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Past Success Stories

As hardscape projects come together, including trendy patio furniture in a design or suggesting it to a client can round out your next job. Executives from three retail garden centers who are successful in selling outdoor furniture talk about the latest trends from that segment of the market. Petitti also says that neutral tones are popular with consumers. Terrell notes that there is an uptick of sales from furniture made of recycled plastics.

People like the fact that it's made from post-consumer recyclables and, while it is expensive, the materials are durable and weather resistant. However, a lot of people shy away from white because of the dirt, Terrell says.

People with swimming pools tend to buy bright-colored pub set chairs to go around the pool and offering tropical colors like lime green or turquoise are a good way to cater to those people, she says.

Both Salisbury and Terrell agree that fire pits are huge sellers in the Midwest, as they help extend the seasons because consumers use them earlier in the spring and later on in the fall. For a long time, Terrell says they tried to stick in the middle price points, but they had a hard time doing so. She says their real wood or recycled plastic furniture tends to be on the high end of the price point, while their outdoor interiors tend to be middle-of-the-road. They also offer low price point options such as benches.

Stephanie Early, chief of strategy with Timberline Landscaping in Colorado Springs, says technology has always been an important element of the business and something they still focus on growing. Early says Timberline, which has slightly more than employees, targets a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Early says this content is rich in SEO keywords. Early says the company determines the keywords internally but uses the software to determine which to go after. Keyword traffic and ranking difficulty are great tools to have. Early adds there is one annual post that drives a large amount of traffic to the website every year.

That amount of traffic helps our website authority for the rest of the year. The Christmas lights map, which you can view at bit. Early says the company recently purchased a new business management software to help consolidate all the technology they were using in hopes of streamlining operations. We wanted to make sure that all this software was available to our field staff. We wanted to keep things moving quickly without having to come into the office. Early says getting all the software onto one platform was great, but getting everyone on board with the new software posed a challenge.

There is a ton of setup that goes into it. People not only have to learn the new software but also adjust their workflows. While no formal vote was taken, a general consensus was made by all parties. While it might have been difficult early on, Early says everyone is adjusted to it now and sees the benefits of the process.

We had to get used to taking the good, letting go of what we were used to do and just move forward. To help everyone transition, Early says Timberline took an employee who adapted to the new software early on and used him as a trainer for others.

Early says any company looking to implement a new software or technology should make sure they do their homework. Software is now table stakes. Exclusive technology research. The right approach. On the offensive. For more Turnaround Tour coverage, bit. Frank Leloia and the crew at Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care are pulling themselves out of the trenches.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the New Jersey-based business hard, with multiple employees contracting the virus. Of those 19 people, only five had symptoms. Not only did he lose the 12 crew members but those that worked with them. The result: All in his company rallied. They worked hour shifts and seven days a week to care for their customers.

In early May, those infected employees are returning to work. None were hospitalized and they are all well. Sales are up over last year. Larger enhancement sales are down, but all in all, financially they are having a good year. Frank reported that they received their PPP money but is leery if he will in fact be able to keep it. As for the future, the next 90 days look better and better every day. Looks like customer lawn care is doing well despite their setbacks.

As a matter of fact, they are looking for a business developer that can help grow their commercial department going forward.If the COVID restrictions on social distancing relax without increased health concerns, he expects to see at least a portion of the increased budget come through. A company sales challenge to add termite services has been going great because technicians have embraced the upsell opportunities.

Two new hires have been able to get started on the newly implemented career ladder, but it has somewhat been impeded due to COVID So, we are a little off track from where I had planned to be year-to-date. Welborn is also monitoring the numbers more closely while rolling out a new budgeting system and chart of accounts to better watch gross margins and cost of goods sold. Welborn meets with his operations manager and office manager each Wednesday to look at year to date and month to date numbers.

He did, however, close his office as recommended by the state of Mississippi and followed all of the CDC guidelines with their crews and equipment. His managers and office people have been for the most part working from their homes.

Regarding sales, so far inbound leads have sustained them but not at the growth rate they expected. They have gotten some new jobs, one of which was particularly good in renovating a sports field. One thing they also tried was having a sales contest among their technicians. This was very successful and they loved the competition.

In order to accomplish the higher budgeted sales, they brought on a business developer but he has been struggling. This particular sales professional is excellent at person-to-person sales, but we all know what happened there. Paul is still optimistic that during the late summer and fall he will again be able to meet people and make the sales they need.

They also got their PPP money and are tracking it carefully with the hopes of having the loan forgiven. Paul is watching the numbers very closely as we requested and hopes the economy bounces back.

David Hawkins Jr.They have more time to spend at each site and have a better work-life balance for the 26 employees at the company. Plus, Hawkins says he can use everyone staying at home to his advantage. Hawkins and his son, David Hawkins III, have had preliminary conversations with their insurance company as they discuss a transition plan so Hawkins Jr.

Hawkins recalled one weekend where he went on a jobsite and explained their services to a potential client in person because nothing beats face-to-face communication, he says. He jokingly calls email electronic volleyball, and apparently, his client agreed. Despite having lower bids, the client liked that Hawkins came out to educate them and signed on for his business. You have to have a little nerve and take a chance on it.

Hawkins is also reexamining his pricing with the Harvesters. Overall, the Hawkins team is doing good. The only sales that were down were from a slow snow season.

They have had little effect from the virus issue and have received their PPP money. Their focus remains on the residential market with installs and maintenance. Their install backlog is at four weeks and pricing seems to be pretty competitive. They have also been getting some new sales from posting completed jobs on Facebook. Below are the results of the survey. Tackling tech. Stephanie Early, chief of strategy at Timberline Landscaping, says the company has focused on SEO since she started seven years ago.

Photos courtesy of Timberline Landscaping. Frank Leloia Jr. To read the rest of the Technology Report, click the links below. Software is now table stakes The right approach Tackling tech On the offensive. Videos Attacking inflation.

The new Petitti Garden Centers

Find the best snow removal services in Cleveland, OH Where do you need the snow removal? We are a mobile small engine repair team located on the westside of Cleveland, Ohio.Our team specializes in snow blowers, riding lawn mowers, zero turns, walk behind lawn mowers, generators, weed whackers, pressure washers and any gas operated equipment. We will travel to your home, office or shop. Our technicians have over 30 years of experience in the small engine repair industry. We look f View Profile.

Petitti Canton-Jackson Twp. °N Preferred Greenhouse/Garden Center for Landscape Designers & Gardening Enthusiasts We love.

Wrong document context!

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Petitti Garden Centers planning new Canton, Ohio, store

We set ourselves apart from the big-box retailers and other independent garden centers by exceeding the expectations of our customers. That's because ninety-five percent of the plants we sell in Petitti Garden Centers we also grow right here in Northeast Ohio. At Petitti's, we know there is no such thing as a "black thumb" and that anyone can cultivate their best "green thumb" when they are inspired and equipped with the proper tools and knowledge. To that end, and for many years, Angelo Petitti educated through speaking engagements for local gardening clubs and gardening-related events.Angelo traditionally gave of his time in exchange for donations to Malachi Center.

To our valued patrons in the landscape service industry, thank you for taking the time to visit our Landscaper Program page!

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Plans are underway for a new Petitti Garden Centers location in Belden Village, a commercial district in Canton, Ohio, with a goal to open by MarchThe Cleveland-based independent garden center, which is No. Petitti, president of Petitti Garden Centers, says the facility in Belden Village presented a chance to expand into a strong retail area. It's incredible," Petitti says. It's actually been an eyesore for the city for a long time, so it's something where we're able to go in and take something that's really not desirable for the city and turn it into something really nice. It should work out really well.

Eyes on the horizon

Photo: Green Lawn Fertilizing. When choosing a spray rig setup, there are several factors that should flow into the final decision. For Roots Turf and Ornamental, a lawn care operation serving a mostly residential clientele, efficiency comes to mind first. So far, it has 10 spray rigs in its operation, with a few more in the works. One technician can do it all. The company provides lawn care, ornamental and pest services to a mostly residential clientele. The spray system is outfitted with two electric reels, each equipped with a foot, 0.

Industry: Retail Trade. We are Specialists in the Following Types of Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services. Sod Installation; Landscape Design.

Ohio nursery

Diploma more Opened in April , this acre garden center is a Victorian conservatory and one of the first of its kind in the United States. Protects vegetables and vine plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, beans, melons and squash. Mon - Sat, 10am - 5pm Sunday, 11am - 4pm. May be used up to day of harvest.

As hardscape projects come together, including trendy patio furniture in a design or suggesting it to a client can round out your next job. Executives from three retail garden centers who are successful in selling outdoor furniture talk about the latest trends from that segment of the market. Petitti also says that neutral tones are popular with consumers. Terrell notes that there is an uptick of sales from furniture made of recycled plastics. People like the fact that it's made from post-consumer recyclables and, while it is expensive, the materials are durable and weather resistant. However, a lot of people shy away from white because of the dirt, Terrell says.

Ask an Expert. Opening at AM.

The guided bus tour will visit a full roster of garden centers in Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus for a behind-the-scenes look at the best practices that drive their profits. The tour, open to retailer GCA members and non-members alike, kicks off with a reception Sunday evening at the Sheraton Cleveland Airport, where attendees will have the opportunity to network and enjoy dinner. We will make our way down to Columbus after the early dinner and check into the Hilton Easton Columbus. After the tour wraps Wednesday afternoon, attendees will have the choice of departing from Columbus or taking a complimentary bus back to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. In addition to the diverse selection of plants featured at its acre site, gardening enthusiasts find the latest birding and wildlife gardening products, Vermont Castings grills and a fully stocked garden library. Even with the seasonal nature of gardening in Ohio, the store draws steady traffic throughout the year, thanks in part to its fall and holiday season markets and monthly seminars. The sisters grew up in the garden center business, watering petunias alongside their parents.

Customer traffic was swift, and Angelo and his brother, Dominic, quickly realized they needed more space.I came straight into the business after college. We opened up Strongsville, and that set the foundation to grow the retail side of the company to where it is now.


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