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Kids Bike Festival, and much more! City Councilmember Felipe Fuentes, the L. The festivities take place at 10 a. More details at Facebook event.

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Selections from The Language of Flowers collections are being digitized and conserved with a new grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, and those selections will be uploaded to the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

This work will add to the body of knowledge on the subject of language of flowers, at the intersection of art, botany, and poetry. Some of the books in The Language of Flowers were much smaller volumes. Once digitized, the columns will be available at the Illinois Digital Archives with new grant funding from the Illinois State Library. Garden Talk chronicled the many activities of the Chicago Horticultural Society, including, in , a school garden teaching program that reached 50, children.

Note: Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations on this web page do not necessarily reflect those of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Since the Orchid Show is so colorful, featuring 10, orchids in bloom, we usually try to showcase things that really pop.It features a partially hand-colored illustration of the orchid Cypripedium japonicum, which can be found in China, Japan, and Korea.

The plant has been used in China to treat malaria, snake bites, and lower back pain. Also featured are three oversized tomes of the Annals of the Royal Botanical Garden, Calcutta, featuring partially hand-colored orchid plates by Indian artists and lithographers. The orchids featured in this case are Dendrobium densiflorum; the leaves are ground into a paste and used for bone-setting in India, and Goodyera biflora, which is used for tuberculosis, as an anti-inflammatory, and for snake bites.

And finally, the third case contains six different volumes showcasing the interesting history of the Rothschild slipper orchid, often claimed to be one of the most expensive and sought-after orchids of our time. This poor orchid has been through the proverbial ringer, so to speak.

Not only has it had its name changed without being consulted, from Cypripedium Rothschildiana to Paphiopedilum Rothschildianum, but it has been often mistaken for other species of orchids, has been misrepresented by collectors, and has had its bloom time genetically modified. Lastly, but most importantly, it has been to the brink of extinction. During the Age of Botanical Exploration, there were no journals, workbooks, or even articles on newly discovered plants.

As more and more tropical and foreign plants were brought back to Europe, there was an explosive interest in these plants, but no documentation on the growing culture or uses had been provided. This exciting new publication contained three to four scientifically accurate hand-colored engravings and descriptions of each plant, including information about cultivation and growth habit.

Discovered in Bhotan, Eastern Himalayas,A free talk will take place at 2 p. November 5 in the Lenhardt Library.There will be an opportunity to view the first volume of The Botanical Magazine from , as well as other volumes of Curtis that are not included in the exhibition. About once every quarter, I receive a call from my colleague Christine Schmid, who is the Library Technical Services Librarian who manages serial subscription renewals here at the Lenhardt Library.

Each time, I am amazed at the production quality and the longevity of a journal that features plant portraits reproduced from watercolor originals by leading international botanical artists, highly defined photographs, and detailed articles that combine horticultural and botanical information, history, conservation, and economic uses of the plants described.

The Botanical Magazine, as it was called on its London debut in , was published by William Curtis in response to a public demand for more information on all the new plants reaching the British Isles from ongoing botanical explorations. The magazine popularized and encouraged the cultivation of these newly discovered plants and influenced generations of gardeners and nurserymen on the way in which the plants could be maintained or propagated.

The magazine was not only filled with the most scientifically accurate text on the plants, but each plant was also scientifically illustrated by master botanical illustrators. Issues are available for consultation upon request only. Of the approximate , known plant species in the world, 55, are endemic to Brazil, and most of these are from the Amazon forest.

Bromeliads abound this summer throughout the Garden. There are more than 3, known species of bromeliads; of these are native to Brazil. Many bromeliads have leaves that are spiraled and called a rosette. At the base of the rosette, the leaves may grow in an overlapping and tight form to become a place for water to collect.Many of the foods we eat like acai , industrial products we use rubber tree and mahogany , medicines—even our houseplants in the Chicago region orchids , depend on plants from this region.

The unique flora of this area continues to be threatened by deforestation and urbanization, and plant species are at risk. Ulloa and Juan explored the region, observing and describing the flora, fauna, geology, minerals, indigenous population, and politics they encountered. This work, Aroideae Maximilianae by Heinrich Schott, features 42 plates with delicate colors and clean lines. Schott was an Austrian botanist who traveled in Brazil from toHe specialized in Araceae and throughout his career, he named new-to-science species of aroids; by comparison, Linnaeus named six aroid species.

Come also learn about Margaret Mee, who was an exceptional botanical artist, plant explorer, and environmentalist. These are from a limited edition set published in Brazil inMee traveled to Brazil often, and went on fifteen botanical expeditions, mainly into the Amazon region. On these expeditions, she discovered several new plant species, painted more than gouache pieces, and kept travel diaries detailing her adventures. Her passion for Brazilian flora coincided with the large-scale commercialization of the Amazon rainforest.

She became an outspoken environmentalist, calling attention to the dangerous destruction of the biodiverse region. Noted Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx cultivated plants that Mee brought back from her expeditions and used them in his landscape designs. Like Mee, he was concerned about the environmental impacts of the commercialization of the Brazilian Amazonian region. BHL is a group of natural history and botanical libraries that work together to digitize books and articles about biodiversity and make them freely available to access and use.

Over the past ten years, BHL has uploaded more than 50 million pages of biodiversity literature for public use. My particular project is to define how much biodiversity literature is in the public domain and how much of it still needs to be added to BHL.

This content analysis will help focus future digitization efforts by BHL and fill in gaps in the collection. By making this material available online for free, scientists and researchers from all over the world can have access to research needed to make new discoveries. This is especially helpful for scientists who may not be located near a library with the materials that they need. For more information on all of our projects and updates throughout the year, follow our blog!

I got to meet Boyce Tankersley from Living Plant Documentation and was blown away by all of the data his department is responsible for managing and all of the work his volunteers do. We have similar missions of creating and maintaining open data that can be linked and shared with other platforms to make discoveries.

Working at the Garden has inspired me to do some small-scale gardening apartment living of my own. After checking out a couple of books from the library, I started a windowsill planter of mixed herbs from seeds this spring.

Before moving to Chicago, she received a B. Alicia is enthusiastic about transforming data into useful information to facilitate research. In her free time she enjoys reading fiction, baking bread, and watching live comedy. The proofs were most likely intended for a third series of a collection called Reichenbachia: Orchids Illustrated and Described, commissioned by Frederick SanderNever before exhibited in the Lenhardt Library, the five botanically accurate orchid chromolithographs include color bars from eight to twelve colors, registration marks, and scientific names penciled in the margins or on the verso.

Want to see more? With grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, these prints have been conserved and digitized and are freely accessible at the Biodiversity Heritage Library: www.

See the Orchid Show through MarchBuy tickets here. Each of the 18 original watercolor paintings of autumn leaves looks so true-to-life that you want to reach out and pick a leaf off the page. This volume, specifically, the sumac watercolor, will be on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in the American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent exhibition which runs March 1 to May 14,Additionally, the sumac will be published in the American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent exhibition catalog.

Bound with gold tooling and gilt edges, the volume is quite brittle and fragile. It has just been conserved by a professional book conservator to prepare it for exhibition. Inside front cover, marbling, and bookplate in Autumnal Leaves, published inMembers have borrowing privileges—become a member today! But how do you know what to pick up in a sea of books? Each year at its annual conference, the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries CBHL awards prizes for the best new works in botany and horticulture that contribute to the body of literature in these fields.

Not surprisingly, a selection of these award-winning books are available to be borrowed from the Lenhardt Library. Here are our top four picks—find them online, or check them out on-site on your next Garden visit. Shopping online? Order through our Amazon Smile link ; a portion of your purchase is donated to the Garden. Charles Nelson and David J. Elliott ; foreword by Jane O. Desjardin, Michael G. Wood, and Frederick A. CHBL is the leading professional organization in the field of botanical and horticultural information services.

It is comprised of librarians who work in botanic garden libraries across North America and in university libraries focused on botany and agriculture.To learn more about CBHL, visit www. Read, play, earn prizes! With the program, you can encourage the joy of reading and literacy skills in your kids and help reluctant readers enjoy STEM science, technology, engineering, and math activities to develop critical thinking skills. Summer Nature Explorers.

Books with yellow dot are for younger readers, while those with blue star are for more advanced readers. Amazing honey bees have been pollinating our world for thousands of years. With descriptions and activities, this book covers it all. Call Number: QL A6B56Call number: QH C37Chernesky, Felicia Sanzari, and Julia Patton.

From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!

The security flaw that’s freaked out the internet

In , the U. Department of Education established the Green Ribbon Schools program. A step in the right direction towards a sustainable 21st century mindset, this program recognizes schools, districts and institutions of higher education that reduce their environmental impact, improve the health and wellness of staff and students, and provide effective environmental education to their students. The department defines an effective environmental education program as one that incorporates STEM , civic skills, and green career pathways. Last week on Earth Day, U.

Mar 03, · Free fruit trees and native plant giveaway on Saturday. Fruit Tree Giveaway Sun, Feb 7, 12 noon - Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Ahead of the Curve: 2015’s Green Ribbon School Winners

By Kelly McCartney. The goal is to plant fruit trees -- plum, peach, pomegranate, persimmon, lime, lemon, orange, and kumquat -- in MacArthur Park, Lafayette Park, and the historic Bryson Building. They have 27 trees in the ground already. More than just a bunch of fruit trees, the Urban Fruit Trail project combines public art, youth education, and urban agriculture.During weekly sessions, HOLA students are tasked with researching which varieties of trees should be planted where, planting the trees, and creating site-specific art installments that take the neighborhood's natural, social, and cultural resources into account. And it all goes into a geo-tagged mobile app. Starting with a crop of orange trees in the Los Angeles State Historic Park that will be memorialized with a Monument to Sharing, the Endless Orchard will be mapped online with open-source data that pulls existing databases into one, large repository of public fruit trees locations. Just like in Los Angeles, Fallen Fruit will partner with communities and organizations around the world to plant, maintain, and harvest fruit trees in their neighborhoods.

March 2020

New platform 1 at Alexandra Palace. Browse and buy online or in-store. Starting out at the busy London King's Cross station, a large hub for long distance and outer-suburban services, the route winds its way slowly out of the sprawling Capital and, passing Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. Steam Sub

This spring, Fallen Fruit , a collaborative art project that maps fruit trees in public urban spaces, donated 19 fruit trees to Los Angeles City College. The trees that have been planted throughout campus are part of the Urban Fruit Trails Installation, a network of thousands of trees integrated into the grids of neighborhood streets in Los Angeles.

Ecml south train simulator

Limited time offer since I need to empty my pockets and get to work! DM if interested and you can send code my way for delivery! By Jean-Paul Renaud. And p. Free trees and delivery are offered to residents and Fruit Tree Giveaway. Some hardware stores, nurseries, and even government offices will occasionally give out free trees for Arbor Day, Earth Day, or for other reasons.

Accomplishments: Los Angeles Urban Waters Location

Members and guests have the opportunity to enjoy our full You really get a little bit of everything with the grape vineyards, beach area, man-cave and great landscaping. Taste the difference at Brentwood Bay wineries with lodging Miscellaneous. Wine Club members have access to Belle Meade Winery's most exclusive offerings. Recently attended a couple of parties there and the staff couldn't have been more attentive. This charming family-owned vineyard is surrounded by 12 acres of grapes and 3 acres of cherries and specializes in red and port wines made with Portuguese, Spanish and California varietals. By fostering the development of Christian character, we are preparing our students to courageously impact the world for Jesus Christ. Year was an excellent year for winegrapes.

Income tax of 15%* La Guajira Cesar Norte de Santander Santander Magdalena with fruit trees and has the fourth highest production in the region (FAO).

Urban Food Forests Make Fruit Free For The Picking

Just send a message with your name, title, organization name, phone number and email address to info santafebotanicalgarden. Xerces Society distributes thousands of pollinator-friendly plants for free Santa Fe New Mexican , September 11, pdf. Where to Go for Christmas: 23 U. Feeling Peckish?

Your Large Tree Transplanting Experts Since 1984

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The ornamental cherry, plum and pear trees lining the streets of San Francisco produce beautiful flowers. The blossoms span a spectrum of bright white, soft pink and violet-red. Their leaves change with the seasons and theirs branches provide shade over sidewalks. An urban agriculture project has spent the last five years trying to change that. A group known as the Guerrilla Grafters are grafting branches from fruit-bearing trees onto city-owned ornamental ones.

Tolles and Toys for Smith Haven Mall. Locate your nearest shopping malls, outlet malls, and favorite stores.

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Nearly all of the 34 Neighborhood Councils in the Valley were in attendance to mix and mingle with one another and with City electeds and department heads. Some great stories were shared among the Neighborhood Councils, such as Sylmar Neighborhood Council board member Lucille Florenta, who was hosted by various city mayors on a recent visit to the Philippines for her work on the Neighborhood Council. The big event of the evening though besides door raffles! Here are the well deserving winners:. For years, the Whitsett slope was considered a blighted area. It was unsightly and weed-infested.

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The offer: A city crew will plant one fruit tree — lime, lemon, orange, peach, pomegranate or avocado — in the front yard of interested Long Beach residents, with a priority going to yards in the western, central and northern parts of the community. Renters can apply, but the property owner will need to sign off on the project. Prudent, yes, but as it turns out, the public has been wildly enthusiastic.

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