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Stain landscape rocks with Farrow &, Ball's Tyrian Red, then treat the ground around your shrubs with Blackout.

A Gray Green lawn is a little like the Gray Green building. It's hard to please everyone, and in some cases you just shouldn't try. When we say to throw away the rule book and embrace shades of gray in lawn design, what we mean is: don't be afraid to go outside the color box, and don't get hung up on the borders between grass colors and plant colors.

Gray Green grass and gray green plants share similar properties: They look great in the yard, look great in the garden, and by planting them in an intimate landscape setting, they will provide a special, unexpected harmony to your landscaping. Think about gray green lawns as private gardens—one in which you and a select few are allowed to enjoy the benefits of their special beauty.

**_Look for Farrow &, Ball's Tyrian Red, commonly known as red pavers or fire brick, at either specialized landscaping supply stores or home improvement stores. It can be used as a border around shrubs or flowers as well as a component of the lawn design itself._**

**_Planning is Key_**

We've tried to be helpful, but when it comes to lawns, we know that some styles of planting are more forgiving than others, so be careful. That said, the trick is to think ahead, making the decision to go green as you decide what will actually be in your yard.

How much lawn do you need? How much plant color do you want to show? Are you ready to turn your entire backyard into a plant? If so, do you really need to have an exact plan in order to keep everything straight?

**_Think of this landscaping style as a private garden—a personal oasis in the midst of bustling city life._**

**_Making Changes: One Design, Two Seasons_**

Lawns aren't impervious to change.You may wish to opt out of the traditional color box and, instead, design a deep, rich grass that is subdued to and enlivened by the presence of soft foliage. You may decide that your ideal lawn design is a summer pattern that's made up of small plant masses, interspersed with beds of blue-blooming plants. Or, you may think that your plan for a lawn is to blend the large and the small—not only a small lawn, but one that's less focused on design, having more in common with shrubs, perennials, and rock. The overall message is: let your garden be whatever it is.

In the first two years of your landscaping, you'll be measuring with grass, and in later years, you may find yourself measuring with foliage. Let's examine the options:

• **Dandelions**

The good news is that there's a plant for dandelions. Just a few and they will go away. But if you've grown a ton of them and they're choking your turf and sending out aggressive root structures, they must be cut out.


They are perennial.

They have large, aggressive root systems.

They provide a deep root network.


Try to find the plant that grows best in your area.

It may be _Triticum vulgare_ or _Lolium multiflorum_, but dandelion species do not have a reputation for aggressively spreading. You may find that some, like _T. ludovicianum_ or _T. arvense_, are introduced by landscaping contractors and might not be available to you. If you try to find a source and don't like what you find, start your own population of these species of dandelions.

**_Use a nondandelion lookalike, but be aware that you may not find any—or that your source may not be available in the areas you need it to be._**

• **Caladium**

Once the "giant grass," caladium is now a low-growing plant with a flowering habit that's comparable to grass. The best species for large lawns is _C. florid


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