Save Money by Regrowing Kitchen Scraps

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How to Grow Green Onions the Easy Way

Green onions aren’t exactly a hearty vegetable you can eat for dinner, but we enjoy putting them in salads, on top of scrambled eggs, and as a garnish on just about anything.

First, buy some green onions from the grocery store. I like to buy organic, especially since you will be regrowing them and consuming them for a while. After you take them out of the package, rinse them off and pull off any stems or outer pieces that may feel slimy or look like they’re going bad. Next, put them in a jar of water with the roots and some of the bottom stems covered. Find a sunny windowsill to place the green onions and go about your day!

After your plants are in the windowsill, check on them every day for water level and changing out the water every day for the first week or so. Sometimes the plants will get slimy if one of the green onion pieces goes bad and is sitting in the water with the roots, so it helps to get fresh water in there to encourage your roots to grow. If any of the leaves look like they’re rotting, just gently peel away the outer layer and put the rest of the onion back in the jar.

When Green Onions Are Ready to Eat

The green onions are ready to eat as soon as you bring them home from the grocery store. Often I will buy them for a recipe, use what I need, and then place the green onions stems in a jar of water to let them grow. So long as you have 2-3 inches of stem above the roots, the green onions should be able to grow happily. Whenever you’d like to use some of them, just trim them from the top and make sure to continue to change out the water periodically.

How to Regrow Celery

Celery is another fun veggie to grow in a windowsill. When you buy your celery, make sure it has the stem/roots on the end of the plant and that it is not just the precut celery stalks. The plant will only grow if you have the base where the roots would be for it to regrow. Use a shallow, wider mouth bowl to place the end of the celery in and only cover the bottom of the plant where the roots would be. One or two inches of water should be sufficient. Place the place in a sunny window and it will be good to go.

Other Foods You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Lettuce is another veggie you can grow from your windowsill. So long as you buy lettuce that has the bottom stem on it, you can regrow it the same way as the green onions and celery. My grandma used to like to regrow carrots, not to grow more carrots, but because the leafy greens on top would look so pretty in her windowsill.

Here are some other things you can grow:

  1. Bean Sprouts
  2. Avocado
  3. Ginger
  4. Potatoes
  5. Pineapple
  6. Garlic
  7. Onions

How Long Should the Plants Grow in Water?

The above mentioned plants can continue to grow in water, but another option is to put them in soil once they have developed roots. I enjoy having a windowsill garden of herbs, green onions, and celery so I keep them in water but putting plants in soil is as simple as getting potting soil and planting them either indoors or outdoors. They will continue to grow and you can continue to harvest them the same way you would if they were growing in water. I happen to like the convenience of growing them in my windowsill so I tend to keep them in water longer, but the option is yours.

Check out the picture below of two pineapple tops that I rooted in water and then I planted them outside! It was spring in San Antonio so the weather was warm and the pineapple plants thrived! It will take them at least a year before they mature and grow new pineapples out of the top of their leaves, but how cool is that?

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