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Wray's landscaping business, called Wray Cone, has now moved in full force at 6733 Bucknell Pike, Westland.

Alicia says their name means 'best wishes' in both the Caribbean and the Germanic tradition of 'wir.'

She says they also take care of festivals, weddings, parties and small events.

Alicia says her family will be there to help her.

Even though they're in a new business location, she says there's still the same "crazy" atmosphere here in Green Tree.

"I'm excited and nervous," she says.

"It's going to be a change. But at the same time, I've already established a pretty good business and I know this area and the people really well. So I think I'll do fine. It's the business side of it I'm concerned with," she says.

Alicia says she's used to running her own business and it'll be a change from working with someone else.

"I will be taking over the bookkeeping," she says.

She plans to take on more work, but she says it will be what the market demands.

"I'm a stay-at-home mom and I'm always balancing that work-from-home business with my family," she says.

But it seems the family business will continue to grow as they plan to stay and run their new business.

Other professionals in town have a word of advice for them.

"Just do your own research," says Pam Gehrke, who opened-up the first real-estate office in Green Tree in 1988.

Gehrke says when she first opened-up her own business she tried working from home.

She says that didn't work out well for her.

"I worked part-time at that job and part-time here and it just became kind of a juggling act," she says.

Gehrke says the majority of her clients live outside of their office.

"They'd come in and pick up the keys and if they needed to get the house cleaned up, they'd get a janitor here. So, I had to be there," she says.

She says she's confident she and Wray will do well because of their service level.

She says other businesses have shut down because they didn't take care of clients.

Wray Cone will be offering landscape, irrigation, trimming, grass maintenance, power washing, shrub, tree and flower care, and trimming.

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My take is that the open house is well timed. People can look them over, give the name and an idea of what they want, and then let them come back in two weeks for a free estimate and interview.

The couple that I know has a small business too. He runs a weeding service in PA. In this area his business took off but the wife was at home with her family.

Today she runs a children's ballet and karate school, so it's nice to see she can still balance a career with that and stay in the home.

I don't know them personally but they seem to know their business and they seem to be family men. If they are, their names don't appear in Google searches so I think I'll just stick with those who I do know and trust. I know we all have to start somewhere.

I will never ever hire Wray Cone. I'd wait until I saw his business go under the dumpster first.

To me a realtor would be able to help a client out with home selling or buying. I would want someone that I trusted in a business of this nature.

I'll never use their services and if I ever knew they were in business, I'd just forget about them. I'm not usually this picky, but it just felt like they were more like a bunch of "yes, dear" helpers, even after what some have gone through with them in the past.

I'm sure they are just a typical family trying to take care of their own - by themselves. But, yeah, the business environment here isn't that different than other places I've been.

I know this and I do take my hat off to them for opening up a business. It's just a shame that business is not only where they are but where they are doing business. They are clearly a family that just wants to stay at home. They seem to be just following the lead of the wife. Either that or she is trying to make her husband look bad because of the things he said in the news about the business.

It's no big deal that they don't trust anyone, right? What is wrong with trusting anyone??

I was getting so frustrated by those who will take my business, then let me down by doing a bad job. The ones that keep posting that they are sorry because they took your money. But in the end, they never get back in touch with you.

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