There you have it, your very own natural DIY deodorant for cupboards, shelves and other spaces, made from fruit scraps and other recyclables! The essential oil of the pomelo peel gives off a mild pleasant fruity scent to repel moldy musty smells in your spaces, All natural and safe! Not only that, your new natural deodorant also helps ward off insects that might want to reside in your drawers and cupboards. You do not need to worry about bugs come creepy crawling to your flour and other foodstuff.

Replace your bag of peels once the peels have turned soft or when there is no more scent from the peels.

Orange & grapefruit peels can be used for this purpose too. Just repeat the steps and procedures using these other citrus peels.

So the next time you want to toss your food scraps or packaging, think twice. You may be able to give them a second lease of life that may ease yours on a daily basis!

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