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Bunnings Trade is committed to continuing professional development of tradespeople in NZ. We can cut any size up to 5m long. Suitable uses would be for long lasting landscape work, raised garden beds, heavy duty retaining walls, permanent edging and posts, planter boxes, and raised planters. A step by step guide showing the complete process for buil Listing is for rough sawn Macrocarpa sleeper - x50 mm - 6 inch x 2 inch.

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The Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

So you want to make your very own raised garden bed? This guide is perfect for anyone who is an aspiring home gardener, a DIY type looking for a summer project, or a culinary enthusiast looking to reap some home-grown goodness.

Save yourself a visit to the chiropractor after a long day in the garden. Weeds also find it a lot harder to take hold in a raised bed, owing to the fact that they cannot get there unless left unattended for a very long period of time. The elevation also means that the soil is less compacted, meaning it drains better than a flat garden bed.

Having your soil sitting up higher means that the growing seasons for your crops will be extended. The elevation means the soil is warmer, giving an extra grace period as the weather gets colder.As well as growing benefits, there are more practical reasons for building raised garden beds, too - your plants will be protected from foraging animals and kids bikes, offering them a chance to thrive away from paws and toy diggers.

This DIY project can typically be completed in a single weekend and, if you have the right gear, maybe even a single afternoon. Call in to your local Hirepool branch before you start to get advice on the best tools to use. If you need anything, our team is always happy to kit you out with the perfect gear for the job. Checking that you have an appropriate area to start is crucial. Having a raised garden bed design in mind before you start is also a good idea.

Our gear is professional quality, regularly maintained, affordable to hire and likely a lot more reliable than the one you might borrow from your neighbour. This will form the structure of your raised garden. The timber you buy should be treated so that it is rot-resistant, and the quantity you buy will depend on how big your garden bed is going to be - we recommend deciding on your measurements before going to purchase timber.

Macrocarpa is a great timber option but on the pricey side. You will need a saw for cutting your timber down to size. We recommend a circular saw or compound sliding saw , which can be hired from Hirepool. A mitre saw is also a great option for straight and accurate cuts, or if you want the edges of your garden bed to be neat and tidy. A regular lightweight drill will be perfect for this job, along with appropriate drill bits and galvanised screws. Drills and drill bit sets can be hired from Hirepool.

We highly recommend a sturdy shovel and wheelbarrow set for easily transporting your garden mix and filling your raised garden. Again these are available for hire from Hirepool. We recommend mulch mix you can make this yourself , compost and soil for the perfect raised garden mix, though this is ultimately up to you!

Please wear appropriate protective equipment while working on this project! We recommend being prepared with earmuffs, gloves, and sturdy covered footwear. You should also be prepared with general planning and measurement tools such as a pencil, ruler or measuring tape, level and clamps. In this section we will go over the techniques and methods you will need to carry out to achieve your very own raised garden bed!

Follow each step carefully and consult this guide whenever you are unsure what to do next. Be sure to put on your protective gear and make sure your work area is free of distractions before you begin. First, you will need to decide where on your property you want the raised garden bed to be. Choose a place that is already fairly flat, or an area that you can easily flatten.

The area should get good sunlight throughout the day, but ideally should be sheltered from the worst of the elements. This also happens to be a common factory length for treated timber, meaning you might be able to cut down on the sawing work. The next part of the process is a final prep before you start your project.

When you have decided where your garden will go, clear and level the ground that will become your garden. Use your shovel to skim roughly 20cm off the top of the garden area so that your frame will fit in nicely.

Take your rot-resistant timber and measure out the lengths you will need for your garden. Cut the wood to size using your saw of choice, taking care to be accurate and double-check your measurements before making a cut! Once you have cut your timber to size, lay out your four bottom planks in the depression you made earlier on your garden plot.

Using your nail gun, nail them together so that they fit neatly. To make sure the garden is square, measure both sets of opposing corners. If they are the same, your garden bed is perfectly square.Next, use a level along the tops of the planks to ensure that the garden bed is level before you start building up the sides. Next, put the top planks on and pre-drill the holes where the screws will go. Once prepared, screw the top half together and then just skew-nail the top planks to bottom planks at each corner.

If you want to further stabilise your garden bed, drive pegs into each corner for extra durability. Line the bottom of your frame with newspaper or cardboard, then wet it through with your garden hose.

Fill the bottom of the bed with a layer of green material such as tree clippings, and any top earth you may have dug when preparing the base area. If you are putting in a watering system, ensure to lay this on before covering it with earth at the very top. We hope you enjoyed our guide on creating your very own raised vegetable garden at home. At Hirepool we have a wide variety of tools and landscaping equipment to help you with your DIY home and garden jobs!

Check out our other guides and blogs for your next DIY project and call into your local Hirepool branch to get started, or order your gear online now.

High Demand Product: We suggest making a booking for this item in advance. When working on big jobs such as clearing or felling trees, it is common for the chain on your chainsaw to become blunt over time. Operating a blunt chainsaw makes the task of cutting down trees more difficult and can be very dangerous. Chainsaws are a specialised piece of equipment that can be used by beginners or pros with a bit of know-how and a lot of caution.

At Hirepool we have a wide range of chainsaws available for hire to help you get your sawing and pruning jobs done smarter. Log splitters are a popular piece of equipment to help save you time and your back! They are particularly useful if you are felling trees with a chainsaw or looking to make a bit of cash by selling firewood.A log splitter is also a specialised piece of equipment that requires a bit of extra knowledge to ensure your wood is split safely.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed. SAW You will need a saw for cutting your timber down to size. DRILL A regular lightweight drill will be perfect for this job, along with appropriate drill bits and galvanised screws. METHOD In this section we will go over the techniques and methods you will need to carry out to achieve your very own raised garden bed! DIY done smarter with Hirepool We hope you enjoyed our guide on creating your very own raised vegetable garden at home.

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Ruamahanga Fencing Limited

Kitset is easy to assemble with clear instructions. My garden was ready to plant in less than an hour. Our Full Crate arrived assembled, lined and ready to go. We planted our Winter garlic right outside the kitchen window! Start your home garden Grab a planter crate and seedling pack today. Shop now.

Planter boxes, on Trade Me, New Zealand's leading shopping website. Raised Garden Beds x2. No reserve. $ Buy Now. $

Raised Garden Beds

Wood is a very versatile material for vegetable gardens. Whether it is used to create raised beds, the edges of paths or a frame for protective netting, wood is the natural choice for many gardeners. Apart from being a sustainable resource, it looks good and is great for creating a new structure for vegetable beds that will hold in compost or keep out pests. So when I set out to create a set of long-lasting raised beds for my front garden, wood was my material of choice.Yet, the question of how to keep the wood in good condition is not as simple as it might first appear The issue is that all of the common methods of preserving woods have their problems when it comes to growing edible produce. For many of us, one of the primary benefits of growing our own food is the knowledge that our vegetables have not been sprayed, treated or artificially enhanced.

Manufactured Products

Raised garden beds, also called garden boxes, are great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails. The sides of the beds keep your valuable garden soil from being eroded or washed away during heavy rains. In many regions, gardeners are able to plant earlier in the season because the soil is warmer and better drained when it is above ground level. By raising the soil level, raised garden beds also reduce back strain when bending over to tend the bed.

How to build raised garden beds that feed your plants and save your back, including tips on best designs, soil mixes, watering and more. Natural Cedar Raised Garden Beds.

Planters & Gardening

An easy to manage contained raised gardening bed is perfect for the home. Control your growth and veggie quality in a separate environment away from the ground and away from the pests. Veggie health is ensured with our self-watering technology by using a wicking system and watering the plants from below. Plants can last weeks without watering in our Vegepods. A greenhouse in our backyard by using a polyethylene knitted mesh to protect crops from UV and pests. The cover also helps manage temperature by allowing water and air to penetrate.

Raised planter boxes nz - 10000 Products | TheMarket NZ

As we are both past the age of enjoying bending over to till the good earth, I want to build a raised-bed plot or two for veggies, about 5 metres long by only a metre wide so it's easy to reach the middle from the sides. Is it safe to use H4-treated timber for the walls, or will the horrible chemicals used in the H4 treatment leach out of the timber and into the veggies? Any lesser treatment will, unfortunately, result in rotten timber walls within a short time, so that's not an option. Or - does anyone know of a cheap but viable and visually attractive alternative to treated timber? Thanks in anticipation, Alan. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Good question as I am thinking along the same lines - being also challenged by bending all the time!

Specialists in 'light weight' and raised garden containers Get a great garden the plains of China to the colours of our very own NZ Morris & James of.

Kitset Raised Garden Beds

An easy to manage contained raised gardening bed is perfect for the home. Add to shopping list add to compare. Rural property raised vegetable garden speciality.

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Click to see full answer Similarly one may ask, is Treated lumber safe for gardens? Yes, the "new" pressure treated wood is safe for use for raised garden frames with a few precautions! Up until , the most common preservative used for pressure treated wood was chromated copper arsenate CCA , a compound using arsenic as its primary rot protectant. Beside above, what is the best wood to use for raised garden beds?

Showroom address: 41 Saleyards Road, Otahuhu, AucklandPrepainted steel raised garden bed planter box..

Home » DIY veggie, herb or flower garden. All over New Zealand people are getting used to living in lockdown.Employees have moved to remote work, supply companies have adapted to contactless supply, and in general more people are finding themselves stuck at home. This is the perfect time to complete all those do it yourself DIY jobs that you never seem to have time to do and one eco-friendly and sustainable option is some home gardening! Flowers, herbs and vegetable gardening on balconies, decks, terraces, and on small sections of land has become increasingly popular. People are reconnecting with nature and falling in love with plants all over again. A new trend in gardening is raised garden beds, due to the ease of install and ability to customise to suit any backyard.

Product type: Planter boxes. Prepainted steel raised garden bed planter box new design All hols pre-drilled Features: -Stylish and Modern -Strong and Durable :They're made from pre painted corrugated steel. All garden beds come with a 5 year manufacturer replacement warranty. Choose colors.


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